Tell Congress to increase Title I and IDEA in final funding bill

On the heels of passing yet another short-term funding bill—this one expires Dec. 20—House and Senate negotiators continue to seek agreement on a final funding bill for fiscal 2020, which began Oct 1. NEA is pushing for significant increases like those in H.R. 2740, the education appropriations bill passed by the House. The House bill includes a $1 billion increase for Title I, which provides extra financial help for school districts with high numbers or high percentages of children from low-income families, as well as a $1 billion increase for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). In contrast, the pending Senate education appropriations bill provides no additional funding for either program.

Federal funding for Title and IDEA have not kept pace with inflation, growing enrollment, or student needs. This year, more than half the nation’s Title I-eligible school districts will have their Title I funds reduced, according to U.S. Department of Education allocations. The federal share of the excess cost of educating students with disabilities has declined for five consecutive years and is now just 14 percent—far below the 40 percent Congress promised to provide. Tell your senators and representative to match the House increases for Title I and IDEA in any final funding bill.

Tell your senators and representative to match the House increases for Title I and IDEA in any final funding bill.

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  1. I am a retired teacher who serviced my country for many years by teaching military children stationed overseas with their parents. I have now return home to find that we are not doing what needs to be done for all children. It is as though we have stepped back in time and children are getting less when they actually need more. So , I ask ,long will it take for America to wake up and care for all of its citizens regardless of their background or culture. Wake up America! Now is the time.

    1. Many of our schools have had to lay off workers in the past 2 years and made cuts in their budgets although the attendance in said schools has increased exponientially each year. Teachers and citizens are bridging the gap as best they can but still fall short of funding their needs each year. With all these shortages in funding special needs children seem to be moved to the bottom as if unworthy.

  2. Funding for Title 1 is so important for students with disabilities. Many districts in my state are very poor and rely on Title 1 funding to have the support staff to work with these students. I’ve seen the result in students that have had this support. Often they attain grade level scores and can be dropped from the program and another child can be given help.

  3. We should be creating opportunities for us to all learn how to create accessible lessons and opportunities for ALL students. Coaching and supporting teachers, and working together as a team to support instruction that embeds accommodations and supports All learners to Access with independence. The money to support professional development, curriculum and educational technology like google and apple to support engagement and motivation is critical for All learners. If we want to close the achievement gap for all learners we need to invest in educational practices, resources and technology that will support Access for all learners to live productive and positive lives in their community


    The federal share of the excess cost of educating students with disabilities has declined for five consecutive years and is now just 14 percent—far below the 40 percent Congress promised to provide.

    IDEA (then 94-142) was passed into law in 1975. As a career special education teacher, my 1st year of teaching in 1976 was the 1st year we wrote Individual Education Plans. Forty-four years later special needs children/adults have moved from being “warehoused” in institutions to being educated, working, and living in the mainstream of society

  5. No matter what is the color of our political parties, education needs to be free if race, religion or disability. The future of our country lies in the hands of our children. So, let’s educate them with fully funded programs.

  6. Children who have challenges to cope with need all the support possible to become strong productive people. I am a retired Pupil Personnel Worker in the State of Maryland, and I am certified as a Reading Specialist, Special Educator and History Teacher. I helped many schools ‘level the playing field’ for Children with Challenges, but it has become more and more difficult as funds have dried up. It is a crime in the USA not to be able to service all of our children’s needs.

  7. Title I Funds help close resource gaps in poorer communities. Some teacher positions are available to these students that support the instruction they need. Title I Funds help sustain schools and their strive for excellence with marginalized communities.

  8. As a retired first grade teacher I know he need is there. If the money is dispensed to the most deserving schools, the USA will become much stronger in the next few generations.

  9. I don’t understand why funding for the most vunerble children is not being met. I feel that Make America Great again means we go back to the 50’s where handicapped children were hidden away. The public school system is for all of us! It needs to be funded.

  10. The republican party has abandoned its once great principles. Abraham Lincoln freed minorities to be recognized as human beings and not property. Today, republicans lock minority children and babies up in dog kennels.

    Teddy Roosevelt broke up monopolies into smaller, competitive companies. Today’s republicans have abandoned the principles of Teddy the “Trust Buster” and instead accepted the idea of “Government owned by wealthy corporations” that was introduced to us by Benito Mussolini. Mussolini called his new government “fascism”. He was quite proud of it, as are republicans today, after they changed the word “fascism” into the word “conservatism”.

    Dwight Eisenhower built the entire United States interstate highway system after he successfully rant the Eastern Theater of Operations in World War II and defeated Hitler’s Nazis and Mussolini’s Fascists. “Ike” paid for the entire U.S. Interstate Highway System by fairly taxing the very wealthy 70% of their income over a certain number of millions of dollars. Ike used Union Labor to construct the roads, highways. Today’s republicans argue for paying workers less that a living wage, and Trumpublicans have cut taxes on the very wealthy and corporations. Some corporations now pay LESS than zero income tax. In other words, Trumpublicans give the wealthy shrink wrapped pallets full of the tax money, paid by the working class, in the form of subsidies. Trumpublicans then whine that the U.S. must cut earned benefits like Social Security, Medicare, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (S.N.A.P.) which offers one nutritious lunch a day (coasting pennies) for hungry American children.

    Today’s republicans are not the republican party of just a few years back. Certainly not the party of my father and grandfather. Today’s republicans, by aiding and abetting the criminal activity of the Trump Crime Family, have lost my family’s vote for three generations into the future.

    1. I am now retired, but I worked in a Title 1 school and what we were able to accomplish with our students was amazing! I can’t understand why funding of these programs and public schools has been reduced! These children are our future! The higher their shill levels, the better our futures! Almost every child has the ability to learn given the opportunity. Please make sure the Title 1 programs are funded!

    2. I agree with most of what you have to say, but Benito Mussolini didn’t introduced to us the idea of Government owned by the wealthy corporations. It came to us from the Republican party”losing its soul” in 1876. In that year it gave up trying to reconstruct the South according to the principles contained in the 13th, 14th, & 15th Amendments. As part of the deal made in that year, Rutherford B. Hayes became President with the promise that he would remove federal troops from the South, thus handing over control of all southern states to white segregationists. At that point, the leaders of the Republican party started the alliance with the wealthy corporate & financial interests-which it has maintained to this day. That is what modern day American conservatism is all about.

  11. I taught every grade in elementary school in 3 different states. Virginia, Georgia and Florida and now am retired….. Every one of those schools were Title 1 schools.
    For the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone would want to do harm to innocent children. Forget political party lines and try doing the right thing.
    Some children need Title 1 Programs. Not every child is born with a “silver spoon” in their mouth. Please do the right thing by these children. Every child deserves a proper education…no matter who they are or what they look like.

  12. Jer 7:23 – … Obey me and I will be your God and you shall be my people; only do as I say and all shall be well.
    Jer 22:3-4 – The Lord says: Be fair-minded. Do what is right! Help those in need of justice! Quit your evil deeds! Protect the rights of aliens and immigrants, orphans and widows; stop murdering the innocent! If you put an end to all these terrible deeds you are doing, then I will deliver this nation … and there shall be prosperity for all.
    As James 1:27 puts it: “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to care for orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.”
    Isa 30:15 – In returning and rest U shall be saved; in quietness and trust shall be your strength.

  13. Title 1 and IDEA students are in every classroom, in every school. With the push toward integrating IDEA students into the general ed. classes (which is a good thing when fully supported), funding is now stretched too thin. Students (both Title 1 and IDEA) with extra needs are not getting the extra support or getting support for a few minutes each day. We need to fully fund all programs that are required and necessary so we can see the intended effects.

  14. I am a retired special education teacher from central Illinois. I spent my entire teaching career teaching special needs students. I saw first hand how important it is to have good funding for children with disabilities. I also have a granddaughter who has been receiving special education services. Without that funding she would be unable to reach her full potential. Because of the funding, my granddaughter began receiving specialized help in kindergarten! Now that she is in third grade she no longer needs those special services. I am eternally grateful that she did! Funding for children with disabilities is essential for all children to reach their full potential!

    1. So many low economic students don’t have the resources that wealthy school districts do.
      This is our future and all kids need what they need. We are not all the same cognitively and everyone deserves the best education for ALL.
      Another disappointing disparity for Education.
      Retired Special Education Teacher,
      Rebecca Nierman

    2. Competition is a problematic issue, and it remains essential that instead we raise the obvious low cognitive skills and literacy levels right here in the USA.

      Ecology teaches us that the world is largely symbiotic, mutually advantageous interaction. Competitin has some early subadult value in discovering what individuals have as specific skills, but sholld be left behind when entering the larger world, whether local community or the widercomplex living systems of the earth.

  15. I have worked in both the education and mental health fields for 35 years. The lack of adequate funding (Title 1 & IDEA) to address students’ learning needs has been a huge hurdle for local districts. Underfunded and unfunded educational initiatives over the years has resulted in cash strapped instructs scrambling to set student needs. When you add in the coat of getting a degree, or an advanced degree to address best practices we have a decrease in certified staff to address These needs as well the educational benefit of all learners.
    Please support the Title 1 and IDEA funding. #vote4children

  16. In my district Title I pays for highly skilled reading intervention teachers who teach the lowest struggling readers in 1st and 2nd grades. This early intervention is is essential, and at many schools more intervention teachers are needed.

  17. both the title one and i d e a r essential programs for any public school to continue to do a good job and an equitable job for all students. says:


  18. As a retired teacher, Having taught 38 years…Many of those teaching in the “Chapter I” program at the first grade level… Back then finding was a strong priority…We truly made a difference!!!

    1. I volunteer with severely traumatized foster children, some of whom are physical disabled as well. All of them need programs funded by Title 1 and IDEA. My husband was a SPED teacher and administrator before retiring. I don’t know how we would function without this funding. No child asks to be “special” in this manner and we must support them in every way we can.

  19. IDEA is a Godsend for many individuals and their families and it can make all the difference in preventing future institutionalization! I know first hand because I taught Special Education for c 2 decades.

  20. As an educator, we struggle within financial constraints that result in a lack of service to our students. Funding and quality do not always correspond, but it’s hard to have quality without funding. Funding makes it possible to do creative and helpful things. Funding is also necessary for minimal services, which is what we have in many schools today. Please vote for this funding.

  21. As an instructional/ non- instructional aide i have witness first hand in many of the educational disability programs the needs of students being fulfilled and have seen the lives of staff,students, and families appreciate the educational factors being addressed for individuals.This type of funding has allowed my son and his peers to advance in the class room from elementary thru high school and currently attending the community college. By having these funds in place my son and his peers have opportunities to live quality lives as young men with the heart to pay it forward in society.

  22. This funding is an investment in the future. Never was the cliche “Penny wise, pound foolish.” a more appropriate warning than when we speak of our children’s futures.

  23. We need more services for all children. I studied many subjects for teaching and special needs was my my student teaching. I see in my self contained class that I as a para professional see lots of areas that these children could use aids to help them learn. This bill should be passed. And it needs to be passed.

  24. More funding is needed for Title I students and for children with disabilities! I am a special education teacher, and I see it first hand how necessary this is for our children and their future. Also, please look into the percentage of students that are allowed to be on an alternate path for their education, being the children with severe cognitive disabilities have increased. The low percentage has forced children that are unable to take regular assessments to take and fail these test, which doesn’t help their self esteem. It has made teachers wastefully teach and give assessments that will not help these children. We should be using our time to teach life skills and reading which may benefit them in the future. Alternative assessments is not a bad thing and it makes children feel successful!

  25. These two very important bills need increased funding. As the economy has grown so have expenses for everyday items and necessities. These are especially important for poor and disabled children. This is equally important for all of us in that everyone who is disadvantaged has the potential to grown to be a burden on our economy and law enforcement. This has been shown to be quite the opposite for healthy and happy children from all walks of life.

    It is imperative that you increase funding for these valuable programs to our national security and well being by the 1 billion each requested by the House.

  26. Please vote to match the House increase for Title 1 and IDEA. I am a newly retired educator who has worked both in a Title 1 school and as a special education teacher. In my career the quality of services to special education students has declined as the funding isn’t adequate. While paraprofessionals are a valuable part of the team, they are making decisions that require the professional judgement of a higher trained person as there is not the funding (or enough certified special education teachers). Education is the foundation for developing our next generation of adult workers, and we are not adequately providing this foundation for some of our most vulnerable children.

  27. I worked under Title 1 for many years as an Instructional Aide. I know first hand how much this extra help is needed for disadvantaged and handicapped students.

    Those years in Elementary, Middle School and High School were sometimes exhausting but always encouraging for student success. I sincerely hope adequate funding will be available to help these wonderful students who so need to learn. Overcoming the emotional, psychological and physical handicaps which are a detriment to learning enhances our communities, society and needs of the world.

    1. I agree, as an educator who has worked with Title I programs in Colorado, then experiencing exchanges with Title I teachers here in NE, especially my sister who is working as a Title I teacher. Helping these students thrive is all our responsibility to better our community and country.

  28. Get Real. Stop your Damm bickering and begin to fulfill what you should be doing. Become the Statesman you should be. Hopefully you should be smart enough to recognize something that is wrong when you see it. I cannot any longer call Trump my President. Any person in that position must realize that they are not to behave like some third world dictator . We are a Democracy!!!!!!!!

  29. Good funding, especially for children with disabilities, is very important. We want ALL children to have an optimistic future for their lives. If interventions are not made early, there is inevitably a greater burden on families and society.

  30. Education must be right at the top of our priorities or we have no future….this country has abandoned education!

  31. Good funding, especially for children with disabilities, is very important. We want ALL children to have an optimistic future for their lives.

    1. Ours schools and students across the country need the continual increase funding that May’s a difference to all students regardless of the individual disabilities.

    2. Please advocate for the Title one funds. I work in Chelmsford, ma and our Title 1 funds are crucial to our students.
      Thank you,
      Chelmsford Reading Specialist

    3. I worked for 22 years with special need children…ages 3 to 5.l loved every child and loved going to work every day!I celebrated each child’s personal progress! I strongly hope more funding is so needed.teachers give their heart.soul and their own money for supplies to benefit the children. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO! Sincerely. Maura Sawyer retired special needs teacher’s adsistant Framingham MA Public Schools

    4. As a former second grade teacher in a low socio-economic school district, I have witnessed the great strides in my second grade readers due to the support of Title I and the funding provided under IDEA. We want all children to meet with success!

  32. As a teacher, I know first hand that an increase in funding means more educational opportunities that should be available to ALL of our children. It’s what they deserve. We must re-align our priorities and truly focus on what’s in the best interests of children.

  33. The citizen farmers in this state know full well how important the education of their youth is. The “short-changing” of these kids is often felt when they are adults and can’t compete successfully with those who graduate with adequate and advanced schooling.

  34. Please match the House title one finding and IDEA because as an educator we when the funding to better serve our students.

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