Tell Congress to put rural schools on a firm financial footing

A new report from the Rural School Community Trust underscores the urgent need to put rural schools on a firm financial footing—the same message conveyed by NEA’s letter urging Congress to renew the Secure Rural Schools (SRS) and Community Self-Determination Act and take additional steps to ensure long-term, reliable funding. First enacted in 2000, the law supports public education and community services in over 4,400 schools in 770 rural counties located near national forests. But funding has been inconsistent for the last three years—SRS expired at the end of 2018.

Now, rural areas across the country are facing budgetary shortfalls that could force big cuts in public education and other essential community services.

Tell your representatives it’s time to put rural schools on a firm financial footing.

26 responses to “Tell Congress to put rural schools on a firm financial footing

  1. We have wasted billions on wars .
    Make educating our children, America ‘s top priority and use all means necessary for funding public schools.
    It is society’s great equalizer to have good public education.
    Do not waste the potentials of our children, the future of America.
    Well educated citizens make America a happy and healthy democracy/country .

  2. I am always amazed at elected officials claiming they want the U.S. to remain competitive in a global economy, or in the realm of cyber warfare, while consistently failing to adequately fund public education. Do they really believe we can compete with nations that prioritize and fully fund educating their young people?

  3. Please restore funding to all public schools which, adjusted for inflation, will restore the quality of primary, secondary and community college courses to what they were in 1945 and include all STEM materials. There is no better investment than an investment in our children,

  4. Congress support Rural school districts. It’s the right thing to do!! You’ve dragged your feet long enough!!

    1. All children no matter where they life, city or country, need adequate skills to live a good live and contribute to our country. MAKE THIS A PRIORITY, or poverty and suffering will continue. America is better than that.

  5. Jer 7:23 – … Obey me and I will be your God and you shall be my people; only do as I say and all shall be well.
    Jer 22:3-4 – The Lord says: Be fair-minded. Do what is right! Help those in need of justice! Quit your evil deeds! Protect the rights of aliens and immigrants, orphans and widows; stop murdering the innocent! If you put an end to all these terrible deeds you are doing, then I will deliver this nation … and there shall be prosperity for all.
    As James 1:27 puts it: “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to care for orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.”
    Isa 30:15 – In returning and rest U shall be saved; in quietness and trust shall be your strength.

  6. We as a nation have known for forty years how to improve education, but have not had the political will to accomplish this–hire more teachers and pay them sufficiently to hold them in the profession. Reducing the student-teacher ratio will do more to improve education than any of the so-called reforms that have been attempted in the past four decades.

  7. Our children are the future of our nation. Each one has the right to good education at the same level as urbanized cities or rich areas and people. Good education of our children is an investment for our survival.

  8. Congress must restore funding to all public schools which, adjusted for inflation, will restore the quality of primary, secondary and community college courses to what they were in 1945 and include all STEM materials.

  9. If purpose of the federal Department of Education is to improve school performance across the country, it is failing miserably as Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas continue to fight for the title of worst schools in the country. While some new schools are being built, many areas are using buildings that are a hundred years old. Teacher pay is an embarrassment, and cuts in teacher pay due to tax cuts are obscene. We say that “our children are our future”, yet we invest far too little in their education. It’s time to put our money where our mouths are and fund education at the level needed to create future workers who can thrive in the 21st century economy.

  10. Obviously, children’s education is at the top of our priorities, isn’t it? Especially in disadvantaged rural areas. This is a good example of when government action is needed:
    ”If government is not to help people do what they cannot do for themselves, what the heck is government for?”

  11. I believe that many of our problems, both national and local, would be eased if not gone if all children were equally and well educated. They will determine the future of our country but we must give them the tools to do so.

  12. Please think of rural students and keep their schools, teachers, and administrators strong and active in all areas of education so that these schools and students do not fall behind urban schools.

  13. The neglect of our educational system is threatening the future of our country. Ignorance is not the basis for a democratic society.

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