Support H.R. 4540 to address Social Security inequities

Forty-three members of the House from both sides of the aisle are cosponsoring the Public Servants Protection and Fairness Act (H.R. 4540), which begins to address inequities for nearly 2 million retired educators and other public employees subject to Social Security’s Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). Among those subject to the WEP, current retirees would get an extra $150 a month and future retirees an extra $75 a month on average. Moreover, the bill includes a guarantee that no one would get less than the amount provided under current law.

The WEP reduces the Social Security benefits of people who work in jobs covered by Social Security and jobs NOT covered by Social Security over the course of their careers—for example, educators compelled to take part-time or summer jobs to make ends meet. After years of congressional inaction, this bill is a step in the right direction. NEA continues to push for full repeal of the WEP and the Government Pension Offset (GPO) that reduces the Social Security spousal or survivor benefits of people not covered by Social Security themselves. Tell your representative to support H.R. 4540.

Take Action: Support H.R. 4540 to ensure public employees get the Social Security benefits they have earned

81 responses to “Support H.R. 4540 to address Social Security inequities

  1. WEP cannot reduce your Social Security by more than half of your monthly pension. So if you have a small monthly pension, say $50 a month, they could only reduce your Social Security by $25 a month.

    1. I am a retired Federal LEO with 32 years of Federal service. I also am qualified for Social Security as I had 44 quarters where I paid into social security.
      I was due to be paid $1,350 monthly social security. When I retired in 2005 with 31 years as a federal LEO, I Learned at that time my social security payment would be cut by 2/3 rds I do not think this is fair.
      Please pass HR 4540.
      Martin Carroll

      1. As a veteran age 77 and a retired LEO, my Social Security qualified entitlement was slashed by 2/3 under WEP! Only 13 states signed on the WEP! My hard fought service to America was stolen with the enactment of WEP! I very much need my full entitlement in my senior years! Congress do the right thing and pay us the additional 2/3 stripped from our social security retirement benefit! We paid into the system and expect our benefit in full!

    2. I feel that retirees that are independently wealthy should NOT be receiving SS at all and people with retirement of $5,000 a month or more should not be receiving if health coverage provided in pension.

      If pensions no longer provided (as with most jobs now, must put 401k etc on your own if even available) should get full SS and more as Healthcare getting more expensive and medical providers are allowed to charge a higher fee for every service if people are uninsured and not only send to insurance but cut their rates to coincide with insurance allowed amount.

      How much money is enough for these people and what happened to empowers that take care of employees and pay them a wage fair enough to live at least aisle class existence and have a pension. Ford, who was notoriously cheap, said he paid workers enough so they would be able to afford car they made..

      It is time our government and employers make the proper decisions.

      Yes, give a tax break if company pays good wage, insurance and pension. If not, no break. If done across the board changes will be made. Li

  2. I am a city government law enforcement employee with a job that does not take out social security from my salary. I have worked 28 years in this job and plan on retiring after 30 years of employment. I previously worked 18 years in jobs such as the US Army, Corrections, and Textiles, all of which took out social security from my salary. I understand that presently if I draw social security and retire from my current job that does not withhold social security, my social security monthly check with be greatly reduced. This is not fair at all and we should not be punished because we chose to work in a public profession that did not withhold social security from our salary at no fault of our own. We risk our lives every second and I did so in previous jobs as well that did withhold social security. But presently, we have to give up a great amount of our social security check of which we earned every cent and should be able to keep every cent we earned. I hope this law is changed as we all should not be punished financially because of the present Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP).

    1. Absolutely agree !!! ME: Military , all of my “quarters” meet before Teaching in California (10 years teacher in Michigan and other jobs which paid S.S.) Now, I get half of my SS and after they take out Pt. B. ..well Not right !! Thank you Reagan …NOT !

    1. Did you notice it’s the democrats that are supporting the bill? Let’s get it out there to the Republicans too.

      Every so many years they come out with some type of bill just to get killed the the House and Ways and Means Committee. To die there every single time, is nothing more than BS to make themselves look good.

    2. First, want to say most of you guys got hit easy. I contributed pretty good money throughout the years as I still worked outside the system and contributed to SS. I got penalized 50%. I went from getting $1287 a month to $535 a month. I even had a discussion with them on how unfair it is to penalized me for nothing more than deciding to work public safety. Further I stated if I worked for a high tech or pharmaceutical company and received massive stock, and shares or any other company that offered great retirement benefits, I could retire with millions, and still receive my full SS benefits. NOW HOW IS THAT FAIR. Double dipping into what? The state collected 7% of my gross for my pension, plus 6.2% for SS. Now if I didn’t pay into my retirement (7%) then I would agree about double dipping. We need to fix this, and fix it quick. In the end, if our beautiful government didn’t rob SS year after year taking billions of dollars out and never returning one cent we wouldn’t even be talking about this. I would love to see them jump into the same boat as us; let them pay into their retirement; they don;t contribute one penny, but get massive retirement benefits. They don’t pay for medical insurance, and after two terms, they get it for life!!! Easy to take away from others and profess it’s for the benefit of all, until it effects their pocket.

      1. Same thing happened to me. I have been shortchanged $1,000.00 per month for 13 years now.
        If it passed why only an additional $150 per month more.
        Martin Carroll

      2. I can received my husband’s SS until I retire. Then I must choose between that or my teacher retirement. I also paid into SS for 24 years before I started teaching. Neither by itself is enough to retire on. I will have to continue teaching into my 70’s. Everybody says they love teachers, until it’s time to compensate us for our hard work.

    3. Please consider this bill. It is not double dipping !!! Those who have earned their quarters should get them. If the Congress doesn’t want it don’t take it but those hard earnest workers that have deserve what they have earned. Give it back to them. You have a chance to do the right thing DO IT!!!

  3. This is just another way of the government stealing from the people I would bet if it was there money being taken then this problem would of been fixed along time ago and as far as Reagan and the jerks from congress that voted for this were do they get off saying this is double dipping I paid into both systems 34 years SS and 10 years into OPERS my SS gets reduced 6 years which will give me 28 years I will lose around 100 a month and because OPERS reduced there pension for people after 2013 I will lose another 400 to 500 dollars a month from that all I can say this whole system is a big joke it always comes back on the lower people in this country that they want to screw over I would bet If I was an illegal person that crossed over the boarder they would give me health care SS and a college education for free but the people that worked there ass off that live here once again we get the big screw job and the politicians do this to us and smile about it makes me sick just thinking about it and to think that I spent 3 years of my life in the military defending these jerks makes me sick and all they ever worry about is taking care of the rich and them self’s and everybody else were just screwed I guess one day the American people will wake up and do something about this I really don’t think it will happen in my life time but it’s just a thought but in the end all we are is expendable assets to these people as long as you pay your taxes and vote for them that’s all that really matters to them because when you get old your just a big burden to the system in there eyes what a shame.

  4. I worked from 1975 to 1983 when I got married. Then in 1997 aftrr my divorce I worked in a school district as a Para educator. My SS is a potters portion of $200.00 and now paying medicare I get a whopping $70.00 a month. I was told when you work for school district its called double dipping to get all of what SS has to offer. I only get $750.00 from TRS. A little more would sure help me out. Thank you

  5. As a soon to be a retired pubic worker. I spent 28 years working in a low paying position at a county public health dept. Low pay and 34 hrs a week. I paid into opers . My husband worked in the private sector for 25 years. In a very demanding manager posiition, sometimes 60 + plus hours a week. While he paid into ss for those years. He passed away 7 years ago. I was able to draw some of his ss at my age of 60 while still working . The sad part is I have to keep working to draw most of it. The minute I retire I will lose 2/3 of his ss. Due to my opers pension because of the gop. I my self also worked in the private sector for 9 years prior. At age 66 I can draw all of his ss and as long as I stay employed. How crazy is this. Due to the offset I cannot retire! I also have not had a raise working for the private sector in 3 years. Where am I suppose to save any extra money to prepare for this. I did not know this untill I was 60 years old. SS informed me that I was going to lose a substantial amount the minute I retired. Unless something changes. I feel stuck. I cannot retire. This is so unfair!

  6. So, help me understand why you don’t want Social (Socialist) programs like snow removal, police force pay, Postal Service, Medicare and Social Security, etc. If that’s the plan then forget yours.

  7. Every year, every year…..this comes up and goes nowhere. Politicians promising lies. Maybe its time for new legislators? Perhaps a few less socialists?


        1. Sorry Margaret I disagree with you it’s just not the Republican party it’s also the democratic party also the bad thing is the American people set here defending both of these parties and those jerks look at us and laugh at us I hate to tell you this they don’t care about you are me they only care about there own self entitled ass and the very rich and for the rest of use were expendable assets that’s all we mean to them.

  8. I am not sure, but do those impacted by the existing laws understand that you are still entitled to some of the SocSec benefit they earned. Without getting into the what is fair morass, I know many people in the teaching world who think they are entitled to zip. That is not the case. It is sad to hear people say they went into teaching thinking there was a reasonable pension available and there would be no adverse impact to SocSec payments. Due diligence is warranted and apparently not being done.

    Moving forward, perhaps the answer is get rid of the existing pensions system, establish matching 403b programs and so forth. More people involved in market based returns would be good for the nation overall.

  9. A spouse can collect 1/2 the Social Security (money they did not contribute to the system themselves) their partner is entitled to while the partner collects the whole amount. Together they get 1 and 1/2 pensions based on one person’s contribution, yet I cannot collect what I put into the system. This is patently unfair. It locks people into jobs that they cannot leave because they cannot leave the retirement system they are in. Also, if they lose their jobs with a teacher’s pension, it is better for them to work under the table and not pay into a system that does not benefit them. Supremely unfair for teachers.

    1. Bills are passed all the time, millions for black colleges, billions in foreign aid, billions to care for illegal aliens to mention just a few the the Federal Government wastes money on. Believe me there is a lot of money being spent wasteful and numerous programs no one cares about. This comes up every year and goes nowhere. I you check you will probably find politicians have exempted themselves from loosing any of their money.

      1. See if your elected officials have exempted themselves from WEP. Maybe that is the reason it comes up every year and nothing happens. Elected officials have no skin in the game because they have rigged it to benefit themselves like they always do. Sounds like a clever trick to help get re-elected.

        1. You are so right when it comes to these self entitled jerks they never lose anything because in there mined they think they work so hard for there money and the rest of use these are entitlements that they give use but the thing about that is I don’t ever remember anyone asking me if I wanted to pay into SS they took it out of my pay and now when it come time for me to collect they want to give me less money because of some garbage bs that Reagan and the boys cooked up called the wep because they don’t want no double dipping going on well I hate to tell these dumb door knobs that most people payed into both systems and all were asking for is paying us the money that we were promised no more or less.

      2. You do know billions go to white colleges right? What black colleges get is a pittance to the money doled out to white colleges. Money to black colleges is not wasted money to anyone but a racist fool. Which apparently you are.

        Billions to illegal aliens? WOW! You need medication for that.

  10. My wife and myself have been hit by this unfair law. We have both been retired from the working in education. and receive very little from Social security. We have been retired almost 20 years and It appears we will not be here long enough to collect what we deserve.

  11. This law really effects me. I didn’t start teaching until my 40s. I contributed to Social Security from 1962 till now, but I only receive half of what I should get and because I was a late starting teacher my pension is reduced also. Please stop this unfair law.

    1. If you earned a reasonable wage in that many years you should have earned enough credit to not lose any SocSec. 120 quarters should get you full benefit. What are you not saying here?

      1. She is right! This happens to many late start teachers. Your questioning establishes the unfairness of it all

    2. I am in a similar position, and it is so unfair. I can only get a pittance of what I earned working 20 some years under SS, (until I started working in the State systems). I also can choose to draw from my husband’s SS, but still only get the same pittance. Not fair! They act like we are double dipping, but we aren’t. I also did not start working in the state system until I was 39.

    3. Seems like if you contributed to Social Security from 1962 until 2019, that would be about 56+ years. If you contributed over 30 years with what is considered substantial earnings, you are exempt from WEP anyway.

  12. I am a widow and will collect very little survivor benefits because I have a state pension. My husband earned that benefit and yet I will receive very little of it due to WEP. I taught for over 25 years in a city school.

  13. I tried my entire teaching career, 36 years to pay into Social Security but I was not allowed to because Illinois is a state that didn’t vote to give public state workers Social Security or Medicare benefits. Please make this possible for 21st century teachers.

  14. Elimination of these laws and equity for all for their hardwork is long overdue in my opinion.
    Because we are willing and some case have had to work both in and out of the public section we and/or our spouses/survivors should not be penalized.
    I believe given they are two separate systems we are entitled to the same, full benefits available contributions to the SS system offer others.
    Thank you for your work on this initiative.

  15. I am a widowed retired educator who does not receive the normal spousal benefits my husband earned because of the GPO. The reversal of the GPO would restore the fairness of social security to widows who most need it.

  16. Don’t vote for this one. Vote for JHR141 that has 206 Cosponsors in the House that would TOTALLY repeat the W.E.P. AND G.O.P, (Government Offset Program!!!

    1. NEA continues to push for full repeal of the WEP and the Government Pension Offset (GPO) that reduces the Social Security spousal or survivor benefits of people not covered by Social Security themselves. But we also support this bill as well, which repeals WEP only. We encourage you to look at the Retirement Security page ( and send an email to your representative asking that they support S 521 and HR 141 in addition to this bill.
      NEA Government Relations Department

  17. I should get what I had ALREADY earned BEFORE I came to teach in Missouri!! I was not living in Missouri when they voted to adopt WEP/GPO. NO ONE told me about the consequences of WEP/GPO – not Social Security Administration, nor the federal government’s Department of Education, nor the Missouri State Department of Education, nor the school district when they hired me. It was not until I got my first Missouri teacher paycheck – when I saw they were not taking out Social Security – I was told Social Security was not taken out because we have such a great pension plan – they did not tell me even then about WEP/GPO. I am not asking to receive Social Security benefits on my earnings in Missouri for which I did NOT pay social security on – but I am wanting ALL of my Social Security benefits for the earnings I paid my Social Security on in the States of Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma – which did not participate in WEP/GPO!! My social security benefits I earned BEFORE coming to teach in Missouri should be “grandfathered” in – NOT subject to WEP/GPO. When I retired in Missouri in 2015 – I found out instead of getting the $1,785.00 Social Security benefits that I RIGHTLY paid for and earned BEFORE coming to Missouri was not going to be paid to me – instead they are paying me only $760.00!! THEY HAVE STOLEN MY SOCIAL SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS!! What is even more strange – my husband was able to draw social security benefits on MY earnings outside of Missouri – but I could NOT drawn social security benefits on my own non-Missouri earnings. This is discrimination – a marriage penalty!! Another “slap in the face” with WEP/GPO – the non-certified personnel in the Missouri school district where I taught 22 of my 40 years of teaching – they are NOT bound by the effects of WEP/GPO – they were allowed to pay into social security on their Missouri earnings – I was not allowed to – yet the non-certified personnel were working in the Missouri education field just as I had been. Another discrimination!! My research revealed WEP/GPO was passed during President Jimmy Carter’s administration – because there had been a federal budget shortfall. What a shame public employees must carry this burden.

  18. It is extremely unfair to be penalized for having worked and contributed to Social Security. If I contributed then I should receive my benefits. I am not going to be rich from those benefits! It is just going to help me make ends meet. What kind of plan is this and who benefits from it?

  19. Those of us who have earned their 40 credits for Social Security should be able to collect their whole benefit. This law is so unfair. I don’t know what the 13 or 13 states that voted for this were thinking. Terrible idea!

  20. Perhaps someone can answer the following question for me, because I honestly don’t know. Is Congress subject to the WEP? Can they receive Social Security benefits in addition to their generous pensions? If I’m not mistaken, they also receive medical insurance–for life.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  21. Every year I delay retiring because of a small pension I receive from another state. Every year with overwhelming and rapidly progressing medical bills I still delay. Why? Because the federal government will take 40% of my s.d. away AND all of the pension

    Special Education Professional

  22. I have fought this onerous law for over 18 years to no avail!!!!! Keep fighting! I am 83 and hope to see it repealed before I die!!!!

  23. I retired as an educator after about half (16 years) of a standard educator career. Before that, for 28 years I worked at jobs that paid into social security. My state pension is not enough to live on, and my social security income has been reduced by approximately $350 per month due to the WEP. I am 71 years old and have had to work (Uber driver) to make ends meet. This job will end soon due to my advancing macular degeneration. Not sure what to do at that point. My full social security benefit would sure help.

    1. If you have 28 years of substantial contribution to SocSEc, you are entitled to something llike 90% of your benefit. Hopefully you are aware of that provision.

  24. I taught 36 years in Maryland. When I retired at 63, I felt like I had to move to Virginia to save money. I am NOT asking for the moon but to live without being worried all the time on bill paying. I have worked hard my whole teaching career. Remember us as you vote. Support teachers…..please… mom used to say….If yoy say please and say it nicely people will be nice in return….

  25. I held two jobs almost every semester I taught in the state of Missouri s a single person.

    When I applied for Social Security in 2005, I was stunned at the little I received because I was a Missouri teacher for thirty-four years. I thought then: “I will die before this unfair law is ever corrected.” I may have been right.

  26. Please support efforts to end the Windfall Elimination Provision. Both my husband and I have paid into social security and should be able to get our full benefit from it.

  27. This bill makes it possible for professionals to both enter teaching but also to leave it when they need a respite from the constant demands. The current system punishes people for changing their paths and makes public service job impossible to leave.

  28. It’s past time for those who paid into Social Security get back what they earned and are entitled to receive.
    Restore fairness to the public system that many seniors depend upon.

  29. Pass this bill! We should not be penalized for working two jobs over our lifetime. My quarters are paid up, I’m retired and working a part time job and still paying into Social Security. I and all of us should get what we are entitled to!!!

  30. Dear Mr. Heck
    First, I hope you actually read this…second, THANK
    YOU for your ongoing committee work. The road to impeachment has been long (yes, I know this comment slot is supposed to be about HB4540)
    I live in Olympia Wa-taught 33 years in a beautiful 3 story historic elementary school 3 blocks from the WA capital. I am a better human as a result of my work with children and their families…teachers do not go into the field to get rich…I have 2 graduate degrees and never made more than 70 thousand $ gross a year! I own my home, have two children and have a wife. I retired 3 years ago and now supplement a “sckosh” by tutoring. It would be helpful to have a more
    income…please support and work for the passage of HB4540…along with, and more importantly the outing of a man who is not worthy to sit in ANY office, let alone the Oval Office.
    You speak well, are articulate and I
    hope to see more
    of you on MSNBC..
    Martha Manley
    Oly, WA

    1. Martha, I encourage you to go back to the top of this page and fill out the ‘Take Action’ section so your email can go directly to Representative Heck instead of in the comment section for this story.
      NEA Govt Relations Department

    2. So martha if the bill passes and comes to Trumps desk one can assume you would shudder and scream if he put his name on it.. I guess you missed the educational fact that a Democrat Jimmy Carter signed this bill into law. Really sad the way you people fill your hearts with hate so bad you would deny people the income they worked for and deserve.

  31. Public employees should not be punished because they they obtained a job that happens to have a pension. They paid into Social Security with jobs they had before their public employment and many paid into Social Security taking part time jobs or when they left the public employment.

    Those who should be punished are those who are getting three or more pensions such as Mayor R. Daley.

  32. I am deeply affected by the WEP. I worked for the benefit and expected to receive it. When I moved to Ohio, everything changed. It is outright theft. I worked for it.

    Please overturn the WEP. It isn’t a windfall or free money, public employees earned it.

    Thank you,

    M. Wyatt

  33. I worked 30 years in the Private sector, went to work for local city government and now that I’m retired I’ve lost $300 a month from my Social Security. I didn’t know at the time I switched to a government job this would happen. Those with private pensions are not effected, this is very unfair to government workers! Please change this law!

    1. If you have 30 years of substantial earnings there ought not be any penalty. You need 120 quarters for full payment

      1. Substantial basically means full time employment at a living wage job – in 2020 dollars it’s a full time job paying $14 an hour ($25,575 a year). Many women may have been working part time or during their summers. If you worked at a minimum wage job or part time, you could have worked 30 years. If you earned $20,000 in 2020, that doesn’t count as a year of substantial earnings. It uniquely affects teachers and moderately paid professionals since a doctor could easily work at a government or university (non-SS paying) hospital and moonlight for $26,000 by just working a couple of weekends a month.

  34. I have been advocating for this for 20 years. Not everyone in education has spent their entire career in the field. Many related service employees have worked in the private sector before entering the field of education, myself included. I earned my social security benefits. I will probably not have enough years in the education pension system in order to receive the full pension amount. I am only asking to receive the FULL benefits that I have contributed to during my career. This will still not amount to a “windfall “ but will allow me to retire and be able to pay my bills.

  35. I have always had a job since I was 15 years old. My first one was working for A&W. Before I started teaching I worked at a factory for 14 years. The factory shut down so I went back to school to become a teacher. These past 22years I’ve been a teacher, I have also had a part-time job working as a manager at Sonic drive-in. I have paid into social security all of my life working life. It is only fair that when it is my turn to draw social security that I should receive full benefits.. Yes, I am a teacher and I will draw rom their retirement system, but I have also been a worker who has paid in social security benefits for last 40plus years. I should be able to get my benefits from social security as well!

  36. Dear Sirs:
    President Reagan himself said in his memoires that he regretted creating the Windfall Provisions Act (WEP). Many hold the view that the money that would have gone to the policemen, firefighters and teachers was taken away and given to welfare. I was one of those people who worked for over ten years and earned the required 40 Social Security credits, only to be robbed of that time when I became a teacher for 30 years.
    Please set this right with the little time that is left for those who were really hurt by the WEP. Thank you.
    Sincerely, June Raleigh

  37. I paid into FICA (did the work and contributed my share) in various positions outside of government so I should receive standard SS benefits based on same.

  38. we are in dire need of fairness in government…..let’s not allow hard workers to miss out on their fair share!!!!

  39. Dear Rep. Schakowsky,

    Thank you for all you do to help move this country in a better direction. It is truly appreciated. You’re a rock star! Representative, I am one of those affected by both WEP and GPO provisions of the Social Security Act. I am a nurse and previously worked in the private sector earning the quarters required. I then switched to the public sector working as a school nurse. At that time, school districts were not required to inform an employee of the WEP/GPO provision. Had I known,I may have made a different decision. I feel I earned my social security benefit and should not be penalized because I chose to work in a school setting instead of a hospital. Should anything happen to my husband, I would be penalized again and not be his beneficiary. Can someone convince me that this is justified? How can an ex spouse receive social security benefits after 10 years of marriage from the former spouse but I can not? Thanks for any help you can provide to remedy this unfair social security rule.

    1. Noel, I encourage you to go back to the top of this page and fill out the ‘Take Action’ section so your email can go directly to Rep. Schakowsky instead of in the comment section for this story.
      NEA Govt Relations Department

  40. It is about time that the unfairness of WEP gets repealed. It was never about double dipping, especially since many of us contributed to social security in our non-education jobs.

  41. Before becoming a teacher, I worked at various jobs. I worked as a
    waitress at various restaurants, at a local A&P supermarket and as a camp counselor. During my first few years as a teacher, I also worked (again as a
    waitress) part time at night to pay back my student loans. All those
    years, I paid into social security and have reached enough credits. I
    feel cheated knowing I won’t get all the social security I paid into all
    those years.

    As a single person, I will only have my teacher pension with which to
    retire. At that point, I intend to take a job in retirement and would
    be, ironically, required to pay social security. Where would that money
    be going? If this law does not change, it is money (I paid in) that I
    will never see.

    I urge you to cosponsor the Public Servants Protection and Fairness Act (H.R. 4540), which begins to address inequities for nearly 2 million retired educators and other public employees subject to Social Security’s Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP).

    I have dedicated more than half of my life to public service and feel
    cheated by this act. I helped my government and now it won’t help me.

    Social Security belongs to teachers as much as it belongs to private
    sector workers.

    Other states are allowing teachers to collect social security, while our
    state is not.

    I urge you to support the Public Servants Protection and Fairness Act (H.R. 4540).

    Please help all of us that have helped children.

    Thank you
    Adele Gali
    Mathematics and Italian Teacher
    Rocky Hill High School

    1. Adele, I encourage you to go back to the top of this page and fill out the ‘Take Action’ section so your email can go directly to your member of Congress instead of in the comment section for this story.
      NEA Govt Relations Department

    2. I am in a similar position, and it is so unfair. I can only get a pittance of what I earned working 20 some years under SS, (until I started working in the State systems). I also can choose to draw from my husband’s SS, but still only get the same pittance. Not fair! They act like we are double dipping, but we aren’t. I also did not start working in the state system until I was 39.

  42. My SSA retirement benefits should NOT be reduced by other government pensions (foreign or domestic) that I have legally worked hard to qualify for.

  43. As an educator that had a 20 year career in the private sector before becoming a teacher, I find the Social Security penalties heartbreaking. I did the work and made these contributions from my earned wages. Why should I not have access to my money?

  44. In all actually both the WEP and the GPO should be eliminated entirely. These were democratic initiatives, pushed through democratic congresses, and affect mainly firemen, police personnel, and teachers. Those of us who came to teaching from long previous careers are encouraged to teach, to share our experience and life skills with American youth. What is not mentioned is that you will be punished severely for doing so with these two initiatives, I myself lost approximately 62% of my SSA benefits. Members of Congress receive, when I last checked, $168,000 a year for life at retirement age, even if they only served for one term. Seems to be a bit of inequity here, wouldn’t you say? Seems NEA’s efforts should be to have both these provisions eliminated entirely, an extra $75 a month is not going to do me much good when they have take away nearly $1100.00/month!!!

  45. In 2000 I became a public school teacher at the age 42. I began paying into social security in 1958 at the age of 6 months (as a child model in NYC) and I worked during and after college for decades paying my share into the system. Why should I not be allowed my full benefits from money earned PRIOR to my teaching career?

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