DeVos allies urge Supreme Court to green-light voucher schemes

Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, argued before the Supreme Court on Jan. 22, could open the door to voucher schemes advocated by Betsy DeVos long before she became U.S. Education Secretary. A decision that favors DeVos could strike down state constitutional barriers to school vouchers. Thus far, lack of support in Congress (even when the GOP held majorities in both houses) and public opposition have stymied her efforts to expand vouchers. Read more.

Email your members of Congress and tell them to reject Betsy DeVos’ latest voucher scheme

166 responses to “DeVos allies urge Supreme Court to green-light voucher schemes

  1. As an educator with more than 25 years in public schools and a Master’s degree, Betsy DeVos is an insult to educators on so many levels. She is the most unqualified appointment in this administration and this is quite a statement considering this swinging door regime.

  2. Any deviation of funds from Public education that are garnered for PUBLIC Education are simply wrong. Vouchers of any sort that can be used at private schools goes against common sense and the law.

  3. Like so many things in the Trump administration Betsy DeVos is a mistake. She does not understand the importance of public education in our country’s history. She seems to think she has all the answers.
    She is a joke.

    1. I completely agree. She’s a complete moron. The only reason she was named to her position is because she donated money to President troll doll.

    2. Public education should be paid for by our tax dollars and not private schools. If people want to send their children to private schools they must pay from their own monies. Also, many private schools are affiliated with a religion. DeVos plan would be in violation of “Separation of Church and State” laws, which should continue to be upheld.

      1. The separation of church and state? First of all, the Constitution says NOTHING about “the separation of church and state.” The First Amendment to the Constitution is supposedly where it says there is “the separation of church and state.” It states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or of the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

        Secondly, if we were to accept the phrase “separation of church and state,” then let’s apply it to all religions including the religion of Secular Humanism. I recognize some will scream that it is not a religion; however, it really is. Secular Humanism is clearly a system of beliefs, standards, and doctrines just as Judaism, Christianity, Mormonism and Islam. While there may not be formal “places of worship,” there are clearly places of indoctrination–e.g., the public school system, Hollywood, et al. As a public school educator, I see the liberal doctrines of Secular Humanism pushed and taught every day. I speak with parents regularly who are sick and tired of the liberal garbage being forced down their children’s throats, yet these parents cannot afford a private school. Many of those parents are not religious; they are just tired of the direction the leftist are taking education. These frustrated parents pay taxes and should be able to take their tax monies and have a choice of education! Tax-paying parents should have the freedom and right to choose the educational opportunities that are best for their children. If you want to indoctrinate your child in Secular Humanist doctrine, place them in public schools. If parents wish to indoctrinate their children in Christian or Judaism, then place them in a private school. If they pay taxes, then they should have a choice! Why should only the religion of Secular Humanism get all the funding?? The other alternative is for Secular Humanist to stop thinking they own the public schools and allow other perspectives to the right of their extreme ultra-leftist views.

        1. So true! Glad you are putting the facts and truth out there, José!! However, many of those secular humanists don’t like the truth that puts them in a bad light. Truth is truth.

    3. Unfortunately, not a mistake- an entirely deliberate effort to dismantle the system and undermine public education by the kleptocracy. Also, unfortunately, not a joke- horrifying, because it’s happening and they’re getting away with it.

    4. I disagree. She understands quite well. She understands that public education mitigates the advantage that the wealthy have over the rest of us. We can never belong to the country clubs, never own the yachts, etc., but we can get a quality education, when public schools are strong. She can’t tolerate that.

    5. She understands that school choice benefits the poor and middle class… and should be the right of every parent to choose the best school for their child.

      1. Exactly!! Well stated, Susan! With vouchers, ALL families and students get a choice, not just the rich. This system evens the playing field.

  4. I was a professor for 34 years before my retirement. DeVows has done so much to destroy education. She needs to leave aling with Trump!

  5. Both my husband and I are retired educators, and we both attended public school. The public school system must be protected from the march of charter schools which work to separate out children who have special needs. As a result there will be less resources to deal with the all children who attend public school and in particular our children who need additional funding to support their needs.

    1. Special needs children have finally achieved a more balanced and fair opportunity of quality education. DeVoss not only doesn’t understand this advantage, for our children, worse she doesn’t care. Please protect public education from DeVoss. As educators, your opinions must be considered. Thank you for fighting for education rights.
      Carmen Schwartx

  6. I totally oppose public funds going to charter,private, or religious schools.
    If a person wishes her/his child to attend the above schools then they should pay for them
    Public schools are available for all children.
    Why should someone of a different faith, or no religion be expected to pay for children of a different faith?
    What happened to separation of church and state?????
    Put taxpayers money where it belongs, into the public schools.
    In case you’re wondering where my children were educated,they were happily educated in Catholic schools .Tuition was paid by my husband and I.
    It was a choice we freely made.There were fine public schools available.
    Why should someone else have been expected to pay for our choice??

    1. “Why should someone of a different faith, or no religion be expected to pay for children of a different faith?” That is a great question! One could also ask the same question: Why should those opposed to the liberal agenda of the religion of secular humanism be forced to pay for that religion’s indoctrination and beliefs?

      You should read José’s post. He said, “The separation of church and state? First of all, the Constitution says NOTHING about “the separation of church and state.” The First Amendment to the Constitution is supposedly where it says there is “the separation of church and state.” It states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or of the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

  7. I graduated public school and am a functional liberal member of society who believes that our founding fathers truly meant separation of church and state, meant that ALL are created equal and made fully clear.that freedom of speech is just that – freedom from censorship and freedom from any individual or organization from having the power to silence a voice. Maybe that is what Devos is afraid of….public school educating minorities and those who cannot afford an expensive private education and teaching about the constitution and what it means., instead of her chosen definition of religion

    1. Public education is the Right of ALL children in the United States, not just for the rich or people who understand the voucher system. She is ruining our education system, with NO background, experience, or EDUCATION herself in the system.

    2. Yes, Rosetta, but not everyone is a liberal and belongs to your religion, the Secular Humanist religion. Vouchers would give EQUAL access to education for ALL students regardless of beliefs, economic situation, race or ethnicity. You only want to keep taxpayers from receiving the benefits for which they pay because you clearly know that current public education has been taken prisoner by liberals and those of the Secular Humanist religion. As a public educator, I see this every day. If taxpayers do not want your Secular Humanist religion cramming their liberal agenda down their child’s throats, they should have the right to spend their tax monies on an education that aligns with their views just as you would want the same for your children. That is true EQUAL access! But those of you from the Secular Humanist religion are not TRULY interested in EQUAL access, you only want to push your religion and liberal worldview on others.

    3. Yes! We are “ALL are created equal and made fully clear.that freedom of speech is just that – freedom from censorship..” Yet, the liberal run public schools censor and prohibit ideas and speech of those who do not hold to the liberal socialistic mindset. Thus the need to RESTORE those freedoms through vouchers.

    4. YES!! “those who cannot afford an expensive private education and teaching about the constitution”. Vouchers would PROVIDE an opportunity for those who cannot afford their choice! It sounds like you really do SUPPORT vouchers, Rosetta, but because you carry the liberal title, it prevents you from supporting the idea of equal access through vouchers.

  8. Me David continues to undermine the educational institutions to serve her own preferences. She is having a negative impact on our schools.

  9. Charter schools have failed because of unqualified teachers . The strength of America comes from Public Education the most important resource in the US .

  10. I can only warn against the charter schools which are part of a network of Gulen schools. I recommend the film “Killing Ed” or the report by an international law firm “Empire of Deceit”.

  11. State and Church are separated. Leave the money to Public Schools NOT charter or private or religious. Put the money where it belong IN PUBLIC FUNDED SCHOOLS PAID FOR BY OUR TAXES!!! Enough.

  12. As a product of the US public school system from Montana and Washington and professional educator for 40 years, I am sickened by Ms. DeVos’ lack of understanding of school priorities. Please do not allow her to exploit the public funding to private schools. Public schools suffer in many places and that needs to be addressed. Private schools can promote narrow minded thinking, and should not be funded by public tax dollars.

  13. Tax dollars should go to public schools who educate all students. Public schools protect all students against discrimination. It is not fair to take limited resources away from them in order fund private or religious schools that do not up hold these ideals. As a 39 year public school teacher I hope you will mandate the same requirements on private, religious or charter schools that public schools are required to meet.

    1. I was a teacher of many levels…our kids need public education, all together…stop doing your privatization of our education…IT IS NOT ABOUT MONEY, IT IS ABOUT HELPING ALL CHILDREN LEARN AND GROW!!!

    2. If private schools receive public funds (taxpayer dollars they should beheld to the same standards and accept all students like publicly schools

    3. As a retired educator I wholeheartedly agree with you. Public money needs to educate and to strengthen the needs of all the people not a select few nor fill the pockets of the monied interests.

    4. Agree!!! Charter schools in Florida fail as quickly as they start up. GOP’s, Scott & Rubio are allowing vital funding for our Florida public schools to be drained of these pseudo educational institutions aka, charters. Shame!!!

    5. If the supreme court approve the voucher system it will hurt the public education system and working middle class and the poor families in this country. Vouchers will not pay all cost for private school. (1) tuition (2) books and other materials (3) transportation ; How much will a voucher cover?

    6. I completely agree. Not to mention the corruption that has and will happen with unchecked private education companies, who will be interested in profit only.

  14. Oppose Betsy DeVos case in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue. She has used her family’s money for years in her home state advancing Charter Schools which haven’t fared better than public schools.
    Betsy has no real knowledge of public schools having attended a private school as well as sending her own children to the same school as she attended. This is just another scheme to take money from public education and give it to private schools who are not held to the same standards as public. Betsy DeVos is a perfect example of an elitist putting forth her time and money to have her private businesses ,Charter schools, receive public money meant for public education that already sees too little support. Vote no on her proposal to expand what was requested in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, that was or will be argued before the Supreme Court on Jan. 22

  15. Kids are not a means for profit. If you want no public/parental oversight go to a private school. If you want no/little diversity go to a private school. Public funds are for public schools.
    If you want to go to a private school, you pay for it.

  16. Throughout the Trump Administration, the policy has always been “Me first, America last,” and the proof is in the way that money has been distributed unequally! DeVos ‘s agenda is to do Trump’s bidding which means draining public funding to support charters and private education! Vouchers steal from the public coffers and public education is the last great hope for equal opportunity for all! Public education levels the playing field and teachers in public schools are required to meet rigorous standards and certification requirements! Not so with charter or private schools who can set their own political and private agenda! It’s time, long past time for DeVos to go! She is not interested in supporting our public schools with the resources they need to help our students. Her only concern is the size of her bank accounts and Trump’s schemes to increase the inequality gap between the rich and the poor. Equal opportunity means that all students get the chance to be successful, but private vouchers will destroy that opportunity forever! DeVos must go now!

    1. I live in the South. Why can’t the people here see what this administration is doing to our children, us, and our country?

  17. I’m heartsick over these self-interest groups. I have taught children in public schools for 35 years. The decline in financial support to schools correlate directly to decreased resources, both human and otherwise. We are not meeting the needs of every child. Funding for programs and personnel is cut yearly. School buildings are not updated or even repaired until a breakdown occurs or a health hazard develops. Some districts no longer have late busses because of the lack of funding; funds were diverted from this to allocate elsewhere. This leaves the majority of students who cannot take advantage of extra help after school or who cannot participate in the clubs or activities that are also available after school.

    Who best qualifies for expertise in educational needs – those who work in the trenches or the individual who is uneducated in all aspects of this noble profession?

    1. I work in the trenches as a public educator and I totally support the voucher system. I know MANY in the trenches educators who support them. We support them because they provide families the freedom to choose. It levels the playing field. ALL students have the opportunity to choose their path of education, not just those with the money to afford it. Are you afraid of the competition? There is no other reason to be against vouchers. People who pay their taxes should be able to use those allocated funds towards the education of their choice. It is a rather simple and Constitutional understanding.

      YES on vouchers!!

    2. Self-interest groups? Like the NEA and CTA?? They confiscate money from all educators but only represent a portion! As a public school educator, I am so VERY happy for the Supreme Court ruling on the Janus case!!

  18. This woman is inept and totally clueless! She is destroying public schools! We were worried about Arne Duncan? Betsy DeVos is a disaster! Public Education needs someone who understands public education!

  19. The public school system has provided an education to our children. It has responded to the many individual needs that generations of children have required. Underpaid teachers have worked hard during sometimes difficult times for the children. DeVos is an insult to the office she holds. She does not have concern for the education of this country’s children. Greed and her wealthy bubble dictates her actions.

    Two retired public school teachers

  20. STOP DeVos! NO MORE VOUCHERS! This is just a scheme to overturn public education and not educate the majority of our citizens. We need education to combate the inequality that perpetuates poverty and ignorance!

  21. I was a public school teacher for 40 years, and know that DeVos is not the person to make any decisions for students!!!

  22. DeVos must be REMOVED! Nothing she does is in the best interest of students! Too much scheming with the White House to cut out necessary programs that could improve the future of these students and the future of our nation!

    1. Arent you tired of companies picking the good kids out of the “bad” and leaving the kids who need it most out of the loop. Charters dont want kids that need specialized services…they do what other top notch education countries do. Offer education to the ones that can learn and the others never get the chance. Isnt the US better than them?
      How is it that we offer education for all but not provide equity for all. Stop following the sheep. Stand up for the people who cant defend themselves… the kids

    2. DeVos has no experience in her position except for the money that she used to buy her way into this position. We must put someone in who really understands how schools should operate and cares about the education of all our students receive. No wonder so many students are dropping out of College/Universities because she is not a role model who promotes higher education or the importance of learning for all students. Professional morale is at an all time low. The ESSA Law is not truly being followed and the Title programs are not receiving enough money as it is. Devos needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

  23. DeVos saw in Michigan the people don’t want vouchers, as they were voted down by huge majorities, twice! Let democracy work. Get rid of devos. Our kids need strong public schools. Keep our public schools strong!

  24. Public education is the hallmark of a democracy. Vouchers violate thatnideal by mixing public funding and private profits. Betsy DeVos is not an advocate for children or education.

  25. As a veteran with over forty years in Louisiana’s public schools, I can attest that voucher weaken those schools without solving any problems for parents, delivering decent education or enabling greater choice. It’s just a way to give away that money to business interests. If you don’t believe me, go visit lots of Louisiana public schools. Some (most) are doing excellent work; others are struggling to overcome the same racial prejudice and economic inequality that has plagued Louisiana forever. In Louisiana now, the rich have definite advantages for education (and futures). This policy makes sure that the poor NEVER do have those advantages.

  26. Tax money should NOT be used for private schools. Charter schools have little accountability to prove they are using the money properly.

  27. The private interests seldom align with public welfare and egalitarian perspective. Corporate entities inevitably prioritize profits over citizens or general public. Citizens have little oversight of private enterprise.
    Public schools are in the interests of a more egalitarian educational opportunity.

  28. Publicly funded private-school (read: religious) education is a real threat to our democracy and the separation of religion and government. We must oppose this movement with an energetic and funded commitment to our public school system. Vote!!

  29. Public money for public schools. Private schools are not eligible for public dollars; their ability to restrict admittance and generate private curriculums disqualifies them from any sort of public funds. Period.

  30. Frankly, Betsy DeVos is an elitist, rich, know nothing who destroyed the Michigan Public School system in favor of private schools for the rich.

  31. The voters of Ohio vote for (ī against) super off their local public schools. We expect our local races to go for our local public schools. Any scheme to take those funds and pay for someone to go to a private or parochial school is essentially subverting our electoral process for the benefit of the few. It’s un American!

  32. Ms. DeVos is a person who obviously has political reasons for her actions. She knows little about the schools and education of children .

    I was a school psychologist in public schools for many years.

  33. As a master educator, I strongly oppose DeVos’ money making schemes that are not on the best interests of students.

  34. Please fund and support the PUBLIC schools that do not discriminate and are required to provide for ALL, not just the chosen few.

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