Vote delayed for DeVos ally nominated as appellate judge

The Senate Judiciary Committee had scheduled a vote on Steven Menashi’s nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, but it was delayed at the last minute—a sign our efforts to defeat him are working. One Republican Senator, Susan Collins of Maine, has already broken ranks and said publicly she will not support his nomination.
An architect of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ disastrous policies, Menashi could do even more harm as an appellate judge. He has failed to protect students from predatory online institutions, failed to ensure student loans are forgiven for public service, and weakened protections against sexual assault and harassment. Menashi also worked with presidential adviser Stephen Miller on immigration policies that have traumatized students, families, and entire communities. Continue to speak out.

Tell your senators to VOTE NO on Menashi.

Take Action: Tell senators to VOTE NO on Steven Menashi’s nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals

35 responses to “Vote delayed for DeVos ally nominated as appellate judge

  1. Trust Congress! Surely you jest. What have the Republicans in the Senate done to curtail any of Trump’s excessive decisions. We don’t need another right wing jurist, just as we didn’t need another sexual predator in the Supreme Court. Trump with henchman McConnell are putting the most ill equipped people up for life-time judge ships….preposterous, but the gutless Republican Senators would vote for the devil if McConnell told them to, oh yes, they already have!

  2. As a proponent and allie of DeVoss he will promote policies that have brought Michigan public education from the top ten in the US to one of the bottom few.

  3. Anyone who is allied with Trump and DeVos is a right-wing reactionary. Period. And Marine Bob, ooh-rah, so are you.

  4. God forbid educators not object to originalist judges. Wouldn’t want to follow the original intent of the constitution at the cost of pandering to illegal aliens’ so called rights. Aren’t such objections simply more ridiculous demands by never Trumpers recognized as what they are? Why do educator groups tell their members what to do when they ought to be presenting unbiased facts……then take a leap of faith that members are smart enough to make their own decisions. Kind of pathetic when some union hack has to tell members what to do

    1. I agree with marine bob, we are not drones! Give us FACTS ONLY, if that is even possible for your extremely biased organization, and let us decide from ALL the facts. Until that happens I will oppose all your recommendations!!!

    2. Hard to believe that you think so negatively about educators. Perhaps you might investigate the facts more carefully before commenting

  5. This country does not need another one sided political judge. Judges are supposed to see the whole picture, not just a political view.

      1. Please explain what you mean by, “Look at the messes created by Obama’s picks.”
        I don’t understand your comment!


  6. This is a self-serving and selfish movement. Please approve this nomination. I welcome anyone who has the talent and skill to understand what our constitution stands for. It is not a document to be changed to serve particular interests when it is convenient.

  7. Agree with all these comments. The disastrous appointments, including Brett Kavanaugh, have already set us back tremendously. And they keep coming. Well, now, between pressure on the Republicans to impeach and take stands, this may be a good time to not appoint Menashi.

  8. We need to rally as a country and strongly and consistently oppose this appointment, and most of the other proposed appointments that McConnell is so intent on ramming through the Senate, even cutting out most of the debate time to speed up the process. Most of these judges and justices are members of the Federalist Society, an organization dedicated to interpreting our Constitution in 18th century terms and pushing our society backward to that time. They’re regressive, reactionary, activist judges, some of whom the ABA has judged as “unqualified.” And what’s terrifying to many of us who have children is that, due to their lifetime appointments, they will keep trying to reverse society’s progress for decades after McConnell, trump, and their septuagenarian lackeys are dead.

  9. What are we doing appointing people in lifetime positions that are not qualified? This is awful! DeVos shouldn’t be in her position either. I guess you just have to have money or know the right people! This is outrageous and disgraceful! Vote no ! Menashi should not be voted into this position!

  10. These people are crooks and should be in prison. Devos, Trump, and anyone else that weaseled their way into position using bribes. Don’t allow them to put more unethical people in positions of power. Menashi will be another danger to our already destroyed system.

  11. It is urgent that the agent of Betsy DeVos, not be appointed to the courts.
    Please Vote No on Menashi’s appointment to the U.S. Court of Appeals.

    Thank you for your valuable vote.

    1. There were two judges approved for the Supreme Court for political reasons.
      Don’t ANY ethical issues matter to Senators?

    2. This MUST NOT HAPPEN! He is a prime example of Government for the few with disregard for the many… cheating those who need and deserve the help… and undermining policies that define the rights of women, those with alternative lifestyles and people of color. So not what America is about. Get this guy outta there!

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