Push for census funding for our students’ sake

Funding for next year’s census is among the key issues still to be decided as Congress struggles to finalize spending bills for FY2020, which began Oct. 1.

The census is vitally important to America’s students because it determines the allocation of billions of dollars in federal funding for public education, including Title I schools serving more than 24 million students from low-income families, special education grants to the states, and school breakfast and lunch programs.

The census also governs distribution of funds to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that keeps millions of families out of poverty and has lasting benefits for children’s health and academic success.

To ensure the correct amounts are allocated for these programs, everyone must be counted. The Census Bureau needs to hire enough staff to conduct outreach everywhere, especially with communities of color, immigrants, and low-income people where undercounting tends to be a problem.

Tell your representatives to push for properly funding the 2020 Census.

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  1. Please help to save our nation’s children. It is the responsibility of elected officials to promote legislation that protect our most at risk population.

    1. No it is important for PARENTS to save the nations children. Guess your parents didn’t do much to help you become a responsible thinking adult.

  2. This seemed like a good forum for conversation until I came across John Maher’s rant that clearly displays his unintelligence his inability to structure a statement without showing his ignorance to the English vocabulary at this point I’m going to stop responding as it seems useless if this is the kind of individual that is participating in this forum

    1. Mike,
      Rather ironic that you complain of someone’s “inability to structure a statement” in a rant written without punctuation.

  3. First, in view of Global Warming, we need to reconsider endless, mindless population and “GDP” growth.
    So, while Trump’s methods are often deplorable, he has a point with respect to immigration, since every new American contributes disproportionately to Global Warming.
    As educators, we need to teach and advocate much harder for the scientific method and the bankruptcy of magical thinking, and this is best addressed in non-sectarian public schools, rather than “tribal” sectarian schools.

  4. I thought this was going to be an intelligent discussion. Children in the U.S. are receiving a
    sub-standard education! Children as well as adults in this country, are uninformed about the important issues. The majority are very late to even start reading. I just went back to look at my initial comment and discovered that it is apparently so directed to the point of this discussion, that it is waiting for revision before it will be posted!
    Those of you who choose name calling, threats and despair go ahead, obviously it appears to be what the public resorts too as a method of completely avoiding problem-solving. We’ll never solve our problems they’re addressed in an adult manner. Marie de Jong

  5. The next election, we as teachers and other professionals must vote in progressives who will FULLY fund public education, higher education, health care for all people, job training, and better services for our country. Reverse Trump damage!!!!

    1. Definitely. We can’t let elitists whose children attend expensive private schools determine the fate and future of most of America’s children. They are the future.

    2. It is a scandal that USA still does not have, doesn’t even talk about, National Education Standards. Instead, all energy seems to be going into the last 20+ years into destroying
      public schools encouraging “private” schools that do not comply to overseeing or additional state or federal regulatory standards. And still receive tax write-offs. For Profit “Education” leads the pack and children are suffering for it as after each numbered year’s cycle, the current programs in use are labeled failures and millions of dollars are spent to institute the next failure coming into the system. The goal is to obliterate public schools for the sake of the government absolving themselves of all educational responsibility.

    3. Without proper education we are lost. We are slowly losing are high standards in education because of decreasing financial support in education.

  6. Our students need every dollar from the federal government to provide needed programs and too fund educational trips and materials to enhance their educational needs.

  7. This petition does not adequately address the issue of the US Census being underfunded. It implores our Representatives to support adequate funding of the census, but does not state what the present level of funding is budgeted or what has been spent on past census efforts.

  8. This census is an excellent opportunity to identify and list all illegal aliens. As they have committed a crime by entering this sovereign nation illegally, they are all criminals. It seems absurd that any rational taxpayer would want to use tax dollars to support these law breakers. But apparently those in support of a socialized country think it is the right thing to do. We all might want to review why 300 hundred years ago revolutionary thinkers left Europe and elsewhere to found this nation. Seems they did not like the way Europeans think and run governments. For a true Patriot, not much has changed.

    1. I’m sure Marine Bob, that you’ve checked your genealogy and your ancestors all entered legally. Unlike the special considerations given to Melania Trump’s entire family.

      1. You are correct in your assumption. I have traced my background and both sets of my grandparents entered the nation through New York, legally. Some from Poland, some from Ireland. To the best of my finding, none ever got any government handouts, worked for everything they got. The only government ‘gimme’ they got was opportunity, just like very other legal entrant to the nation has. Oh yeah, they all learned the language of the nation, English.

      1. Most were, and still a re. We need immigrants to build up our country. And to keep those here already here safely and legally.

        1. I totally agree with your statements. And YES both sets of grandparents were immigrants who came to America legally. They didn’t expect handouts or signs in their native language. They didn’t profess hatred for America and demand free medical care, welfare, etc. etc. They left Socialist countries to be able to work hard and become successful. The US education system back then 1900-1960 actually encouraged working hard to get ahead & didn’t coddle or cower to kids & parents demands for easy outs.

    2. Re: census as “excellent opportunity to identify and list all illegal aliens”: That’s not the point of censuses, never has been – to “Catch the bad guys!” It has always been, in all countries, an attempt to see how many people are in the country. You’ll need to find another way to catch the bad guys. And, hoo boy, US Big Food would reaaaally be upset to see the immigrants they recruited from over the border be hauled away, leaving them high and dry. Who do you think does their grunt labor? Country-wide?

    3. MarineBob,
      Why are you trolling this site to push your own right-wing agenda supporting adding a citizenship question to the Census? This page is designated for the purpose of adequately funding the census to assure proper funding for schools. Are you even an educator?
      Your statement (as is often the case with right-wing propagandists these days) is full of logical errors and distortions. To cite just a few: (1) Non-citizens are not the same as “illegal aliens”. Many are working, contributing, tax-paying members of their communities. (2) Using a loaded, charged slur and generalization (“those in support of a socialized country”) to characterize anyone who opposes your viewpoint is an age-old strategy of fascists and demagogues, including the current occupant of the WH. (3) Your citing of American history is flawed, to say the least, lacking, among other things, recognition of the fact that many of those who “left Europe and elsewhere” to come here, could be categorized as “illegal aliens”, since they arrived without the permission of the native peoples who were the original owners of this continent. Later immigrants throughout history also arrived without having completed, or applied for, citizenship. Many current immigrants are here seeking refugee status–to which they have a statutory and Constitutional right. (4) Finally, you imply (again, taking a page from the right-wing playbook) that anyone who disagrees with you is not a “true patriot.” The hallmark of the “revolutionary thinkers” whom you cite was their questioning the authority of those in power, including the government, when they found their actions to be in violation of moral, ethical, or other principles. “True” patriotism includes the constant questioning of the policies, actions, and proposals of the government and other powerful entities on the basis of these principles.

      1. As the words by Waylon Jennings say: WRONG. Those who follow the constitution are patriots, not the government hacks and weak kneed politicians who pander anyone, anywhere for votes. Sure let’s give the country back to the natives. The minutemen must be in horror to see what is happening to this nation. By the way, if you entered this sovereign country illegally, you have committed a violation of our laws. Seems that makes you a criminal of some sort.

        Interesting that forward thinkers like you, Mr Foster, can not accept a view that is not like yours. Isn’t that what you are saying? If someone presents some logic you do not like, they must be wrong?

    4. Legality and morality are two different things. I think illegal entry should be punishable by a fine at max, not deportation, unless the government can show that the individual has done something to merit deportation as opposed to imprisonment. (The reason I say this is because deporting offenders frequently increases violence in the destination countries, which in turn increases illegal immigration.) And yes, I want my taxpayer dollars to support them and their children, just as my taxpayer dollars support those with traffic offenses and their children. “Illegal aliens” (undocumented immigrants is the better and more accurate term-humans aren’t illegal nor are they aliens) are people with dignity too. And a lot of philosophers who inspired our founders (philosophers such as Locke, Rosseau, and Montesquieu) were from Europe.

      1. Why should this country accept people who do not want to change their own country? When this nation was created there was little to support such revolution and upheaval. In this day and age, illegals entering here seem to have no stomach for respecting laws and working / sacrificing to change their own homes.

        1. Most of the many immigrants I have met sacrificed greatly to change their situation and improve their communities, before fleeing to save their lives and better the prospects for their children.

          They work hard and deeply appreciate the opportunities and safety here, despite the hardship of poverty and homesickness.

          Their experiences are similar to the waves of prior immigrants from Europe, including the misrepresentation and prejudice towards them is in the US.

          Remember how Irish and Polish immigrants were mistreated when they first came to the US. Appreciate the compassionate people then and now who defend the well-being of our communities, including our neighbors who are immigrants,

    5. The U S Constitution states that all residents of a community, not just legal immigrants, be counted. Please check your constitution. How is it “socialized,” or “socialism,” to follow the constitutional mandate?
      Secondly, do you wish to have the schools in your community underfunded because of an undercount?

    6. You lump all immigrants into the same category and they aren’t. I don’t think anyone is saying to let as many in as want to come, but there were some brought here as babies and have been here for their entire lives through no fault of their own. They should be given a path to citizenship because this is the only country they have ever known. Non Citizen criminals can, and should, be exported as they are swept up by law enforcement and we do need to stop the flow of people “crashing the gate”. But FYI we are already a socialist country to a point and use many socialized institutions and services everyday. They are here for ALL citizens and there’s nothing wrong with it! Also, nothing is as it was 300 years ago, so you can quit bringing up the past as if it has any relationship to what is happening today.

      1. The problem is not learning from our past. If you don’t know history you’re bound to repeat it. Our progressive/ socialists Democrat party seems to have not learned or understood the enormous cost due to wanting everyone to be taken care of….the problem with Socialism is it fails after you run out of Other People’s Money.

    7. Marine Bob- how would you like to be greeted if you were fleeing an unlivable situation created by our government and/ or climate change? If we are to survive as a species, we need to have a global view, share, and help each other. We are lucky enough to live where we still have the resources to thrive. When a natural disaster hits your area and you need help, how you would want to be treated,- like a criminal or like a human being trying to survive?

    8. No citizenship question will be on the census re: Supreme Court. If someone is taken to an emergency room, no one asks if they are a citizen. They are given medical care. If a child walks into a school, no one asks if they are a citizen. They receive an education. It’s important that everyone is counted and that goes all the way back to the Founding Fathers. Fortunately, some still uphold the constitution.

    9. Thank you for your response I agree that we should not be giving funds for illegal immigrants to our schools to our cities to our counties or to our state we need to get a census that counts only the people that are United States citizens

    10. Immigrants (undocumented or otherwise) make up a small percentage of our nation’s demographic. Funding for the Census will ensure that we know exactly who the residents of our great country are and what their needs are. This is the very reason behind conducting a regular census. Nothing to do with political agendas.

  9. Instead of “building” walls w/diverted funds to stop human beings from attaining
    freedom in life why not use one percent of those to fund programs that build fair and equal good health for all!!

  10. This administration’s underhanded attempt to negatively impact our census by using its favorite tool: fear, was thwarted by our courts. You can be certain that the administration and its GOPTPER enablers have other dirty tricks as backup with underfunding of the census process as the number one dirty trick. It is imperative that we carefully monitor not only the funding, but also things like employing adequate numbers of census takers and providing the supplies needed to ensure an accurate count.

    Unfortunately, every single step in the process, from printing forms to the release of the official numbers and every step in between, could be tampered with and must be monitored diligently.

  11. Students are future resources of America. Invest in them now and save money in the future to jail criminals. Do not cheat on our future. Teach and feed them NOW!

  12. Trump cares for NO one except himself! A repulsive narcissist who only cares about filling his own coffers with $$$$$$$i! Disgusting!

  13. Accurate data is essential and must not be compromised by funding shortages. Community programs must be conducted to reassure residents that the data is strictly for purposes of an accurate count and will not be used for legal or immigration enforcement.

  14. It’s one thing for tRump and his cronies to steal from the Military, and all other sources of OUR government, however it’s not surprising he would stoop so low as to steal from children. Pathetic.

    1. Our students need every dollar from the federal government to provide needed programs and too fund educational trips and materials
      To enhance their educational needs, so they can compete with other well funded school districts.

      1. His kid goes to a private school. His lunch probably cost more than I could afford for lunch. Why should he be concerned with the public school riff-raff.

      1. If you don’t know what Barney is talking about, read the news and do some research. You do know, for one small fact, that Trump took funding for crumbling military base schools and redirected it to a wall, right?
        Theft from soldiers’ kids is reprehensible.

      2. For your information MB, Barney’s opinion is 100% correct, along with others in this conversation. Turncoat Trump has a sordid history of theft from contractors he refused to pay, many times just declaring bankruptcy as an excuse. He also stole from people who thought they would learn about real estate at his phony T university. He is an immature bully and spoiled brat accustomed to getting everything he wants. He does not even try to be the civil servant for which he took an oath of office. It is totally plausible he would now steal from children by not funding the census as needed to get a true count for establishing the funds schools require to help educate our children for their, and our future. As for the immigrants, they are not all illegal. Our laws provide for access to this country for those who are fleeing unsafe conditions in their own countries. And those conditions, as found in central American countries are largely the result of horrible U.S. foreign policy in decades past. Its all in the history books. Trump totally failed to properly fund our border security and immigration services or provide the judges necessary to keep families from being separated and kept in cages. He will have much more for which to account in the near future, which can not come too soon.

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