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House votes to address humanitarian crisis on Southern border

By a vote of 230 to 194, the House passed the NEA-endorsed Homeland Security Improvement Act (H.R. 2203). The bill employs accountability, transparency, and oversight to address the challenges faced by immigrant children and families at our Southern border in a responsible and humane manner. An independent ombudsman for border and immigration-related concerns within the Department of Homeland Security would field and resolve complaints against U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The ombudsman would also appoint a border communities liaison and create an oversight panel to evaluate and make recommendations about policies, strategies, and programs that affect border communities.

23 responses to “House votes to address humanitarian crisis on Southern border

  1. These people walk upwards of 1000 miles to reach the US. I think we should be trying to find out why they are leaving their home countries rather than build a wall to keep them out.

  2. Thank you to those who support the most vunerable people. It is hard tocontinue to fight for good things amid all the chaos.

  3. Thank you, NEA for continuing to work with Congress on such important issues for our country. Immigrant children and families are suffering with inhumane and irresponsible treatment by the current administration. We must realize that we are all one human family and treat each other accordingly. So many of our fellow residents are acting out of fear from lies and racist agendas coming from the top. Educators need to work together as they have in some states to improve conditions for teachers and students.

  4. No more separated families and children in cages, PLEASE! Trump’s immigration policies have harmed too many children and families.

  5. Anyone who is anti-immigrant could benefit by reading and believing the Biblical account of Ruth, a foreign immigrant, along with her mother-in-law Naomi. They fled violence and famine during the 12th century B.C. This account reveals God’s law that gleaning provides food for the poor. Also, Ruth and Naomi are recipients of the law of kinsman redeemer being welcomed by Boaz. Consequently, Ruth becomes a part of Jesus Christ’s geneaology, and Christ becomes our Kinsman Redeemer. The U.S. needs government leadership that treats immigrants with compassion not disdain or distaste!

    1. Thank you all for clarifying our role as humanitarians caring for the most vulnerable and oppressed brothers and sisters and little children. We will look back to this time in America’s history with shame on how our current administration has treated our foreign brothers and sisters.

  6. These people are facing horrible events. They can be compared to the destitute Irish, Italians, or Norwegians that came during the 19th century. These groups came with little, faced opposition, but were allowed to enter the country. The refugees at our southern border must be allowed entry as soon possible. We actually need their skills and work ethic to revitalize our communities and economy.

  7. The humanitarian crisis, engineered by the Trump administration, is an abomination to humanity. Stop the crisis immediately, and treat all beings with dignity and respect.

  8. Just reunite these children with their families. This country was founded by immigrants. All those who come here either legally or illegally work hard. That’s why they come. They aren’t taking jobs white citizens would even consider. It is inhumane to separate them, horrible trauma that will later come back on us.

  9. We are suppose to be human beings and have compassion and respect for all humanity. Please show humanity and sign H.R. 2203 President Trump.

  10. As a mandated reporter, it is my duty to report cases of child abuse and/or neglect whenever I become aware of them. However, when the individuals who are perpetrating the abuse are doing so at the behest of the Federal Government’s policies, to whom do I report? If an individual is doing what the Federal Government is doing to children-putting them in cages and forcibly separating them from their parents-thereby perpetrating emotional and psychological abuse, I would be obligated to report it. Please address both the mandated reported loophole that allows the Federal Government to perpetrate child abuse and also to address the humanitarian crisis at the border.

  11. We are judged by the manner in which we treat the vulnerable. Those who support the bigotry and blind nationalism promulgated by trump and his administration should think carefully about what that means to the judgement day they often say they believe in.

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