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Tell senators to push for action to help prevent gun violence

Taking action to prevent gun violence remains on the Senate’s long “to do” list. It’s been more than 200 days since the House passed legislation that expands background checks and closes the “Charleston loophole” that allowed a white supremacist to buy a gun and kill nine African Americans in a church. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) refuses to bring it—or any other gun-related bills—to the floor. The latest Monmouth University Poll found that 83 percent of the public supports comprehensive background checks, including 94 percent of Democrats, 72 percent of Republicans, and 65 percent of NRA members. Tell your senators to support the Background Checks Expansion Act (S. 42) and encourage McConnell to bring it to the floor.

Take Action: Support S. 42 to expand background checks for gun purchases


33 responses to “Tell senators to push for action to help prevent gun violence

  1. Have 7 grandchildren and several teachers n my family. I hate they have to live in fear of going to school. And I live in fear of their life’s. You can not go anywhere and feel safe in this country. Mentally ill people can easily purchase automatic rifles. The only purpose of guns like that is to kill. The NRA needs to face the facts. Ordinary citizens do not need that capability . Whenthe Constitution was written our citizens needed to bear arms to win our independence from England. England did not permit the colonists to have firearms. Guns were necessary to gain our freedom. We gained our freedom many years ago. There is no longer any need for every household to have guns. Madmen are murdering our own citizens! That has to stop. Big gun manufacturers keep making more and more weapons that threaten the lives of multiple people. It is not safe anywhere,which I said before. We are targets at concerts,at movie theatres, at McDonalds. At WalMart. We can not even feel safe in our churches.people who are elected to represent us need to pass laws to protect our life’s as we go about our daily business of living. Do something!

  2. It has never been a gun issue. It has always been a mental health issue. Every mass shooter in recent history was on some type of psychotropic drug. If it was not guns, it would be something else. I don’t see anyone pressuring their representatives for better mental health treatment which includes many our vets. If the sales of all firearms was banned starting tomorrow, it would have zero effect.
    Armed security at every school would be a good deterrent, but there will never be peace until our mentally ill are either cured or institutionalized. Just one opinion.

  3. It is finally time to do something about gun violence especially from people causing these mass murders from the use of dangerous automatic weapons that should not be available to them.

  4. You ignore The Who pulls the trigger. The gun is not the murderer it doesn’t have a heart. Murder takes place in the heart of the one who initiates the discharge. You are an angry person and seems very much too many are with no reason to defuse!

  5. We all know what the problem is. We need our elected officials to stand up the the NRS and the lunatic fringe and take legislative action.

  6. We have had enough slaughter. This not a third World country where governments have failed to control internal order. Or is it? Let’s register guns, do background checks and cease the sale of combat weapons for a start.

  7. Sadly, common sense gun safety measures, like numerous other issues (climate change, food labeling, immigration reform, prison reform, education reform, short-term lending regulation, healthcare reform, banking regulation, opioid regulation) remains a vexing problem primarily due to corporations’ ability to curry favor with elected officials. The corrupting influence of money in our political system is undermining our democratic traditions and discouraging Americans from voting and/or running for office. This ominous development may well end our experiment in representative democracy unless we alter this decades-long trend. For the sake of the republic, we must amend the US Constitution to state that corporations are not people (and do not have constitutional rights) and money is not speech (and thus can be regulated by state and/or federal campaign finance laws). Short of accomplishing this, no other reform of significance will be achieved. The moneyed interests will turn any reform to their benefit, often at the expense of the nation as a whole.

    1. This refusal proves that McConnell is being stupid giving in to the wishes of the NRA and wants many more mass murders. Maybe one day he will be shot. I hope that he loses his next election because he is stupid and lazy.

  8. As a veteran of the Gulf War, I support common-sense gun reform now! It’s tiring to have to say that repeatedly.
    I support the young adults taking action to save lives and change the conversation around guns and freedom.
    When I was their age I never had to worry about gun violence. We need to hold NRA bought and paid for Senators and Congressmen to account. What they are doing is cowardly.
    Vote ’em out!

  9. We need to protect children and adults as well by placing reasonable, common sense gun laws. How many more have to die before politicians decide protecting their constituents is the priority rather than appeasing the NRA and gun manufacturers.

  10. Congress should do what its members have been elected to do: Work for the good of this nation and our future generations, not just special interests and wealthy corporations. Wake up!

  11. Military assault weapons belong in the military not the public. It’s total insanity that our children are being slaughtered in school and the rest of us day-to-day targets. Have we gone mad as a society? Is there no decency left in Congress or the Senate. Can you rise above money and the lobbyists? Our government has abandoned us on this issue. For god’s sake do something!

  12. 2nd amendment and n.r.a. are a curse on this country. kids can’t go anywhere and feel safe, parents never know if kids will come back home from school alive , what more needs to happen to end this bull -shit mentality that owning guns means real freedom ?

    1. Not even hunters need military style assault weapons! The Constitution said guns were for use by a “militia.” So why are we protecting all these assault weapons for use by civilians?

  13. Unregulated, these devices have done so much damage. Countless, unnecessary deaths have been wracking up for years because a small cabal pumps out fear to the masses. A few rules, um a couple of instructions (not 100,000) will go a long way to protect people from dying senseless deaths.

  14. Please do something. Now you are doing nothing. Gun regulation is needed before more children and many Americans die unnecessarily.
    Do what it takes thinking of your constituents and not the NRA.

  15. We need common sense gun regulation. We could create a federal regulatory agency or add the responsibility to an existing one (possibly the ATF) for registration of guns and licenses to demonstrate the owner know how to safely operate and store the guns. The fees for registration and gaining licenses could offset the cost of doing so.

    1. There was a time that many citizens knew how to properly use a gun and held them in safe storage for appropriate use. Parents taught children to share their great respect for the tools and in due time taught their children how to properly use the tools. Those times are gone. It’s time to admit we are no longer a western front to be conquered. Get rid of the out of date tools. Let us live in safe communities without the fear of being shot doing what we are suppose to be doing such as school, work, and at leisure. Get rid of guns.

    2. I feel very strongly about increased gun control and especially ANYONE BUYING an AK7, I believe it is called (automatic with magazine for multiple shots). I realize that anyone can get his/her hands on a gun and do terrible damage to people, towns, states, and our country. Something must be done. As far as politics and money and power, we are losing our independence and constitutional rights. I am in favor of amending the Constitution to to state that corporations are NOT people and do not have the right to use money to push through their agendas. Mitch McConnell is ill fit to represent the Republican party. He is using his access to money and power to control important issues that need to be brought forward and voted on. After getting elected, our officials need to have: wisdom, ability to cooperate, put the country above self, courage, etc.

  16. This is simple common sense to save lives. If you won’t support it, be ready to go to funerals, and to explain to the grieving parents why you were right to oppose background checks.

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