Infrastructure package needs to do more for schools

House Democrats unveiled a $760 billion infrastructure package that would improve roads, bridges, and transit systems, among other things. When asked, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said school modernization also needed to happen this year. But timing is unclear, so we need to make sure Congress knows schools need to be part of any infrastructure package that moves forward. The overall condition of public school facilities gets a D+ on the American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2017 infrastructure report card. To build support for school modernization, we need personal stories—your stories. Tell us about your leaky roofs, crowded classrooms, broken heating and air conditioning, lack of wiring for high-speed broadband, contaminated drinking water, insects and vermin—whatever needs fixing in your school.

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4 responses to “Infrastructure package needs to do more for schools

  1. Mott had up-to-date-equipment, good air conditioning & heat, good lighting. Up dated desks and chairs. I even got to meet Mr. Mott; one day he came into my classroom to ask me if there was anything that I needed in my classroom. I finally had to retire because of my poor health.

  2. I teach in “newer” building. However, as seems so typical, corners were cut and when it was built by there have been a host of ongoing problems with heating, electrical, and general short sided planning. It would take a full page to list the issues we have had. We would not tolerate these types of things if it were for our own houses and businesses. Why would it be acceptable for public schools?

  3. Our school opened in 2013. One would think all would be grand. However, due to trying to build with the thought of saving money in mind instead of quality, we have a leak in the main commons area everytime it rains. Our printer system went out weeks ago and is still not to be fixed.

    Other schools have nonworking water fountains, doors that don’t shut or stay shut, tile that may or may not contain asbestos, and brown water out of the tap.

    Our students and teachers deserve better.

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