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Tell the Senate to reject Scalia for Labor Secretary

Eugene Scalia, President Trump’s nominee for Labor Secretary, has devoted his career to undercutting workers’ rights, protecting corporations, and threatening retirement security. He defended Boeing after it retaliated against employees who had gone on strike. He opposed protecting workers from repetitive stress injuries and “intrusive safety regulations.” He defended employers who violated federal law by requiring retirement plan participants to pay excessive administrative fees. He even represented the e-cigarette industry in its efforts to sell vaping products to teenagers. America deserves a Labor Secretary who puts the health and well-being of workers and consumers first—not one who is anti-worker, anti-union, and anti-public sector.

Tell senators to VOTE NO on Eugene Scalia’s nomination for Labor Secretary

23 responses to “Tell the Senate to reject Scalia for Labor Secretary

  1. How does a career of undercutting workers’ rights, protecting corporations, and threatening retirement security qualify a person to hold this position????? Let’s move on to someone who knows and understands the responsibility of the office of Labor secretary to
    American laborers .

  2. Do not accept that benefits for working people are socialist. I worked in the USA when it was a democracy, not a plutocracy as it is today, and I had good salary, paid vacation, paid sick leave of absence, paid family leave of absence and health care coverage partially paid by employer. We had unions that represented the working people’s interests and America had a very good economy. Companies did not go bankrupt because they paid decent salaries. This happened in the 1960, 1970 and 1980. Then Republican President Reagan started to persecute the unions. And we never again had such a good working conditions because the corporations that made loads of money started to corrupt our elected officials and now they mostly work for them not for the working people that support them with the taxes we pay. So no more calling socialism to a healthy capitalism that works wonders in a democracy!

  3. Time to vote for the working people of America and against those who would push them further into debt. We need an advocate, not a destroyer.

  4. Too many times workers of all types are being taken advantage of in the workplace. Many workers were laid off at a relative’s workplace and the rest had their work loads increased.
    The increased load and number of new types of projects pushed this person to depression and then suicide. As you know more and more of our young men are taking that route.
    This office needs to be filled by someone who cares about and supports workers.

  5. Help the young teachers and students get back the lower class sizes and step based wages we work for for years. Please Fund Public Education people.

  6. Worker’s rights has become such a non-issue to the majority of Americans in the past forty years. But we do not deserve someone who is going to take advantage of that apathy. We need someone who will support and advocate for people trying to earn an honest wage.

    1. NO to those who selfishly abandon worker’s rights! Those who ignore the workers of America and their human needs deserve what they GET—> CLOSED FACTORIES!


  7. He does not represent the working people of this country in any shape or form and really has no business being in any position of authority, especially one as important as Labor Secretary.

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