NEA-supported College Affordability Act headed for the floor

The College Affordability Act (H.R. 4674), a comprehensive reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (HEA), cleared the House Education and Labor Committee in a 28-22 party-line vote last week. The next stop is the floor. NEA supports the bill and successfully advocated for expanding eligibility for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) to include adjunct and contingent faculty—a huge victory. Amendments that would have further limited PSLF were defeated, along with other measures opposed by NEA. Tell your representative to support H.R. 4674 and your senators that students and educators need a comprehensive HEA reauthorization.

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51 responses to “NEA-supported College Affordability Act headed for the floor

  1. As a former adjunct professor, I saw far too much misuse of funding provided to do-nothing “students” who misused the funds and wasted their time on their cell phones and did not accomplish any thing more than learning how to find the Starbucks cafe. To provide more freebie handouts to the do-nothings is absolutely obscene. Make darn sure that ANY $ that goes to a student, that student has shown positive demeanor that he or she DESERVES a freebie from the now-socialistic, communistic government.

  2. In a democratic society, everyone should be able to fulfill their potential. It is imperative that it has an educated society who can make good decisions in its ruling as well as produce ideas that are necessary to improve our standards of life. Therefore a free education should be available.

    1. Please support the College Affordability Act, as education is the cornerstone of democracy and higher education needs to be accessible and affordable for all. In a democracy, everyone needs to reach their full academic potential to fully participate at educated citizens in a just society. The value of an education in terms of improvements in the standard of living are unquestionable. Therefore, affordable education must be available to all.

  3. The gov’t should stay out of education, colleges have raised tuition to unaffordable amounts leaving students with massive debt.The colleges should give the loans. And with all the talk of equal pay for equal work, why are tenured teaches paid so much more than adjundt professors?

  4. I agree for those who are taking college courses for employable majors… don’t see much need to have the taxpayers subsidize majors like philosophy, finger painting, etc. The feel good courses should be paid for by those taking them.

    1. Philosophy and finger painting are not equivalent! Your attitude is clearly anti-intellectual, which in that regard puts you in the same league as Trump supporters! Liberal Arts majors are not only highly employable, but are often the most versatile and thoughtful of employees. I, as an Art History major, both taught in HS and then worked for 16 years as a Senior Computer Analyst. Finger-painting indeed!

  5. We make a better future for ourselves when we invest in the generations that come after us. Why is this so hard for some people to understand?

  6. I’m sorry to not stand 100% behind the NEA and the notion that debts should be forgiven and college tuition should be basically free. I am a non-partisan individual that finds it irritating that the NEA is definitely very partisan in most of its efforts. The culture that is being created in our nation of “government provides” and “not accountable for debts incurred” is creating a weak work ethic in the younger base of individuals coming through the ed system. “Receive what you earn” is the prime way to build responsible citizens that will build a strong tomorrow. Sorry…can’t “buy in” to the lack of accountability that I’m seeing in the current culture.

    1. So true. This organization continues to sway to the left and encourages individuals to receive free buy outs that only takes advantages of citizens who work hard to pay off our education debts. My college debts, my wife’s debt and my two daughters college debts have all been paid off through diligence and dedication. I’m curious as to why NEA now believes that we should all change our minds to support socialism ideas. I agree that this generation and future generations should maintain a strong work ethic to fund their own life choices. As a retired educator, I believe in a disciplined society to teach responsibility to our young students and respect the rights of others.


  8. No votes for Devoss. Charter schools do not show growth in all students’ education. Teachers and Administrators that work in a public school are the real super heroes of America.

  9. How about 0% finance rate on all student loans? Can’t afford it? Our economy grows because of an educated population. The future taxes we get from these students is more than off set.

    I prefer more grants for our students preferably from the institutions themselves. This would be a good compromise. You finish a degree and get a job, we take care of the interest. Give our students a step closer to a debt free future.

  10. Lets give our students a hand up, not beat them down with debt. It makes sense for students, our economy and our national future. Lets act NOW to make the most of our human resources!

    1. I am a special education teacher for 18 years and am still $103,000 in debt with student loans. I have a 15-year-old son who will be going to college soon. I do not want him to be in this type of debt to obtain a college education. Debt is debilitating.

    2. Please support decreasing student debt. This is a subject near and dear to my heart as my son is struggling to pay college loans with interest rates between 4 and 7%.

  11. Education is the future of our country. We support the democracy by supporting strong educational opportunities for all our people.

  12. Lock her up and fine her plus personally have to return all the money that was collected after the courts told her to stop charging the students from the defunct college.

  13. I am confident that you will do the right thing for students, especially those who live in under-served neighborhoods who strive to learn.

    Anne Laurance

  14. How much will this cost taxpayers and students? The dems are for it and don’t care about costs and the impact on taxpayers or students. Vote against these extra costs. We cant balance our budget and don’t need extra costs.

    1. The republicans are running up the national debt, yet we don’t hear a peep out of republicans. Where is the outrage that was constantly brought up when Obama was president? How responsible is that?

    1. I strongly disagree with all plans Sec. Devos has for education. She does everything in her power to undermine public education, which is the mainstay of our founding fathers. We need to do everything to help public education withstand her consistent abuses

    2. One of the great hallmarks of societal, cultural, and economic prosperity is the well-rounded education of children and young adults. If we fail to do this, if we make college cost-prohibitive to many who would otherwise add greatly to the betterment of our nation, then not only do our children and our children’s children suffer; in immediate terms, so do we. Let’s invest in our kids.

      1. So true. That is why public schools need to be able to pay for quality teachers; otherwise, the good ones often leave and move to cities that can pay a living wage.

    3. Please support decreasing student debt. This is a subject near and dear to my heart as my son is struggling to pay college loans with interest rates between 4 and 7%.

  15. DeVoss never supported public education so she knows nothing about what goes on in schools. She is Trumps hand puppet and needs to be removed. She is out of touch with reality

  16. Each Secretary, department leader, or agency head appointed by this administration has history acting in complete opposition of the established purpose of the institution. The dual purpose of this administration is the destruction of democracy and it’s institutions, especially public education, and increasing the power and financial gain of the minority elected, if not illegitimately elected leader.

  17. You had money for tax cuts to rich so they could buy back stocks and not raise pay for workers. Put that money into public education where it will benefit USA!

  18. Many parents of students living in the struggling coalfield industrial of Southwest Virginia cannot afford to provide their children with a college education. Any financial assistance the federal government would provide would help families better provide for their children’s education . Thank you very much. Brenda Ward

  19. How much longer will Americans tolerate policy-makers who refuse to invest in this country’s greatest resource? People can solve problems and make life better. Well-educated people can not only solve big problems, but they make more money, pay more in taxes, and stimulate the economy.

    It isn’t difficult to understand that investing in education will benefit all, but our short-sighted, egotistical, and terminally greedy politicians are only concerned with promoting themselves and amassing personal wealth. Stop voting for the kinds of people who would install a clueless sycophant like Betsy DeVoss in a position to destroy our educational system.

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