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Don’t steal from military families to fund border wall

The congressional recess is an opportunity to meet with representatives and let them know what you think of President Trump’s scheme to divert money from kids from military families to building the wall Mexico was supposed to pay for. At the president’s direction, the Department of Defense is shifting $3.6 billion from projects approved by Congress to wall construction—a maneuver that will rob schools and childcare facilities on military bases of nearly half a billion dollars. Those projects include refurbishing a severely overcrowded middle school at Fort Campbell, Ky., and remediating hazardous mold at the Child Development Center at the Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. Schools for military families in Puerto Rico, Italy, Okinawa, and Germany are also affected. Military families shouldn’t have to sacrifice their children’s education to fund Trump’s wall, an issue NEA board members raised when they lobbied on Capitol Hill last week. Only Congress—after hearing from you!—can halt the effort to rob military kids of the support they deserve.

Tell your representatives to speak out and oppose this travesty.

Take Action: Don’t Fund the Wall with Money from Public Schools at Military Bases

98 responses to “Don’t steal from military families to fund border wall

  1. Quit moving money around to make the President happy. President Trump doesn’t have the best interest of Americans in mind. Only his interests count.

    1. The level of disrespect for our service men & women by this draft dodging, TREASONOUSNAZI COWARD is APPALLING! It’s time to RESPECT those who serve and stop STEALING from them you damned LAWLESS CRIMINAL!

  2. I grew up near a military base and value highly the commitment and hard work of our men and women in service to our country. Our President, supposed to be the Commander in Chief, has no respect for our armed forces, and the civilians that support them. I am appalled that all President Trump cares about is his own twisted agenda, and has no care for the military he oversees. We the people must stand up for them, because they always stand up for our safety and security.

  3. We need to take care of our service veterans and families who have sacrificed so much for all of us. That is a much bigger priority than a wall.

  4. Pleasevsay no to divert ing funds for the wall.My fiance is currently fighting overseas to protect our country. His child deserves the protections he is currently risking his life for. We should be giving more. Not less. His child and all.the other children of military families need to know that they are important and that they count. Please dont send them the wrong message. Thank you.

  5. Trump is the Big Bad Wolf in President’s clothing. He could not be elected without the help he asked for from Russia. And now as the Big Bad Wolf (not the real properly elected President of the U.S.) he has extorted the help of Ukraine and China. Now he is attacking the children of the U.S. by stealing from them. That is how the Big Bad Wolf operates. The Republican Party (who are afraid of The Big Bad Wolf) and his political appointees are complicit in protecting the Big Bad Wolf. They all need to be impeached, including Moscow Mitch.

  6. Trump could not convince Congress to appropriate 25 billion for a useless wall, so now he is resorting to stealing money from other parts of the budget to get his way. What happened to “Mexico will pay for it!” Trump is a liar and all those who support him and his lies are liars and accomplices.

  7. To take monies from services for the most deserving in our country to fund a very questionable program addressing the immigration issue is obscene!!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!!

  8. Trump and DeVos are attacking us. Programs funded by taxpayers to support and grow our communities are being stolen. It’s a scam. It is robbery, and it is detrimental to families and to our nation.

  9. Trump has no limits and as each new day passes we are more and more fearing the loss of our democracy under his wretched administration. We are in danger and must stand strong as a nation and remove him and his cronies from office as soon as possible.

    S. Rich


    1. You are wrong about our president. It is in the best interest of all Americans to have a secure border. It is also in the interest of people who are deceived into making a dangerous, and sometimes fatal journey to come here to know that our border is secure, so they won’t risk their lives trying to come here.

      1. Trump is a monster, a pervert, a blasphemer, a thief, and a liar!
        He doesn’t care about Nature nor human rights!
        All he cares about is his own bloated ego,
        as if he thinks he’s some kind of god or above the Creator!
        Trump is nothing but a spoiled brat!!
        He’s lower than the dust of the Earth and just as evil as Satan himself!
        I think Donald Trump and Devil are one of the same, evil to the core!!!
        May Trump and his criminal mob perish in the fiery Abyss of HADES!!!!!

      2. This is a waste of money! It won’t work! There are much better and cheaper ways to fund the border. In addition, it takes private land (mostly farms) from which some American farmers will be devastated!

      3. They keep coming despite the danger of the journey because most of them are fleeing for their lives. Our past and current politics are partly to blame for that. We have so often been involved in the central American countries on the wrong site, supporting the oppressors and helping to create the perilious situation the people are in now.

      4. Hello Wendell-
        As someone who lives on the border, we already have a secure border in the Rio Grande Valley area. In fact, we live in a militarized zone. There are many asylum seekers attempting to cross but these are mainly women and children forced to leave their own neighborhoods in order to find safety here. The border wall and its continuing construction hurts the locals whose lands are seized through eminent domain, causes increased flooding along the Rio Grande River,disrupts natural migration routes for wildlife, and destroys the economic drivers of ecotourism and tourism for the locals.

      5. You are right in saying we need a secure border. Unfortunately, spending billions to build a wall, according to all studies, is NOT the way to achieve that goal.

      6. We do not need a border wall to keep the poor out of our country. Please read what is said on the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.” Our immigration system is broken in many ways. On the other hand we have a “leader” of this country that doesn’t even respect the immigration laws that do exist. Those requesting amnesty are to be admitted to the U.S. to file their request. Children must not be separated from their parents. This country was built by the “poor”!

      7. You can’t be serious?? Please take off your blinders, take a deep breath and try to give one example of anything the misbegotten creature has ever done that wasn’t in his own self-interest?

    2. You couldn’t be more right. I live close to the Everglades and I am so angry that Washington’s cesspool is called a swamp. Trump couldn’t care less about military families or anyone else for that matter.

  11. Thanks to Betsy DeVos and our current administration, our public schools are targeted and underfunded. To divert Congressionally appropriated military funding for the educational of our military children and use those funds for a border wall that was not sanctioned by Congress, of the people, seems unconstitutional as well as a gross abuse of power by this self-serving President who knows and seems to care nothing of the people he is supposed to represent. His shallow words “I love the military” never seem to match his actions. It’s time to elect a representative ‘of the people’.

    1. There she goes again. The evil witch Devos. Always taking money from Education. Get her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Trump’s thefts hit a new low by stealing from always-under-funded schools – this one for military children. Those are MY tax dollars that I do not want wasted by this sex-abusing racist of a man.

  13. As usual, Trumpolini shows himself to be a self-indulgent narcissist authoritarian that cares for NO-ONE but himself. He is utterly dishonorable‼️

  14. ,Another example of fake support for our military, The faux president has no concern for our armed forces or their families, He is an ,”I’m for me first,” president of his own fan club,betraying the office he holds,the military, and the country. The former Republican party has much to answer for in the cover up of corruption and criminal actions.

  15. Our Legislature is an independent power and does not need the President’s approval. Not according to Mitch McConnell and Trump’s Zombie Republicans and those Zombies in the House and (and some Democrats, too)….But the Constitution says the Legislature does not need to kiss Trump’s fat, orange ass! Trump doesn’t care about military school kids or the military, for that matter, he is the most selfish human being on Earth! If any member of the Legislature cares more for kissing up to Trump and and cares more for votes, then they will not vote down Trump’s insane wall fetish so they should be voted out!

  16. I am saddened and disappointed that our country’s leadership would consider sacrificing funds for military families to replace a useless border wall, Please reconsider this unfair and, to me, unethical diversion of funds.

  17. How could the President of the United States take away money for
    food needed by children in order to concentrate on their academic studies.
    In addition, the military are volunteers of Men and women
    To protect our nation As well as around the world. Why would the President of the United States take away funding for the military?
    It is so undemocratic as well as unconstitutional. We are not in a war! Since the president was raised with a gold spoon in his mouth he has no idea what the average citizen needs or desires of basic necessities.

  18. A shameful and morally bankrupt leader put into power by a cabal of money hungry criminals. Get rid of him, and them, NOW!!!

  19. You’ve got a guy who’s clearly not a people person, he doesn’t care about people, in the top office where you need a people person. When it comes to children he apparently prefers them less. Shifting/stealing money from military budget lines intended to support military families and the schools on bases is petty, low and potentially puts our nation at risk. I don’t want to raise the anxiety level of enlisted men & women they got enough to focus on w/o having to worry about whether or not their children and family will be taken care of.

  20. Of all the ridiculous ideas, when Trump campaigned on a platform of “Making America Great Again” – what, stealing from the very people who attempt to put his “ideals” into practice? the military? the public school system? scientists and researchers? farmers? senior citizens? “Oligarchy” doesn’t even begin to describe this; outright “hypocrisy” comes closer.

  21. Trump is a traitor coward racist rapist and POS who cares for himself only. People and animals are dying because of him and his administration. Republikkkan party is full of traitors and greed also who are just as guilty

    1. The hate is strong in your comment. The name-calling says more about you than about anyone else. I am sorry that you do not like our duly elected president, who is doing his best to make our country a place where people are free to use their talents and means to bless others, voluntarily, instead of a place where government tells us what we can do with our money. Destroying the self-determination of people who need help, by giving them handouts but no opportunity to better their situation by their own efforts, is a terrible policy, which is why we need to keep people with socialist intentions out of our government.

      1. A billionaire stealing money for his expensive pet whims. You have never seen a wall that represents a democracy, only one that keeps in oppressive peopleIn this case the people are on both sides.

      2. Exactly where do governments tell people what they can do with their money?
        And this country is full of socialism – for the rich and corporations. When the big banks and financial institutions crashed the economy with their reckless behavior, bringing about the Great Recession, they got bailed out by the American people to the tune of billions. Many corporations pay no tax, though they rely on the infrastructure and public services this country provides, paid for by others, to run their businesses. Taxpayers even subsidize executive salaries! Taxpayers fund R&D for pharmaceutical corporations, patents are handed over to them, and they make billions by charging some of the highest prices in the world. Corporations privatize profits and socialize costs/losses, like environmental cleanups. If socialism is good enough for the rich and corporations, why isn’t it good enough for everybody? By the way, you almost never hear conservatives complain about corporate welfare, which is far more extensive and costly than help for the poor.

  22. I believe it is trump’s intent to severely weaken this country by destroying or corrupting national institutions by installing his political appointees: Congress, the judiciary, the military, national security agencies, public education. He is vilifying the press, usurping Congress’ power of the purse and of checks and balances. He is transferring our resources, natural and economic, to the international oligarchs. The destruction of family farms will put control of the food supply into the hands of corporations. It is obvious that he does not want an educated electorate.

    1. Mr. 5 deferment , who wraps himself in the flag at every photo op, could care less about the military. this is just more proof. I just wish his supporters would take a rational look at the facts .

  23. Don’t fund the wall at all. Use the money to repair failing bridges, airports and other infrastructure around the country.

  24. So much is spent on military equipment but then he takes the $$ for education of children whose parents are in the military. Absolutely insane.
    We are spending $100,000 dollars a minute for nuclear projects that hopefully we will never use. Why doesn’t he take money from that source of funding.

  25. Trump seems to love attacking the people that actually do any kind of good work, whether it be soldiers or teachers or families, let alone the purely racist and utterly pointless effort of this ridiculous wall. It’s cruel, stupid and we have lots of better things to spend that money on–like caring for vets, teaching their kids and making our nation stronger.

  26. Military families suffer so much. Not only are they paid poorly for risking their lives but their children suffer the emotional consequences of their parent’s deployment.


  28. I am a USMC Viet Nam veteran and to take any monies from these military families is a national disgrace.Your protectors should be receiving more monies anyway.This country has lost integrity and honor.Too bad for this administration that keeps on trying to take our benefits which we have worked for all our lives.

  29. This is ridiculous! These guys/women put their lives on the line and really don’t make much money. They were promised by the government to be taken care of from housing to retirement. Their children deserve to be taken care of in all aspects of living.

  30. Military families should NOT take a LOSS of anything to fund that very stupid “border wall” … WE, THE PEOPLE here know this country has had MILLIONS of immigrants that has made up this country to be along side of THE NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS … SO – LET THOSE PEOPLE COME, they work and pay taxes, even though NOT CITIZENS YET …. what is that man thinking besides BIZARRE THOUGHTS?!?!?!

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