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Don’t use funds appropriated for public schools to build Trump’s wall

NEA retired member James Kellar called President Trump’s plan to build a border wall with money appropriated for public schools on military bases “unconscionable” at a press briefing organized by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI). Kellar spent 36 years teaching at Fort Campbell, Ky., where the president’s plan would cause a middle school to lose $63 million earmarked for long-overdue renovations and repairs. Class sizes doubled at a middle school on the base when another run-down school closed in 2017. The president is attempting to divert a total of $3.6 billion from Department of Defense projects to building the wall, including nearly half a billion dollars earmarked for public schools on military bases. Only Congress—after hearing from you!—can halt the effort to rob military kids of the support they deserve.

Tell your representatives to speak out and oppose this travesty. 

Take Action: Don’t Fund the Wall with Money from Public Schools at Military Bases

111 responses to “Don’t use funds appropriated for public schools to build Trump’s wall

  1. The mentality of this party and it’s leader is unconscionable. To take hard earned tax payer dollars and use it for their selfish needs. How will this benefit our country that was founded on the backs of not only the American Indians (who are the true owners of this country) and those who bulit our country from other countries? The senators who are following their leader because he’s not behaving like a President should, stop and think of how this will benefit us all. Children seem to think like our country’s
    leader…selfish. Our educators are on the front line of teaching mostly unmotivated entitle selfish kids. HELP !!!

  2. This idea is not only thoughtless and ill conceived, it’s absolutely heart-breaking to hear that any POTUS would even consider such a thing! But when you look back on this particular POTUS and his umpteen million lies, the number going up every day, I suppose it’s really no surprise. I guess he likes the notion of a “wall” so well, because it’s a single syllable and it’s easy for him to read and comprehend.

  3. Taking money from our military families is obscene. I am ashamed of my (Texas) elected officials who do not condemn Donald Trump publicly and without reservation.

  4. We need our children to have a good education rather than a wall. Everyone here except the native Americans came here from families that came here from some where else

  5. The unofficial Republican/conservative think-tank position: Education doesn’t matter because people don’t matter, because only money and power matter, and with our corporate campaign money we can just buy whatever we need to stay in power. Education doesn’t mater to our donors because higher ed is mainly a social opportunity for our spoiled, entitled, beer-guzzling fratboys and sorority girls. We intend to destroy the public sector and privatize everything anyway. To all the little people: You don’t vote for us — and we’ll never understand why — and we don’t care about you anyway, so please die, and do it as soon as possible.

  6. Turdrump “drained the swamp” and turned it into a cesspool and refilled it with every stinking, slimy, rotten, smelly, corrupt, self serving, sycophantic turd he could muster, from the shite house formerly known as the White house.

  7. Dear Congressman Zeldin,
    As your constituent, I urge you to oppose President Trump’s to steal half a billion dollars intended for schools and daycares at military bases to fund his wall.

    Taking funds from schools that serve the children of military families is wrong. It disrespects the service and sacrifices these families make to keep our nation safe.

    The children in schools and daycares at military bases deserve the support and resources that will set them off toward great futures. Please speak out against President Trump’s plan to steal funds from their schools to build his wall.

  8. For the life of me, I can’t understand why an administration would not want all children in this rich nation to have the support for the best possible education. This would be an insurance for the well-being of individuals, families and the country in the future.

  9. It is unconscionable to even consider taking funds away from public schools on our military bases to fund Trump’s wall. It should never be built.

  10. Military Base schools are already under-funded and lacking; taking what little funding they have is unconscionable.

    Again, the purpose of the Wall lacks understanding of the needs in Central and South America……..No Wall.

    Drugs, Drug Money, Unscrupulous U.S. Companies: Deal with these.

  11. We need highways fixed a new electrical grid and bridges fixed and Trump steals money from schools to build his wall and the poor and middle class pay for it.

    1. We need highways fixed a new electrical grid and bridges fixed and Trump steals money from schools to build his wall and the poor and middle class pay for it. Is Trump friends with the contractors building the wall?

  12. It is wrong to cut funding for dependent schools! Our soldiers sacrifice their lives daily to protect all Americans! Don’t cut back on schools where their children attend! This is wrong!

  13. With an enemy of public education as Secretary of Education – Betsy DeVos – we must be ever more vigilant about protecting and strengthening our public schools, which educate more than 90% of our children.

  14. Our military, and all our children, deserve the very BEST we can give–not the leftovers! As a former teacher, I’ve watched the corruption and dismantling of public schooling, the “dumbing-down” of what we teach, and it discourages me that funding for helping to support our children is being taken away! We need to support our military families, not put them in jeopardy!

  15. Stealing money from children to harm other children and families is immoral. Our counties all need the benefit of immigrants who bring strong values as workers, students and families.

    I shall not speak of the occupier of the Oval Office as this is no venue for foul language. — Thank you.

  16. What’s next? Stealing cancer research funds to pay for oil and gas subsidies? Trump’s mostly mythical wall has nothing to do with educating our military personnel’s children. Does the law mean nothing?

  17. All….Our children deserve a strong public schools education…
    Much of their funds are appropriated elsewhere…Leaving resources and programs and teachers salaries affected!!!💙🇺🇸

  18. This wall was ill-conceived. Proof is in the fact that numerous people have climbed it. All it does is prevent migratory animals from moving and waste colossal amounts of money and Human Resources! Find out why people want to come here and help them fix the problems that force them to migrate.

  19. Nothing that this Administration does is normal. Education is a critical component of a democracy. The “Wall” is just a photo op and a terrible waste of money.

  20. The Trump movement against all people of color is one of the darkest times in our countries history. We must not surrender to the attack against our decency or our constitution.

  21. Please do not use the funds needed to educate children to build a wall. Education is our
    only way to build a successful society.

  22. One more brick in the wall of ignorance functions mostly to ignore or reject truth. The tendency to primarily seek out information that confirms one’s prejudice is exactly the thing that education could help overcome. I am certain that ignorance is not bliss and that walls function to divide people when what is needed most is that people come together and work together to find solutions to our problems.

  23. Our tax money needs to be spent on our future generations that can live in a safe environment for years to come. Build the wall with some Trump money .

  24. This is how education has been short-changed for decades, diverting funds for education to fund individual pet projects – state and national. Wake up and take care of our future!

  25. Any & all monies that have been appropriated for various projects around the country & world should NOT BE REAPPROPRIATED to build a wall along our southern border! Those funds were designed to specific projects … NOT A USELESS, STUPID WALL !! Once again, this Administration is stealing from a pre-designated fund to pay for something that is not funded by Congress !!😡🤬😡🤬😡

  26. I am retired after 3 years in the Army & 17 in the Navy. I know from personal experience how important these schools are to all military families. Taking funds that Congress put aside for schools is not only srealing, it’s stealing from military families. Shame on the Republicans for such a antimilitary action.

  27. As a retired school teacher and speech pathologist in the Michigan school districts who worked for over 32 years, I am appalled that money would be taken from the schools to support the ‘wall’. I know it would make Betsy DeVos happy as the overseer of the public schools. However, she is against public schools but supportive of private and religious schools. This is an aggressive act which will only enrich her and her republican friends. We will stoop to the lowest level of support for education as nearly any country in the world except third world countries. Is that what this nation wants? We must fight against this. This administration is all about enriching themselves, not endorsing the best for the citizens of this country.

  28. Money is more important for public schools and stealing it for a racist wall is not okay and Trump is a criminal which is why we cannot afford him to steal any money and release his tax returns. He belongs in jail for all the crimes he committed along with his henchmen.

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