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NEA president joins rally to get Congress to act and help prevent gun violence

NEA president Lily Eskelsen García was a featured speaker at the National Rally to #EndGunViolence on Capitol Hill. Held on Sept. 25, designated the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims by Congress in 2007, the event attracted people from all across America, many of whom came carrying pictures of those they’ve lost. More than 200 days ago, the House passed legislation that expands background checks and closes the “Charleston loophole” that allowed a white supremacist to buy a gun and kill nine African Americans in a church. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) refuses to bring it—or any other gun-related bills—to the floor. A Monmouth University Poll released earlier this month found that 83 percent of the public supports comprehensive background checks, including 94 percent of Democrats, 72 percent of Republicans, and 65 percent of NRA members.

Tell your senators to support the Background Checks Expansion Act (S. 42) and encourage McConnell to bring it to the floor. 

Take Action: Support S. 42 to expand background checks for gun purchases


19 responses to “NEA president joins rally to get Congress to act and help prevent gun violence

  1. I have a different view on some of these subjects:

    Want to stop violence? Educate students and parents. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Laws do not stop criminals.

    Want to end building the wall? Start by tearing down the gates and fences around your houses and schools and see if you feel the same way about the wall afterwards.

    Want to impeach the president? If you want to rely on leftist opinions and lies, you are not doing your jobs as researchers and educators. Do your homework!!

    Want to get rid of guns? Let’s start with yours and not everyone else’s. If you do not believe in our constitution, go to a different country. If you think only military and police need guns, we are doomed to repeat the past. History teachers know this.

  2. TIme to STOP THE VIOLENCE, let us NOT forget the life’s of those murdered. It happened to us here in TEXAS, Let us all UNITE

  3. Guns kill people every day, and the NRA funds those politicians who will keep guns in the hands of people who will always buy more guns. It’s a vicious circle!

  4. Not surprisingly Trump and his lawless mob of Republicans are more concerned with padding their pockets than protecting us against the rampant gun violence epidemic that plagues this country. It’s fact that the majority of gun violence falls on the backs of his racist white supremacists doing their best to eradicate anyone that doesn’t meet their criteria of acceptable and hence continue to blame the brown and black faces in our culture.

  5. Investigate the NRA’s tax-exempt status, which should be revoked due to the NRA’s main function as a political lobbying group.

  6. It is absolutely time to expand background checks. I believe in NH you can go to a gun show and outside the “tent” you can purchase almost anything with cash and no rules apply. We can do better.

  7. tRump just met with La pierre to fund his impeachment inquiry-what are the odds that the republicans will actually do anything to curb gun violence in our schools or communities? Just ask MurderMitch and you will get your answer-Absolutley Nothing!

    1. The Democraps are ONLY about “anti-trumism” and “Open Borders, so Mary EaTsome, talk to your Democratic Socialist House Representatives and BUILD THE WALL, not for Trump, but for Americans legal citizens.

  8. Stop the gun violence! Ban assault weapons! Only military and SWAT teams need them. They are not for hunting,repulsive as that is, but for killing humans! Background checks need to be mandatory.

  9. We need to stop gun violence in a sensible way. You could be a leader on this or put your head in the sand while innocents perish! Be a leader on this!

  10. Oh, I’ll bet! Good way to hide from your constituents, though, isn’t it? Good luck keeping this GOP lockdown going. We’ll remember crap like this on Election Day. Just wanted you to know that this is how a lot of your constituents feel.

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