Put rural schools on a firm financial footing

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee voted to extend the Secure Rural Schools (SRS) and Community Self-Determination Act (S. 430) for two years. First enacted in 2000, the law supports public education and community services in over 4,400 schools in 770 rural counties located near national forests. But funding has been inconsistent for the last three years—the law expired at the end of 2018. As a result, rural areas across the country are facing budgetary shortfalls that could force big cuts in public education and other essential community services.

Tell your representatives to put the SRS program on a firm financial footing. 

9 responses to “Put rural schools on a firm financial footing

  1. Please vote for impeachment. Yes, this is a purple district, but our voice needs to be strong against the imperious behavior of this president.

  2. Trump might be tied with Andrew Jackson for Worst place, but I can’t believe the Repubs are thinking of running him AGAIN, after he’s tortured thousands of children.

  3. Please put the SRS program on firm financial footing. All children deserve a proper education. What’s the problem with providing it? There’s always money for what the government deems important. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Recognize it. Rectify the problem! Not doing so is a choice.

  4. I entered high school in the college prep program. One teacher taught all of biology, physics and chemistry classes of the college prep courses in a very small room and lab. Since my last name was Wilson I was eliminated by alphabetical order for these classes. By my own determination, I did get into biology and physics classes, but not chemistry.

  5. Thanks for all you do!!!
    Lauren, voting for Impeachment is the correct thing to do!!! Don’t be afraid. DJT is on the losing side of history. He will be remembered as the WORST President of all the 45 men!!!

    1. Rural school need to be fully funded so students don’t spend more hours bused to larger schools than they spend in school.

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