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Don’t steal from military families to fund border wall

The congressional recess is an opportunity to meet with representatives and let them know what you think of President Trump’s scheme to divert money from kids from military families to building the wall Mexico was supposed to pay for. At the president’s direction, the Department of Defense is shifting $3.6 billion from projects approved by Congress to wall construction—a maneuver that will rob schools and childcare facilities on military bases of nearly half a billion dollars. Those projects include refurbishing a severely overcrowded middle school at Fort Campbell, Ky., and remediating hazardous mold at the Child Development Center at the Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. Schools for military families in Puerto Rico, Italy, Okinawa, and Germany are also affected. Military families shouldn’t have to sacrifice their children’s education to fund Trump’s wall, an issue NEA board members raised when they lobbied on Capitol Hill last week. Only Congress—after hearing from you!—can halt the effort to rob military kids of the support they deserve.

Tell your representatives to speak out and oppose this travesty.

Take Action: Don’t Fund the Wall with Money from Public Schools at Military Bases

98 responses to “Don’t steal from military families to fund border wall

  1. America has become one long bad movie. The script sucks, and the lead male actor is very boring, and happens to be the President of the U.S.

    1. Truer words have never been spoken! If any actor deserves to be fired, as well as banned from society, it’s our current “president” Donald Trump himself! We should see how HE likes getting fired!

  2. Lets look at the numbers the total military budget is approximately 989 billion dollars the 3.5 billion to fund the wall represents .003 percent of this budget. From 2017-2019 the military budget increased by 82 billion dollars. Not quite the devastating numbers I was expecting.

    1. The fact that this funding was taken from support structures for our young military families specifically is the problem. Active duty military members cannot choose to change their shifts, assignments or work hours on a whim. These young families need all the support they can get, and I am certain that nobody will be cancelling a multimillion order for jets or tanks in order to support these families.

  3. Very grateful as a resident of a military area, to have a representative and two senators who support both the military and education. Our first term rep is under attack by the right. We need to step up and contact those who are under attack with our support. They will hear from the far right and they need to hear from those who support both public education and the military.

  4. Trump seems to be against all that I like about America. I like the schools, Libraries the diversity of America’s peoples, I like America’s Icons, America’s Constitution, I like Chohisien. I despise all that Trump seems to be all about, Bigoted, Bully, Corrupted, spewer of fear, spewer of hate, spewer of threats, spewer of false accusations. I also dislike his appreciation of KKK and like-minded people, his lack of morals his lack of Presidential ideals, his lack of integrity, his thirst for sub-human cruelty, his appetite for being such a humongous liar. No, I find nothing in Trump’s over-loaded baggage of negatives that I like.

  5. Mr. Hurst, this was a petition to stop taking designated money away from the education of military children. Our military families are NOT asking for a handout. They work hard and make incredible sacrifices for you, me, and all the people of the United States and for other countries. There is no other way to look at this particular situation. The money was designated for education of military families and it needs to go to them. Educating children is extremely important and military children are no exception. Our country depends on educated children and the public school system was created to do so.

  6. Trump is a Traitor, Bigot, Narcissistic Self Serving Pathological lying Moron. He only cares about his Stupid Wall, Corruption, lining his pockets with ill gained dollars. He is a Disgrace and a Cancerous stain on America. I hope to see him in an Orange Jumpsuit, his family and all the GOP Sycophants.

  7. We all need to stop & contemplate on what this administration has done & is doing to this country. I haven’t seen anything that is or has been done to better America and keep it GREAT. It is angry, divisive, and most of us feel hopeless and are not as happy and content as we had been in the past. WE DESPERATELY NEED A CHANGE IN OUR FUTURE DIRECTION or the country will be brought to its knees. I am not optimistic.

  8. Trump is out of control. His response to getting caught acting illegally, is to escalate the lawlessness. This sucker deserves not only impeachment, he should do time in the Leavenworth federal pen.

    1. Agreed. He needs to be removed from the White House and, maybe instead of the pen, placed in a special home where can get the care he needs.

  9. The United States of America was created as a democracy with 3 branches of the government. Within this organization, there is a budget process which allows for decisions on what will be funded and how much money will be allotted. This country was Not designed to have one leader making all the decisions for the government, the states or individuals to satisfy his/her agenda.

    Let’s take back America and make it a working democracy AGAIN!!

  10. Mr. Trump’s obsession with a wall is stupid. Don’t take money from more important projects to fund the wall. Walls only keep out friends.

    1. It seems that this man we call our President will do anything to satisfy his ego. He has cut programs, taken public money from agencies that are vital to our country and he throws temper tantrums to get his way. If he wants this wall so badly, I am sure nobody will complain if he pays for it himself. After all he has played the Robin Hood card in reverse for 3 years, take from the needy to help the rich.

  11. It’s time to remove Trump, Pence, and their corporate mob (Cabinet)
    from office immediately and bring them to justice for their
    capital crimes against Nature and humanity, and high treason against the nation.
    Failure or refusal to do so is a crime of treason against
    the nation, the American people, and the Constitution.

  12. Trump’s declaration of a “national emergency” is an obvious ruse to circumvent Congress’s power of the purse. It’s an egregious executive overreach, and it needs to be stopped. Please do your job.

  13. Currently the list of removable traitors includes but is not limited to: Trump, Pence, Barr, Pompeo, Roberts (for swearing in the felonious Trump) o and perjured Kavanaugh — feel free to remove them all, including McConnell and McCarthy … impeachment would be nice, voting even better o don’t forget Perry, DeVos, Carson …

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