Shout-out to NEA’s cyber-lobbyist superstars

Kudos to an outstanding group of NEA superstars: the cyber-lobbyists listed below who are relentless in reaching out to their members of Congress. In all, NEA members made nearly 900,000 contacts to Congress about legislation affecting students, public education, workers’ rights, and other important issues, and these top 50 led the way. Thank you for making a difference in 2019—and let’s keep our activism going in 2020!

2019’s Top 50 Cyber-lobbyists

  • Timothy Alstrum, CT
  • Patricia Always, AZ
  • Adrienne Bowden, OH
  • Estella Brown, MI
  • Rebecca Brown, OH
  • Linda Casey, NJ
  • Janice Clark, KS
  • Lynette Clay, CA
  • Charles Cook, MA
  • Joann Doherty, NJ
  • Katherine Elliott, OH
  • Beth Ellis, CO
  • Wayne Flick, PA
  • Michael Friedman, NY
  • Michael Friend, CA
  • Esther Garvett, FL
  • Kathy Goetz, PA
  • David Gondak, PA
  • Art Hanson, MI
  • Robert Haynes, OH
  • Nancy Hiestand, CA
  • Justine Hurley, WA
  • Jeffrey Jedd, IL
  • Roslyn Jones, CA
  • Jeffrey Kipilman, OR
  • Joy Kirk, VA
  • James Kline, VA
  • David Koeller, WI
  • Cheryl Laskasky, IL
  • Sharon Lautner, NJ
  • Lamprecht Loretta, NJ
  • Douglas Marinos, PA
  • Gregory Meyer, MO
  • Robert Moeller, VT
  • Cassandra Montague, NJ
  • Alvin Nash, CA
  • Wende O’Brien, MA
  • Kenneth Robertson, MO
  • Madeline Shapiro, CA
  • Julia Skelton, MI
  • Georgia Smickley, PA
  • Guy Stanley, TN
  • W. Andrew Stover, PA
  • Tina Theuerkauf, VA
  • Maria Isabel van Sunder, CA
  • Rosemary Walker, VA
  • Patricia Williams, PA
  • Connie Wittig, AZ
  • Carol Yakimik, NJ

9 responses to “Shout-out to NEA’s cyber-lobbyist superstars

  1. Need affordable health care, prescription drugs and pharmacutical supplies for edcation professionals and RETIREES. Should be anumber 1 priority. I am tired of the run around and lack of support.

  2. Thank you for supporting teachers and retired teachers.
    Our efforts create the world we all want to live in,
    Your work makes our lives better and builds a better future.
    Thank you!

  3. Thank you all for caring about public education. Good public education helps people to make good decisions and choices in life and helps them to understand what is at stake and encourages critical thinking, which tRump does not do or encourage. tRumps wants to dummy-down public education and become as ignorant as him.

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