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Senate committee chairman’s higher education bill graded “incomplete”

The Student Aid Improvement Act (S. 2557), introduced Sept. 26 by HELP Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-TN), falls short of NEA’s goals for reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (HEA) that governs student-aid programs, federal aid to colleges, oversight of teacher preparation programs, and more. “Despite tackling a few areas where reform is needed, the bill is a far cry from the comprehensive reauthorization needed to provide all students with an opportunity to obtain an affordable and equitable higher education,” said NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. Key areas that S. 2557 fails to address include loan forgiveness for public service, many student aid programs, teacher preparation, and the 90/10 rule that caps the percentage of revenue for-profit schools can receive from federal financial aid sources—all areas it is essential to address in a reauthorization that reflects the perspective of students and educators. The House version of HEA reauthorization will be released soon. In the meantime, weigh in with senators on what to include in the next HEA.

Take Action: Higher Education Act needs a comprehensive rewrite 

12 responses to “Senate committee chairman’s higher education bill graded “incomplete”

  1. Quit coddling kids who go to college, I paid for my own, had one son when we went, 3 – 3 years later when I left with a BS & MA and NO debt, it’s called work and work ethic. Get off your butts and get busy, don’t go there if you plan to party, and then expect someone to pay for it. Further, colleges don’t care if you flunk out, they are only concerned with collecting tuition, and the dorms were paid for long long ago. Should be cheaper, but as the president of NMU told me the rents were commensurate with rentals in Marquette. I told him it wasn’t the point. Oh, I was honored for a 4.0 average. Get off your butts. In fact I bought a new OLDs wagon, and two antique cars as well.

  2. This administration apparently does not value education and is advancing policy that hinders many from receiving an education beyond secondary school. Also, advocating for charter schools will harm our public school system, which seems to be the goal of this Education Department under the leadership of Betsy DeVos.

  3. I thought L. Alexander was the worst Sec. of Ed in mylifetime, but he is Socrates next to DeVos…surely , he cringes about her along with real educators!

  4. If you don’t think education is important…check where the United States ranks with other industrialized countries. Very sad. We are near the bottom. Guess the oligarchs don’t care about it…not enough money in it for them……..

  5. This, like numerous other issues (climate change, food labeling, gun safety, immigration reform, prison reform, education reform, short-term lending regulation, healthcare reform, banking regulation, opioid regulation) remains a vexing problem primarily due to corporations’ ability to curry favor with elected officials. The corrupting influence of money in our political system is undermining our democratic traditions and discouraging Americans from voting and/or running for office. This ominous development may well end our experiment in representative democracy unless we alter this decades-long trend. For the sake of the republic, we must amend the US Constitution to state that corporations are not people (and do not have constitutional rights) and money is not speech (and thus can be regulated by state and/or federal campaign finance laws). Short of accomplishing this, no other reform of significance will be achieved. The moneyed interests will turn any reform to their benefit, often at the expense of the nation as a whole.

    1. As a possible return to college myself. I worry about ending up in massive debt to college just to receive a higher education. It’s wrong and college targeting students making a profit off them should be fired or removed or suspended from being invovled in a university.

  6. Education is the foundation for success within our nation and around the world.
    Children, adolescents, men and women need our government support to handle the cost of general education as well as higher education ( College or vocational trade )
    This president as well as Congress are delaying any progress to occur . Fix the bill

  7. I’m in need for you to get funding to have my student loans forgiven. I’ve been promised that they would be forgiven if I taught in a Title One school. I did serve for 9 years. I applied, but to only be turned down because of the test I was in college. This system is broken. I’m struggling to pay back my undergraduate degree student loans and my Master’s degree loans. I’ll be in debt forever and won’t be able to retire. I can’t save money. I live in an area where single people can’t pay rent on time. Please help!

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