We need YOUR HELP to build support for school modernization

Updated January 24, 2020

Help us convince Congress to include public schools in the push to modernize America’s infrastructure. Half our schools are more than 50 years old, so it’s not surprising their overall condition gets a D+ on the American Society of Civil Engineers’  2017 infrastructure report card. To build support for school modernization, we need personal stories—your stories. Tell us about your leaky roofs, crowded classrooms, broken heating and air conditioning, lack of internet connections, contaminated drinking water, insects and vermin—whatever needs fixing in your school.

6 responses to “We need YOUR HELP to build support for school modernization

  1. It’s time to quit trying to make the schools a political program to train ( not teach) our children. We need to teach our children to think, and use their time in school so that they can make sense of the environment they live in, and the society that surrounds them. Go back to the 1959 curriculum, when they were taught about living in harmony and carrying about the neighbors.

  2. Hialeah High is full of mold and mildew. The old building, built in 1954, needs to be torned down. Teachers get asthma and have breathing illnesses. There are termites, cockroaches and mice. I hope Hialeah High can get a new modern building. Oh, it has one. It was built 10 years ago and it leaks all over. The sewage drains don’t work and it smells awful.
    The gym has been upgraded. However, the old building needs to be replaced with a modern/technological concept. I retired 2 years ago after 37 years of teaching. I hope that Hialeah High gets another uplift. The students, teachers, staff and administrators deserve it. Thank you.

    1. “The old building, built in 1954, needs to be torned down.”

      You used to be a TEACHER? WTF! No wonder schools are screwed up with those teaching not even able to utilize correct grammar!

  3. The agenda of privitization is profit and exclusion. Why is the Federal government these days so obsessed with exclusion, charter and religious support to education ? Do certain offices have a personal interest in promoting exclusion and separation ? Public inclusive education deserves the majority funds, because bringing a culture together far exceeds the destructive force of tribalism. Public schools will do the work well if supported adequately. Public schools teachers will provide an excellent education if they are provided the resources and respect sans the present Federal public schools bashing by certain cabinet officials with personal economic interests. E Pluribus Unum. Help America live Together. Support Public education.

  4. It’s sad to hear that after retirement in 2010, the same unhealthy situations continue! The students deserve a safe and healthy environment to work and become the leaders of the future! The Federal government needs to stop taking money from public education and get the money from the rich who keep taking from the poor! Catholic schools have their churches to get money from. The rich have private schools to send their children!
    Be fair and stop taking what little is given to public school education! Fix our schools and make America Great in public education! Teachers spend thousands $$$ on their students! Why can’t the Federal government follow their lead and help our students in the USA!!

  5. I work in a poor state where are children do not have the advantages like other states. Where is the support from the Federal government to help us get out from under? Every year we hear how low we are or how poor we are or how high our suicide rates and our low graduation rates and poverty rates and low test scores and child abuse rates and so on and so on.
    I ask where is our Federal government going to see we need help and stop bashing us.
    Where is the Federal government support to help us get out from these negative labels?
    Where is the Federal government’s assistance to help her people?

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