Tell senators to VOTE NO on DeVos ally nominated as appellate judge

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The Senate is expected to vote early this week on Steven Menashi’s nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit—a position in which he could do even more harm than he already has. Just days ago, the New York Times confirmed that as acting general counsel under Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, he helped devise an illegal scheme that deprived thousands of students of debt relief and violated federal privacy laws—a scam that earned DeVos a contempt of court citation and $100,000 fine. Menashi also helped presidential adviser Stephen Miller develop the administration’s disastrous immigration policies. Urge your senators to VOTE NO when Menashi’s nomination comes to the floor. 

Urge your senators to VOTE NO when Menashi’s nomination comes to the floor.

Take Action: Tell senators to VOTE NO on Steven Menashi’s nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals

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  1. Please vote NO to Menashi’s confirmation! This man is living proof that having a law degree is not a guarantee of integrity. At 65 years, I’ve never seem a more crooked government!

  2. Please talk to Republican colleagues on the judicial committee –particularly Ted Cruz, Joni Ernst, & Ben Sasse (who I believe have the intelligence to recognize that Stephen Menashi would be the worst choice for an appeals court judge). The other senators on the judicial committee I believe are total Trump sycophants satisfied with wallowing around in the swamp. Considering that Menashi is a devotee of Betsy DeVoss provides another strike against his nomination. As a retired educator the damage Betsy DeVoss has done to education will be difficult to reconstruct.

    1. DeVos is clueless in regard to public education. She appears to support special interests, not the factors that reflect what is truly needed by middle and lower income students.

  3. The American people (well, some) have elected such a foul nicumpoop to lead us, we will pay for this for a century!

  4. DeVos and all her nominees and staff do not support equal education opportunities for ALL children. Education needs to be a non-political advancement department; not a look-at-me I’m in charge department.

  5. Please do not support this appointment. Predatory educational policies pushed forward by Menashi and others will continue to hamper the US as it tries to compete in the globalized economy

  6. Please do not support this man’s appointment. He lacks the moral judgement to make decisions in the best interest of people needing fair, constitutional, justice for the situations in which they find themselves. His appointment would be disastrous.

  7. As the wealth gap widens and more and more of our population becomes students of color, particularly immigrants, we need those in power to support these students, not actively work against them. This man is clearly interested in using his power for his own benefit and for the benefit of others in power, not for the good of students and those who need the most protection. Giving him a lifetime appointment will serve only to extend the negative effects of this administration well into the future. We will have your voting record if you appoint him.

  8. I ask you to please stop voting yes for people who are incompetent and lack qualifications for the positions being handed out.
    It is sad to see that you hold party politics and presidential pressure high above your job to represent me and my family.

  9. We don’t need yet another racist unhinged individual like Menashi, in a lifetime position. I strongly urge you to vote NO.

  10. Please vote no on this. Bring out sincerity (“undeceitfulness”), integrity, and decent respect for high standards in government, not a corrupt, mean-spirited grab for more and more power, which is apparent in this nomination.

    1. Menashi is a representative of what I hope you are against.
      The values and morals of are country are slipping quickly.
      Please vote a by NO.
      j victor

    2. As a Special Education teacher and constituent, I urge you to VOTE NO on Steven Menashi’s nomination for a lifetime appointment as an appellate judge. I have been in the trenches for over 20 years and I am furious that such people have been empowered with your lack of support for Bernie Sanders in our last election. I demand you support his truly progressive agenda, support his candidacy and retire as soon as possible, you have been bitter disappointments and have supported the rich at every turn.

    3. We don’t need another Trump stooge as an appellate court judge. What we do need is honest caring people who have wisdom as judges. This isn’t the case here.

    4. A house divided fall. Stop trump and his trumpers from destroying our country and freedoms with his lies and corruption.

  11. throughout history we have seen recorded the injustices of theocracies. Our nation in recent times has been particularly vulnerable to this rejection of equality of morality and justice under law.
    We must NEVER allow reversion to reactionary antiscientific, theocratic, irrational and bigoted control of our local regional and national communities.

    The United States has incompletely developed defense against theocratic interference in our governance, and considerable change and amendment to Constitution protecting this nation from corruption by self-interest moneyed groups and individuals, is clearly essential.

    Ms. De Vos is an egregious example of both forms of corruption – that of excessive wealth and theocratic ideation, and jurists such as prospective Appellate Justice nominee Menashi’s previous rulings show him to suffer from similar bigotries.

    I have written my Senators demanding that they use EVEry possible available means to prevent the curther corruption of our judicial system.
    Moreover we MUST expand efforts to REMOVE Justices and other jurists who have backgrounds revealing their incapacity to adhere in an unbiased manner to law, Constitution, and to the highest ethic of which we can be capable.

    It is of utmost importance that EACH of you prevent inherently unjust individuals who have, and will continue to, violate the equal rights of:
    women, those differing in skin melanin content, those who epigenetically, genetically, or otherwise vary in gender identification, and those who do not have the outrageous financial means to obtain equality in our judicial system.

    Thank you all for doing so!

  12. Please vote NO on Steven Menashi’s nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals. His views and pronounced positions are extremely biased and in my opinion not make him a suitable candidate for this position.

  13. This is one of the more troubling nominees – anti-woman, black, brown and LGBT. This type of person has no business on any court.

  14. Mr. Donald Trump’s current time in the WH as our President has shown me that he has little if no empathy of the true soul of the United States. I feel he was born on a $$$silver platter, with a 24k gold brick wall around him, which therefore minimized his willingness to work with humanity.

  15. Sickening nominations keep coming from this president. They are so anti-people, anti-social that we have to push back.

  16. The DeVos woman has never worked a nanosecond in her life for an income. She is fabulously rich because she picked the proper uterus in which to gestate and the proper mattress on which to procreate. She is the antithesis of a good citizen of the Republic.

  17. Betsy Devos is totally unqualified to serve any position connected to public education. Confirming someone who is her ally is unacceptable. Our government has become more enamored with money and power at the expense of our children long enough.

    VOTE NO!

  18. It is all about the minority ruling the majority of Americans while claiming it is not fair for the majority to rule

  19. DeVos should not be making any public school policies. She knows nothing about education. Vote “No” on Steve Manashi, another Trump patsy, hell bent on tearing down anything of value to the common man.

  20. Neither Devos and Menashi should be in public office. We don’t need private for profit schools to replace our public schools. FOR ONCE, do something good for Indiana instead of voting for those who want to destroy our Constitution.

  21. We have to stop this nonsense. These so called “leaders” have no idea what it means to support students and their families in their efforts to educate their sons and daughters. We must stand up for educating our young people. We cannot run a democracy without an educated populace.

  22. He has already been determined to be a criminal. Don’t let him contribute more destruction to our sinking democracy.

  23. As a life time appointed judge he lacks the impartiality necessary for this office. If her were an elected one he could be removed by the electorate.

  24. Please, we cannot sustain our country if we continue to put these under qualified people in important positions. Stop the crazy please and stand up for the majority of voters in this country. This is a lifetime appointment and we must consider reason and balance for the future.

  25. We must stop the destruction of the safety nets that have allowed our people to survive.
    We have to stop the Republican assault on our institutions and system of checks and balances.
    Menashi’s record renders him unqualified for any position in a democratic republic form of government.
    Please vigorously oppose his nomination.

  26. As a regular voting Republican and a retired educator, I urge you to never support anything BETSY DEVOS WANTS TO DO IN THE NAME OF EDUCATION, SHE IS NO FRIEND OF PUBLIC EDUCATION!!!!!!

  27. The destruction of our democracy is under attack throughout the current potus’s tenure in office, and $upporting our public schools systems throughout the country is one way to protect it. It is almost unbelievable / unimaginable how utterly insulated and out of touch potus and DeVos are with the educated and intelligent folks in the country, let alone their demonstrably less-educated who voted for him. Democracy worrisome!

  28. You explain how our children are to represented less than your own. Then ask why are you in this position to protect and help the people who are under your authority. We depend on you to make great and better choices for all the communities you represent.

  29. Charter schools perform no better than public schools, by and large. Ed. Sec. DeVos and Menashi deprived students defrauded by for profit schools of debt relief. They both want to fund vouchers and charters by taking money away from public education. Our public schools perform very well overall. The underperforming public schools are always those schools serving poorer students and schools where there more students with physical, mental, or emotional needs that negatively affect their learning process. Private, religious and charter schools do not serve these students – instead weeding these particular students out, choosing those students without these deficits and also serving students of overall higher income levels. Vote NO on Menashi.

  30. I agree with all of the above comments. Lorraine Gayden sums it up so well.

    Surely there are much better qualified people for these positions. Please stop playing “Political Party Games”. Only approve qualified candidates who respect our laws and our Constitutional Rights!

    1. Republicans need to accept responsibility for every person that it appoints to office. The quality of those individual matters. Do the right thing and appoint qualified people with integrity and who believe in the mission of the position for which they are designated to work for. We need not be appointing more disastrous people like a Scott Pruitts or a Betsy DeVos and certainly not a “judge” who allows illegal schemes and who voices prejudicial opinions that do not reflect universal values such as fairness or honesty or promise keeping. Every one of the past Trump appointees that are problematic that have been approved by republicans in the senate are people and problems that the GOP will be held accountable for! Do the right thing!

    2. Stop the cruelty, disregard snd indifference from corrupt judges! Any friend of DeVos is an enemy to the people and common good.

    3. Betsy Devos is unqualified for this position and is harming students and the state of education in this country.

    4. Please support public education and all nominees who will also think of students and educators first in their responsibilities.

    5. She is a nightmare. Please deny her an appointment to appellate court judge. Her judgment is skewed by her entitled status. We need judges who serve all the people, not just the super rich.

  31. We have ENOUGH corrupt people in Washington! So much for cleaning the swamp! All Trump has done is added more and larger alligators! This alligator will be there for life!

  32. Please read the former writings of Mr. Menashi before voting. He is “off the walls” weird and should never be confirmed for any position in the US government. VOTE “NO.”

  33. Neither Nmenash or Devoss belong in government service and both will be damaging if in those positions. DeVoss has already shown her lack in qualifications. No, no, no

    1. Neither Nmenash or Devoss belong in government service and both will be damaging if in those positions. DeVoss has already shown her lack in qualifications. No, no, no

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