DeVos allies urge Supreme Court to green-light voucher schemes

Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, argued before the Supreme Court on Jan. 22, could open the door to voucher schemes advocated by Betsy DeVos long before she became U.S. Education Secretary. A decision that favors DeVos could strike down state constitutional barriers to school vouchers. Thus far, lack of support in Congress (even when the GOP held majorities in both houses) and public opposition have stymied her efforts to expand vouchers. Read more.

Email your members of Congress and tell them to reject Betsy DeVos’ latest voucher scheme

166 responses to “DeVos allies urge Supreme Court to green-light voucher schemes

  1. When our nation began, some of the most important things that were set up were the post office and the public school system. Please don’t let them be destroyed. They are both part of what unifies us a nation!

    DeVos needs to go!

  2. I have taught in both public and private schools. There is a place for both. Teaching in public schools guarantees that teachers get financial support and benefits, but also are required to comply with ALL of the regulatory rules and testing the State and/or Federal government consider important at that particular time. Teaching in private schools may not guarantee the salary or classroom items found in public schools, but private school teachers can focus more on the wellbeing of their students and student’s families. Testing still happens, but it does not overwhelm the schedule and time constraints as in public schools. I have seen this happen repeatedly. Both systems work, if they are given support.

    1. Yes, she has. Let’s not allow her to do so.
      As a public school educator, I urge you to do all you can to vote against her proposals.

    2. Dr. Vic:
      Sweeping statement. Care to support with facts? Or are you making a statement based on subjective feelings?

  3. I strongly oppose Betsy DeVos’ latest voucher plan which, if implemented, truly will gut our public education system. As Secretary of Education, she has made very bad decisions about student loans as well.

    1. If the Charter Schools and Private Schools had to adhere to the same requirements that the Public schools do for meeting the state testing requirements and not be selective on who they take in, then there would be a clear picture of our Public Schools. We care about our students and work hard to assist them in achieving their goals and successes for the future. It’s not fair that the view is so one sided. I strongly oppose what your voucher plan is all about.

      1. I agree that public education is extremely important. Probably the most important element of our society in terms of guaranteeing a prosperous and well rounded future. However, I have taught in both public and charter schools. I sometimes think people group charter schools with private schools due to misinformation. A charter school is a public school and they have to adhere to the same state and federal education requirements. Also, the charter school I work at selects students based on a lottery system. We have ESL students, students with IEPS and 504s, students who hate school, etc. It’s extremely similar to public schools in terms of population and demographics. 🙂

    2. You are sentencing kids who are the victims of their parents bad choices to a life like theirs and a lifetime of others having to support and care for them because they have no education.
      I know, I taught them in a south side Chicago high school b4 it became a magnet school for the arts. They need vocational training, not another school closing.

      1. I am beyond mad about this eleven though I have worked in public education since 1978. Trump fired Lt Col Vindman today. Cruz is a traitor to support him. Get mad and vote them out.

    3. What bad decisions has she made? From what I have seen, many schools have lured undeservings folks into getting loans that they cannot pay back. Including our illustrious president, IIRC, who had a school he was involved with doing the same. Loan forgiveness is going to cost all, where many loans should have NEVER BEEN GIVEN. Emphasis mine.

  4. No taxpayer money should go to any school that is not accredited and does not have to hire certified teachers. This is a privatization money grab that hurts students more than if they had no school at all.

  5. The purpose of this administration and Congress majority is to attain and remain the elite. This means that the other 99% should become and remain ignorant and subservient to the 1%. Under funding and downgrading Public Education is one of the rungs on the latter to their success. Until society understands this, Trump, Devos, and others who support them will continue to lead us to on the path of servitude.

    1. “This means that the other 99% should become and remain ignorant and subservient to the 1%. ”

      If that happens, the 1% will not have anything. What will support the 1% if 99% of society remains ignorant? How can a society with that much educational imbalance survive? Do you really believe your post?

    1. she is part of the elite class that obviously want an uneducated population to rule over—private schools area part of her money source–more power to the kleptocracy that is america now—another gut punch from trump to “the people”

  6. This is not about quality education. This is a scam to take tax dollars from the American public and put them into private pockets.

  7. Betsy DeVos is in the pocket of Big Business and is a detriment to the safety and integrity of our educational system.

  8. Public funding for public schools. The stealing of public funds to support one’s individual ideals is not appropriate. Keep all students access to free, equitable, public education at the forefront of your public funding decision making.

  9. Betsy DeVos is no supporter of public education. This is a well know fact, even before she was hired by the Trump administration.

  10. If parents want to send their children to private schools, they should, but why should they use our tax money?
    If they find fault with public schools, they can get involved to improve them.
    Why on earth in this country do we need vouchers?
    I went to public schools; my children went to public schools; my grandchildren went to public schools (all without vouchers) and we all were successful and well educated. Just because Betsy DeVos is a snob about who her children mix with in public schools, doesn’t mean we all should be like her. My parents were immigrants to this country, and we all were educated in public schools and turned out well!

    1. Public education is the future and the foundation to our country. The Voucher system provides for the well to do and hurts the foundation of our educational system. Please support public education.

  11. Our country is slowly moving towards being a corporate run state. As a retired history teacher, I see the evils of big money controlling the country’as it did from the 1890’s to 1920’s. Then what happened? The Great Depression.

    1. I am an active Christian and a fair American. I am 100% against private vouchers. We are already way underfunding Public Education. Not giving poor students a chance for a good Education. A voucher would not give students enough to get into a good school and bad schools would start springing up all around the country to collect the free money and not educate students. This is a BAD idea.

      as a

    2. Public school are extremely important if we are to have an intelligent population not one that I wants to control a propaganda factory— public school must defend the teaching of the Bill of Rights all men are created equal

  12. Please oppose this legislation! Public funding should go to public schools of each state and should not be used for funding private education.

  13. Rosetta Hixson rightly stated “ALL are created equal and made fully clear.that freedom of speech is just that – freedom from censorship and freedom from any individual or organization from having the power to silence a voice.”

    How ironic!! This site totally censors and silence voices (and this is NOT the first time)!! My friend, Jose, and I both posted PRO voucher comments and they are not accepted by the moderator!! The NEA is censoring!! It is silencing those with whom they do not agree!! This is exactly why we need vouchers because the public school system does the same!! That just shows the hypocrisy of the left and the NEA!!!

  14. We need a constitutional amendment prohibiting the use of public funds for any private purposes, including education.

  15. Our country is built on the idea that EVERY citizen has the right to an education supported
    by taxes. Public schools can do that! Private schools are able to twist the truth!

    1. Public education twists the truth every day towards a liberal secular humanistic bent!!! Yes, with vouchers, EVERY student can obtain the education based upon the family’s wishes and needs. Public schools do NOT do that–they have been kidnapped by the ultra-liberal socialists! Public schools indoctrinate based upon the secular humanist worldview, not truth.

      1. And private schools don’t? Public schools needs to be funded well so that ALL students receive equity in education. Vouchers will NOT and do NOT provide that. Let the student families provide their “wishes” for their children at home and let teachers teach!

  16. In September, 2019, the U.S. Department of Education, Betsy DeVos,
    Secretary; Institute of Education Sciences, Mark Schneider, Director;
    National Center for Education Statistics
    James L. Woodworth, Commissioner released a report-School Choice in the United States: 2019.

    Included in the executive summary was the following:
    “ Academic Performance: In 2017, at grades 4 and 8, no measurable differences in average reading and mathematics scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) were observed between students in traditional public and public charter schools (Indicator 6).”

    Why is this pertinent? The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) is the primary federal entity responsible for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data related to education in the United States and other nations. It fulfills a congressional mandate to collect, collate, analyze, and report full and complete statistics on the condition of education in the United States; conduct and publish reports and specialized analyses of the meaning and significance of such statistics; assist state and local education agencies in improving their statistical systems; and review and report on education activities in foreign countries. This report disproves the academic benefit of private over public schools-the supposed reason these “back-door voucher” tax credit plans.

    1. Public charter schools are not private schools (per your last sentence). However, there have been studies that show your last sentence is correct – just not the one you cite.

    2. If I am reading your post correctly, these studies are comparing “traditional public” and “public charter schools,” which are not the same as private schools. I would like to see the comparison of public vs. private schools. We won’t see that because private schools are not required to use the same assessments as are required of public schools.

      But I wholeheartedly agree that tax-payer funding must go to public schools that are open to all, regardless of social class, religion, race, special needs, etc. Private schools do not, by their very name, allow all students to attend their schools.

      If the Supreme Court opens this door, public education and all Americans will suffer a terrible loss of opportunities for all, especially for the most needy.

  17. We must rid our beloved country the Trump mafia. We can start by ridding our public schools of Betsy DeVos and her entire staff. They believe that taking away taxpayer dollars from public schools and giving it to for profit schools is fair. They are making a business out of education. Most private and religious schools do not require teachers to be certified or meet state standards but they are making big money for the owners of these schools. Teaching is a “calling.” Not all people can be a great teacher. The only reasons these private voucher schools can make money is they take our taxpayer money. Poor or learning disabled children have no chance to succeed when there is no money to maintain schools, when their are no free breakfast and lunch, no proper text books and teaching equipment, no specialized teachers to work with these most vulnerable populations. Those teachers are not being paid enough to take care of their families so they leave teaching for the corporate world. This is so sad to watch the Trump mob tearing our country down piece by piece.

  18. Public schools use Public money to educate everyone no matter what their status is or what ever issues they have to overcome. They cannot handpick their students and are obligated to educate everyone to their greatest potential. If you want your child to go to a private school then you should use your own private funds. DeVos has her own agenda and is not focused or concerned about educational issues for the majority of citizens.

  19. Universal, free education is the backbone of our country’s prosperity and the “pursuit of happiness.” The lack of education resources in our inner cities is the result of long term institutional and societal racism. Charter schools are pitting some marginalized Americans against other marginalized Americans and will not solve the problems that underlying racism has created.

  20. DeVos is just a hack who has absolutely concern for OUR COUNTRY or OUR PEOPLE. She only wants to serve rich people and turns her back on the rest of us.

    1. See what happens when I TOTALLY unqualified, elite member of the oligarchy gets a position? She has run wild with it. It is terrifying that this human being-American has no concept of the value of our democracy. That she sneers at the poor is one of the worst betrayals to the posterity of our county I can think of. EVERY CHILD needs a superb education. The rich? They’re rich enough to put their ids in private schools. They don’t need another break at the expense of the children who have none of the amenities than their children have. And, yes, guess who fought for separation of church and state? The Baptists! They foresaw this nonsense!

    2. We loathe Trump’s Cabinet especially DeVos . Betsy DeVos Is the worst thing that ever has happened to students in the 21st century .

        Proud Mother of a FINE EXPERIENCED TEACHER

  21. How much more ignorance, hatred, nepotism, grifting, stealing, treasonshit/weasels, lies, disrespect for U.S. & our beloved CONSTITUTION, immigrants, rule of law, stacking courts with incompetent traitors…
    I no longer have the faith, hope or belief that I & my fellow Americans live in the best country in the world. We are now a KACKATOCRACY, with the sons & daughters of whores & pimps, the devil’s spawn, leading U.S. to disaster.
    Where are our saviors, heros, patriots…?

  22. Public money supports public schools and that’s where the money should be spent. There is a reason for the separation of church and state.

    1. First everyone pays taxes for school , whether they go there or not.. why then can’t their tax money be used in a voucher? Parents should choose their child’s school…This would be great for low& middle income…

  23. De Vos is just another tRUMP junkie, willing to do whatever he wants to keep herself in office. SHE HAS NEVER DONE ANYTHING FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION. SHE MUST GO …NOW, before she does any more to hurt free, public education in this country. Her actions should be scrutinized with an eye towards prosecuting and LOCKING HER UP!!!!!!

    1. Free public school education is one of the cornerstones of American Democracy. Equal educational opportunities for all of our children–learning and growing together.

  24. Charter schools undermine educational equality. As a former public school teacher, I found that politicians not educators were determining the direction of education. Charter schools claim to be available for all children but that is not the reality. It appears very much like segregation all over again. Faith based schools may on occasion provide for a handful of underserved students but the majority of students come from homes where tuition is achievable. The federal government along with too many state governments have not been supportive of public school teachers and public schools for over 2 decades!

  25. Public education needs our support not any sort of depletion of resources. As an educator for 20 years so far, my students arrive at public school each day with needs greater than the day before. Our communities and families and nation depend on a strong public educational system. Strengthen our communities. No to DeVos!

  26. Tax monies should support ALL students! As a public educator, I support the opportunities for ALL students to have a right to CHOOSE their path of education. Vouchers give equal access to education to ALL students. The vouchers would especially help the economically disadvantages scholars to choose their education instead of being forced to attend their neighborhood public school. If you genuinely care about the economically disadvantages scholars, then you would support the vouchers; this would level the playing field and give them access to an education of their choice. Each family can choose the option that is right for them. Parents who pay taxes should be able to choose the education for their children. Vouchers breakdown the monopoly that the public education system has created and allow families to choose.

  27. I believe in public education from pre-school through high school and college. Everything that Betsy DeVos has done has to be put back in place and expanded. She is a total disaster

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