NEA members urge Supreme Court to preserve DACA

NEA members Vicente Rodriguez and Karina Alvarez addressed the crowd gathered on the steps of the Supreme Court as the justices heard oral arguments on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) on Nov 12. “We love this country. It’s the only country we’ve known,” Rodriguez said. “We’re asking the court to see us as the Americans we are.” Created by an executive order from President Obama in 2012, DACA protects nearly 700,000 Dreamers from deportation, including an estimated 20,000 educators and aspiring educators. NEA urged the Court to uphold DACA in a legal brief filed earlier this year. The Court will issue its ruling during the current term, which ends June 30.

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  1. Corrupt politicians refused to deport them when they were “fresh”. Just because they’ve been here ILLEGALLY for years, does not mean that we shouldn’t DEPORT, DEPORT, DEPORT.

    The Government admits to “11 million”, which likely means there’s 22 million that need to be GONE.

    And we need to put their employers in prison, too.

      1. Those that came as children should be protected as well as those who have contributed to our country. Obama had this taken care of, so why would you listen to the current president that has no clue what truth and fairness are? As long as there is a racist in the white house, Congress needs to override his decisions. If anyone should be punished it should be employers that hired illegals while making money off if them, including Trump.

    1. People came here desperate, and they’ve been here for decades. You snug, pompous ass want to split up their families and deport them? WHY? How did your relatives get here? Were they desperate?
      People don’t give up thier families, and every thing they own to move to another country as their firtst choice. They are beyond desperate, and should be welcomed accordingly.

  2. I’ve had some of these young people as students. They have been in this country so long that they don’t remember the country they moved from. Many speak only English. To become part of DACA they had to pass requirements to prove they were productive, they had jobs or were in school, they could not have a criminal record. These young are great Americans to be if given a chance.

  3. Legal. Moral. How can a fellow human being object?

    The vast majority of DACA children have earned respected places in this US society as much and in many cases more than some who are here luckily and strickly by birth.

  4. MarineBob, it is evident you haven’t read the requirements for DACA status as all those things you cited already exist. Careful, it sounds like just plain old BIAS! It also irks me that most Americans have no clue as to how the Immigration process works, or for whom it is rigged against.


  5. DACA persons came here to the United States by no fault of their own and they’ve been given the nations word to be eligible to remain here. Consider this is the only country most of them know, they’ve been educated here and lead productive lives without citizen status. Some have served to protect and defend their adopted country.
    They are owed every right to citizenship unless a serious criminal background follows them.

  6. Most of the DACA children are educated and responsible citizens. Please give them an opportunity to stay.

  7. There’s no reason why DACA representatives should not be allowed to seek citizenship. They are ready and willing to do that. Why should their past prevent them from completing their dream.
    We must make sure that this is not an attempt to keep non white people from becoming citizens. White Supremacy is afraid that non whites will over power whites in our country.

      1. Where did you get this ‘we’ idea? Who is ‘we?’ A President who knew the congress would not pass any such constitution violating laws so issued an executive order to pander to certain voting groups? Is that the ‘we’ to which you refer? Interesting comment about this being DACA program being an action to thwart White Supremacy. Sounds like a pipe dream conspiracy theory

    1. This country used to be a beacon for others trying to find a better life for them and their families. How can the government check and choose which countries they will allow access to citizenship? President Trump’s wife and also the wife of Mitch McConnell were foreigners. I don’t like the direction this administration is going with choosing who is “worthy” to become an American. Would most of us be here if this kind of thinking had been popular 100 years ago? For the sake of democracy, someone needs to stand up to this closed minded and bigot opinion.

  8. Daca needs to help these children who have lived their lives here; to send them back to a country they don’t know is cruel and senseless. They have spent their young lives here and deserve to become citizens. Illegals should be stopped; it needs to be done legally and above board.

  9. I am the daughter of immigrant parents who were 8 and 15 years old when they came to America from Eastern Europe. Had they not left they would have surely become the victims of the holocaust as were all of my grandmother’s family who were unable to leave. If they had been “sent back” I would not be writing this comment. Remember the voice of the Statue of Liberty by Emma Lazarus – look it up.

  10. We are a country known as a melting pot. This diversity of nationalities has been the foundation of our nation.
    Please vote to protect DACA.

    1. We used to be known and acted like a melting pot. Now, the nation is moving towards more of a patch-work quilt. Not a united nation of law abiding citizens

  11. Home is here for DACAs. They’ve already been vetted, so let’s end their purgatory (which is between heaven and hell).

  12. My great grandmother came into the US from Canada. She was 3 years old at the time. Her family settled in Ludlow MA. She grew up and married my great grandfather. She not only cared for her own family, she worked with the church to identify and care for those who were needy.
    Making 1st communion dresses. Her husband with a 3rd grade education became a manager in the Ludlow Mills. Immigrants add to our country and so do their children. With the ratio of workers to retirees, we should not just accept immigrants, we should actively be recruiting them…they are America’s tomorrow!!!

    1. This country does accept immigrants. There however seems to be some rational people who think that thousands overwhelming border checks is not the right or legal way to ‘accept’ immigrants. This is a nation of laws. Not a storm the border and see if we can sneak in country.

  13. People who are here illegally deserve no protection. This is a sovereign nation with laws. Picking and choosing which laws to observe or which to ignore leads to anarchy. Given the huge number of these (DACA) illegals who are now here, it seems logical to provide some sort of avenue for them to attain citizenship. However, there needs to be immediate dis-qualifiers such as those having committed crimes, those not in a productive role, those who are recipients of any type of welfare supported by tax payers. Requirements would include immediate renouncing any citizenship other than United States, and a ‘must pass’ comprehensive English literacy examination including reading, writing and speech. And continuation of any such program needs to be immediately shut off. This would be a one time good deal. The working tax payers of this nation, regardless of what socialist Democrats say, can not afford to pay for illegal aliens.

    1. I totally agree. It’s time to uphold our laws. I ask teachers do you have classroom rules? Do you change them when a student refuses to follow these rules when demands they are unfair and wants special preference?

    2. A 3-year-old is not illegal, even in this land of trying children as adults.
      The DACA children have committed no crimes. They are guilty only of being born to parents that you do not like.
      I know that many in this country, regardless of religion, are stonehearted and unmoved by the caging of children without their parents.
      But having a stone heart doesn’t mean you have morals or ethics.
      Morals and ethics mean we don’t punish children for their parents. Period.

  14. Our children are our future allow them the opportunity to be a success in our great nation. They have so much to offer. America is their country too. Our nation was built on the dreams of all immigrants.

    1. Republicans need the white supremacist voting bloc of the republican base. With no record of actual accomplishments that benefit the people of the United States of America, and a republican administration that feels a need to extort foreign nations for help getting elected, throwing red meat to their bigot base is all republicans have left.

      1. I don’t suppose, Mike, you have recently looked at how the economy is doing, how your retirement plan has been bolstered, how many people are working, how the current administration is thwarted at every attempt to compromise with the loony left, how people like Schiff and company are terrified that an outsider dares change the status quo so they stifle any forward movement for the nation. If you sincerely think what goes on or went on with the Ukraine is unusual or, not what all politicians have done for decades, well, I’ve got some swampland in Arizona I could sell you. The reality is the president recognizes the corruptness of the prior administration and is protecting the people of the United States from continuing the process of giving taxpayer money to corrupt governments.

    2. Exactly. These children have lived with adversity. Those are the kind of people who have resilience, and the capacity to work hard for their goals.

  15. The Dreamers need to be protected and the promise given to them needs to be honored. Congressional inaction during the Obama years cannot be rewarded by the Supreme Court. It is time for USSC to show integrity and compassion.

  16. All who want to live here to and make a better life for themselves and family should be given that opportunity. The same opportunity almost all of us were provided in years gone by.

  17. Let’s continue to remind the Supreme Court that they are here because their forebears were immigrants who came to our country without visas or quotas. Its time we remind the supreme court they are for the people not the president.

    1. Immigrants were allowed in America whether legally or illegally and they did and have done the work that most Americans do not want to do. They brought their children who America educated, took care of medically, as well as emotionally, nurtured them and trained them in being an American. Now you do not want them here. Seriously! Nothing like sending people who have learned trades to help upgrade other countries and downgrade America’s workforce. What are you thinking??? My family came to America as immigrants. Does this mean I have to return to the country of my family lineage because someone wants to cover their misdeeds and racist political ideology? Immigration has become a huge political moneymaker. Where is the ideology of helping others that America had! I am so disappointed in America’s current leaders whom are stepping all over the downtrodden.

    2. Do not forget the Supreme Court is charged with following the constitution … ya know the document that the ‘people’ wrote to protect and preserve the Republic.

  18. These are exactly the people we claim we want. They have jumped through all the hoops that have been required. They are working, educated and many have families. Let’s remember WE ARE A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS

  19. Show that the United States is a compassionate country for those who come here as children, for all of those who come here for a better life.

  20. How cruel to send these teenagers to a country they do not know, to an environment and language that is alien to them, with a loss of family and friends, school and home, that they have known all their lives.

    I can’f imagine a more frightening event for these children and young adults…..I can’t believe that we could be so heartless….

  21. We need to end DACA.
    These people are here illegally and deeply supported by taxpayer dollars. They are not American citizens and should not be rewarded for their illegality. They should not be allowed to import their families.
    My ancestors were not immigrants, but pioneers. They came to a wilderness and tamed it. They faced an uncertain future and risked their lives to provide us the freedoms and way of life we enjoy today. They broke no laws and received no tax dollars. They surrendered their Irish and English identities to fully adopt an American one.
    If they wish to immigrate, they can follow the rules and apply legally, as so many people of good conscience do. It’s the right thing to do.

    1. Imagine that, asking people to follow rules! Outrageous! Of course it is the right thing to do so we preserve the democracy we cherish.

  22. These children, who are now for the most part young adults, deserve to stay here. They belong here, this is the country they know. They also now have jobs and are taxpaying, law abiding citizens. Our country should be proud of them and be ashamed these young people are being used as pawns to further the agenda of one misguided individual. Who unfortunately is currently our president.

  23. DACA be in effect. The Dreamers had no choice but to come to this country. And he should not be punished for something your parents did.

  24. Let’s continue to remind the Supreme Court that they are here because their forebears were immigrants who came to our country without visas or quotas. All of our lives are enriched by the contributions of immigrants – legal or undocumented – who contribute to our economy and culture. The DACA children are products of our educational system and culture. They treasure being American far more than anyone who takes being a citizen merely thanks to the accident of their birth.

    1. Immigrants are the very bedrock of America! They make it possible for everyone to live safely and profitably! The DACA children are especially vulnerable! They treasure their American citizenship much more strongly than those of us who are born here and are already citizens!

    2. And then there were a substantial number of people who recognized that there needed to be laws enacted for a civilized nation to flourish. Not a free for all. The comment above regarding classroom rules hits the nail on the head. Would you allow kids simply to come and go into your class? No checks? Just enter or leave as they desire? But then also consider they come in an unregulated fashion but you are required to give them a seat, a book, pencil, note book, tend to all their needs. I can hear it now….oh, but DACA is different. OK, try this scenario, the parents come and tell the kids to go into your classroom.

  25. DACA is a program that serves many who came to the US as children or infants. Today they are contributing adults I. Our so iety, bolding jobs and taxes. Please preserve DACA.

  26. Daca is just one more way we encourage illegal aliens go break our laws. Their first act upon entering this country is to break federal and state laws. We reward them with free services including education and lunches. Everyone else pays taxes and college tuition. College is not a requirement. Dreamers shouldn’t get preferential treatment over hard working legal citizens. Daca children should be allowed to follow the existing process open to all people legally immigrating to the US. How can that be too much to ask?

  27. Please preserve DACA – we started out being a country that welcomed immigrants- we ARE a nation of immigrants. Let’s continue to welcome them.

  28. Please end DACA! DACA is an insult to U.S. laws regarding immigration. How can we expect other countries to recognize U.S. immigration laws when some U.S. citizens actively break the laws due to their personal beliefs or wants. DACA is an insult to those immigrants who legally came to this country as law abiding immigrants with a goal of becoming U.S. citizens. When disrespect of our laws become prevalent, the U.S.A. will no longer be a law abiding country for which chaos and mayhem will become the norm. Please do not actively condone the lawbreakers and illegal immigrants who reside in this country. The message that you are sending is, “It is O.K. to enter this country illegally… a future date, you will be allowed to stay.” Many N.E.A. members do not support DACA.
    Allow my message to be heard……this is a democracy.

  29. DACA should not be a political issue; It’s a humanitarian issue and one that our country was founded on. We have welcomed these children to the United States to have a better life. This has become their country and they can make a contribution to it. Let’s give them that chance and NOT banish them back to countries where they will not have it. It’s their lives and we should respect and protect them.

  30. Show that the United States is a compassionate country for those who come here as children, for all of those who come here for a better life.

    1. Please support our dreamers in every way that leads them to citizenship, to a life they are working toward. They are valuable members of our country which was built on the idea of welcoming those who want to build a better life for themselves. We are all immigrants.

    2. As a retired educator, I am taking a stand for DACA. The U.S. Government must take the right and just course by standing for DACA and also providing a pathway to citizenship.

    3. Many of these young people have been educated in our country, have held jobs in our country, and feel loyalty to our country. They should be given a reasonable path to citizenship because they are good for our country.

    4. We need the DACA recipients to continue their studies here, who are primarily outstanding students to offset the ignorance and corruption in the highest offices in the land. We are in sad need of intelligent educated people to lead us forward.

  31. Why? People here illegally should look to, and blame their parents for their current situation! Just because a previous anti American and socialist granted unconstitutional rights to a select group does not mean we should continue the charade. Get a grip, we do not need and shouldn’t continue to coddle illegal, criminal behavior or it’s resulting fallout. No special privileges or consideration to people here illegally. Think of the money for American education if we eliminate free housing, food, and education to people who are not even American citizens.

  32. Please support DACA. I believe that people raised in the US will be contributive to our nation. I urge you to support DACA,

  33. I am supporting the Dreamers any way I can. I know personally some in our own community and know the hard work they already do and their dream of becoming full -fledged Americans. They deserve it!

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