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Don’t use funds appropriated for public schools to build Trump’s wall

NEA retired member James Kellar called President Trump’s plan to build a border wall with money appropriated for public schools on military bases “unconscionable” at a press briefing organized by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI). Kellar spent 36 years teaching at Fort Campbell, Ky., where the president’s plan would cause a middle school to lose $63 million earmarked for long-overdue renovations and repairs. Class sizes doubled at a middle school on the base when another run-down school closed in 2017. The president is attempting to divert a total of $3.6 billion from Department of Defense projects to building the wall, including nearly half a billion dollars earmarked for public schools on military bases. Only Congress—after hearing from you!—can halt the effort to rob military kids of the support they deserve.

Tell your representatives to speak out and oppose this travesty. 

Take Action: Don’t Fund the Wall with Money from Public Schools at Military Bases

111 responses to “Don’t use funds appropriated for public schools to build Trump’s wall

    1. Our children are America’s future please don’t take funding from education to build a wall. We so desperately need to fix our schools, provide the tools needed invest in our children for a better America. Thank you for your time and attention.

  1. Education is investing in the future. Please don’t take away funding to build a wall. History shows that walls are not the answer. Don’t waste money on this.

  2. Using funds dedicated to the education of our children is unthinkable our children should be a priority not a wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for.

    1. Mr. Trump’s plan to empty the accounts earmarked for school improvement is totally unconscionable: if he wants the wall so much, why not let him pay for it himself?

  3. Given the number of ignorant people who have supported tRump, it is obvious that we need more education of quality int her country, not less. devious rides around in her private plane with her head in the clouds while our kids grow up ignorant.

  4. I find Traditional Public Education is being Dismantled from many angles. I find it interesting that DOE is a big player in this as they have in our State of De, allowed Vo-Techs to teach CP, AP and Honors classes. They allow charters(De. has many in our Northern county) to have different rules and vo-tech students get roughly 5k a head more than I do in my Title one High School. Devos in office is just as bad as Trump in office. The state of our Government is so twisted our politicians seem as though many aren’t capable of getting anything done. Education takes a back seat to many other issues in our country, and it shows.

  5. Children of military should not be treated like second class citizens! Congressional funding for schools should be used for schools.

  6. How can taking this money from it’s congressionally appointed purpose, be taken for a not needed, not wanted and not congressionally funded wall? It takes a 33foot ladder to defeat a 30 ft wall. Do they have Home Depots in Mexico? Walls don’t work and don’t address the problem. The problem is: What is making them walk over a 1,000 miles to get here in the first place? I’d rather spend money on THAT problem. Walls don’t work! Have you seen the Berlin Wall Lately? The impervious Atlantic Wall, was pretty much over run by noon on June 6th 1944. The Great Wall of China was over run a number of times and Hadrian’s wall kept the Highlanders out..not at all. THIS WALL is just a phallic symbol. And according to Stormy Daniels, will have to be taller just to measure up!

    1. An excellent reply to Trump’s egregious plan to take from the children to build his worthless wall. If he wants to take something from Defense, then withhold moneys from some of the overspending on military programs. But don’t take this money to spend on a wall. Walls do not work.

  7. I hope that the military newspaper, ‘Stars and Stripes,’ reports this theft of funds. Maybe that will change the minds of military voters, who likely favor Trump. It seems like a small eternity since the con man took office.

  8. As your constituent, I urge you to oppose President Trump’s to steal half a billion dollars intended for schools and daycares at military bases to fund his wall.

    Taking funds from schools that serve the children of military families is wrong. It disrespects the service and sacrifices these families make to keep our nation safe.

    The children in schools and daycares at military bases deserve the support and resources that will set them off toward great futures. Please speak out against President Trump’s plan to steal funds from their schools to build his wall.

  9. Congress, Please do not take away funds from public education in the United States in order to fund Pres. Trump’s wall with Mexico. Illegal immigration is a multi-faceted situation and needs to have more than one solution. Fundamentally, resources could be better spent and utilized in solving illegal immigration challenges than on one continuous wall between the border of Mexico and the United States. To me, President Trump has not shown himself to be particularly well read, nor have the temperament to be an effective POTUS.

  10. What we need to do is take the senate back, and make sure we keep the house, and the only way we can do that is take it back by voting the corrupt republicans out, because if we don’t it’s going to get a lot worse, and yes with dump in the White House everybody knows how much worse it’s going to get, because the only reason he’s in the position he’s in is profit, and what he can make from any dirty deal he can get away with.

  11. Trump has never ever intended to serve people living in America to better our lives and the lives of future generations to come.

    It’s been clear that Trump’s only agenda was to enrich himself and his family members.
    He’s used funds that should go to the US military, funds that were targeted to be used for FEMA,
    funds for the much needed repair of schools and funds that were to be used for infrastructure in our country.
    He has used these funds to build his “Vanity Wall”!!!!
    He is a an extreme danger to our country’s security.
    He should have been impeached years ago.

  12. Trump, who is poorly educated, can’t understand why stealing funds from public schools in order to build his wall is just as corrupt as his attempts to lure foreign governments with taxpayer funds to dig up dirt on his opponents.

  13. Please remind Pres Trump of his promise last Fall to rebuild Tyndall AFB, FL, including the on-base school, where my children attended during the several years I was assigned to the Base. Thanks, Duane A. Peterson

  14. Money appropriated for schools and education should never be squandered for Trump’s vanity wall that benefits no one. Mexico said hell no and so should we.

  15. Education for US students matters immeasurably more than doubling down on an ethnic slur applause line from a divisive U.S. politician’s stump speeches.

  16. I cannot believe that you would take money from educating our future leaders to build a wall that will be unsuccessful. Do plan to build walls by the Canadian border, every airport, and ship harbor also?

  17. Taking money from any of our schools for politics is never a good way to go. Our schools need every cent they have and could use more. As a retired teacher i know some teachers use their own money for different ideas in education.

  18. I am a retired teacher. The education of our children in the United States is an important investment in the future of our nation.

    There is a huge difference between a “want” and a “need.”

    President Trump “wants” a wall to keep legitimate asylum seekers out of our country.

    The majority of American tax payers prefer our dollars be spent fulfilling the educational “needs” of the future generation of our country.

  19. Our military families deserve appropriate school facilities for their children. It is hard to live in a military family—moved from base to base. Schools should be a place where children can feel safe and valued. A clean, cheerful facility is part of that.

  20. This country has suffered more over the last thirty two months from the corruption, ignorance and criminality originating in the White House than it has from 243 years of immigration, legal and illegal. Education is the key to getting things back on track, so it is no surprise that trutheless trump would make an effort to deny funding for education as a way to assist his attempt to become America’s putin. The only fake news I ever hear comes from the deeply twisted and demented creature occupying the oval office. And we thought Halloween was scary.

    1. To Mr. Hamm, I agree with your comments 100%. Only those who choose to be ignorant, and those benefitting from the policies of the unethical creature that occupies the White House, can rationalize such a move on the part of this President. Appalling.

  21. The unmitigated gall! Attempting to steal half-a-billion dollars intended for schools and daycares at military bases to fund a gratuitous wall that Mexico, ostensibly, was to pay for. More so than immigration, Trump is a virulent contagion that imperils our nation. For the greater good, his invidious agenda must be thwarted at every turn.

    1. Education is vital Do not money from it to build a wall. Most immigrants are coming thru legal entrance. You are wasting $ on this wall. Wake up to the facts.

  22. Trump, a draft dodger, has no idea of what it is to be part of our country’s military forces. To steal money dedicated for improving education for children of those serving is worse than stealing candy from babies.

  23. Our children are the future of this country. Please do not take money from the already underfunded schools to build a wall. Please

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