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Vote coming on DeVos ally nominated to serve as appellate judge

Updated October 18, 2019

The Senate Judiciary Committee could vote as soon as this week on Steven Menashi’s nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Menashi was an architect of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ disastrous policies and worked with presidential adviser Stephen Miller on immigration policies that have terrified and traumatized our students, their families, and entire communities. He could do even more harm as an appellate judge. During his tenure at the Department of Education, Menashi failed to protect students from predatory online institutions, failed to ensure student loans are forgiven for public service, and weakened protections against sexual assault and harassment. Moreover, he is openly hostile to education and civil rights—to give just two examples, he lamented that our education system promotes “egalitarianism” and opposed student financial aid because it “punishes” affluent families. Tell your senators to VOTE NO on Menashi

Tell your senators to VOTE NO on Menashi.

Take Action: Tell senators to VOTE NO on Steven Menashi’s nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals

168 responses to “Vote coming on DeVos ally nominated to serve as appellate judge

  1. This Secretary of Education has not been a friend to education or educators. Has little knowledge and has hired individuals who are even less knowledgeable than she is. Anyone she supports for a judgeship should not be confirmed.

    1. We need to get our democracy back on it’s way to the normal. We’ve had enough of Trump’s destruction of our democracy.

      1. Too much trump he is a traitor to our constitution he is everything decent people don’t want in and president !! He is out for himself not our country!! He has been making millions since he became president getting money for foreign dignitaries to stay in his hotel !!! Not what a president should be doing! He doesn’t care about the people he cares about all the money he can makes in the office as president! Very bad man and one without a conscience!!

    2. Betsy Devoss is unqualified for this position and has done nothing to promote the best possible education needs to students. Vote no on Menashi. The most important thing is the education of our children, our future and as long as Devoss is in charge that will not happen. She has to go and should not have lasted this long

    3. DeVos has proven herself to be the worst human possible, she greedly takes and give nothing good, she is the worst human, she has nothing good to give, her riches make her toxic and evil, she is the example of what not to be.

    4. Got to go? So do all the liberal, far left, communistic socialists who are bent on destroying our democratic republic.

  2. Hi, I whole heartly agree with all! Trump is a nightmare! DeVos as meny that Trump have appointed have only their interests in mind.
    Do not let Trump and DeVos have their way.

  3. A deal was made between Republicans and Democrats that funding would be maintained at current levels until the elections and in return the Republicans get about 70 federal judges. I strongly agree that some of these judges should not be approved but they will be. Also there will be no gun control issues raised in any meaningful way. The Democrats get a clear field to pursue impeachment.

  4. Please, make the right, moral, ethical, human decision: vote NO. Our children and our future literally depend on it.

  5. DeVoss should just go back to selling soap, or just setting on her Yacht sipping L.O.C. Are these the kind of people that hang out at Mara Lagoon with tRump? Where does he find these baffons?

  6. DeVos is trying to ruin our public education in America. She seems to believe that only the wealthy are entitled to a proper education. She is WRONG!

    1. Supporting public education is the foundation for the strength and continued growth & progress of democracy in America.

    2. Our state constitution entitles all to a K-12 education, provided by the government, and on top of that we all deserve the opportunity to a fair and affordable higher education that doesn’t force us into a financial contract that takes longer to pay off than our mortgage!!!

      The financing of everyone’s higher education should be fair and affordable, not a scam for financial institutions to get rich enough to pay off senators and bribe congressmen,
      that’s supposed to be illegal and needs to be dealt with as being illegal!!!

    3. Vote YES YES YES for Devos for appellate judge. I spent 30 years and retired from the NEA Democrat education system. Education has become more masked through the years.
      We need education give a NEW approach!

    4. I couldn’t agree more! We need federal funding for mandatory full day kindergarten and free pré-k education. These foundations will allow us as teachers to impact our children’s opportunities to be good , educated citizens. This is the imperative that an American education system must provide to fulfill the opportunity of the American Dream for all. Every child deserves a chance!

    5. Betsy Devoss should never have been appointed to this position as she is highly unqualified. She has done nothing positive for education and done more harm than good. She is in charge of our young minds , the future and the most important challenge not to screw up and yet… NO to Menashi

    6. DeVos was hired to ruin public education and that is all she has done, she should be fined millions for her ruining of our public education system. She is a destroyer, no different that than those who pollute, vandalize and steal; she is a disgrace to the human population, an example of only the worst amoung us.

    7. Her agenda is to financially under support public schools to make them under perform so she can pit the public against public education and thus erode the system in order to give money to private schools including religious schools.

    1. Please Vote No on ANYTHING that puts DeVos in ANY position. She is Against Public Education and is trying to destroy our educational system in every way she can.
      She is dangerous to our democracy!!!!
      Please vote NO!!!

      1. No to Menashi. Devoss should have been removed a long time ago as the most unqualified person ever to be appointed to the most important post, that of being in charge of the education of the future of or children. She is doing more harm than good and yet she is still in charge, why? Our children’s minds ands lives are dependent on someone taking charge and getting her out of their future

    2. It must be wonderful not to depend on public education
      I would never have received the education as a first generation American with my master’s degree whose parents didn’t graduate from high school if it wasn’t for public education

  7. It is time for Congress to assert itself back into its Constitutional responsibility to look carefully into each nominee’s qualification and approve or disapprove nominees only after hearing all the testimony relevant to the office she or he will hold if approved.

    1. Betsy Devoss is a danger to the minds of our future, our children and yet, no one has stepped up to remove this unqualified person from this position as she continues to do more damage than good to the education possibilities of our children. No on Menashi

    2. I agree, but that’s hard to do when McConnell has cut debate to (in terms of Senate time) practically zero to appoint as many of these regressive, reactionary, activist judges as possible. Because of the rush schedule, there’s not even enough time to contact your Senator when these extremists come up, much less vet them properly.

  8. There is a cult in the US of keeping the masses uneducated and poor. The Republicans know how to milk it and maintain it. They will bring about the destruction of the greatest system of government ever developed.

    1. Betsy Devoss, unqualified, doing more harm than good to our children’s education and no one doing anything to step up to take control and remove her from this position . No to Menashi

  9. Vote NO on Stephen Menashi–he is the opposite of what we should be putting on a federal court with his disdain for education and the protection of students from predatory lenders, to name but a few of his shortcomings. NO on Menashi, please!


    1. Where, under what rock, does Trump find these losers? Please protect us from the horrors these non-elected persons in seats of power are imposing on our nation.

    2. Trump does not care if people he appoints are qualified. Trump only cares if the people he appoints are loyal to him and his family. Very few he’s appointed have been qualified to be an ambassador but neither is HE qualified to be President. He thinks he’s King. He has no clue what’s going on or even where some countries are. I think Trump deliberately chooses people that are not qualified. Go to Fact Check and see how many times a day/week that Trump does not tell the truth. DeVos is rich. She bought her position and continues to. She not qualified.

    3. Hugh wrote: “Trump really has a knack at choosing the opposite of who he should appoint.”

      Not in Donnie John’s eyes. He is choosing people based on his beliefs as to whether or not they will be “loyal” to him come hell or high water. Occupational expertise has NO meaning to him. For example, Betsy DeVos, Ben Carson, Ryan Zinke, and the list goes on and on.

  11. “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” ― Issac Asimov

    Rick Santorum called colleges and universities “indoctrination mills” for godless liberalism.

    “The goal … was to turn young people into ‘liberty-advancing agents’ before they went to college, where they might learn ‘harmful’ liberal ideas.” – Charles Koch (in reference to Youth Entrepreneurs)

    “I love the poorly educated.” – Donald Trump

    So, yeah, there is no money in it for them to allow our children to be well educated.

  12. DeVos is a disgrace to america’ public education but then trump and all his appointments senators and cronies are disgusting

  13. NO NO NO NO NO!
    First of all lifetime appointment should end. These judges should be voted in by the very people they serve! Since being appointed as Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos has PROVED BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that she is UNQUALIFIED to hold any government or judicial position!!!

  14. My only reservation…students need to be educated about how much debt is realistic. They have to pay back what they borrow. If that means taking time off to work before attending the next year, then so be it. Researching what your future earnings potential will be and gauging the debt accordingly is what all of us have to do.

    1. I agree with you. As a teacher, I was promised by the federal government that they would forgive a portion of my federal loans. I needed to certify that I was teaching at a high risk school and in the field of math or science. She also had to make five years of on time payments. The statement in the letter addresses that DeVos not only attempted to back out of that arrangement with teachers, but have us pay back and forgiven loans! This is what that statement refers to in the pre-filled email.

  15. Her concerns have nothing to do with the public sector or the disadvantaged. She is biased beyond measure. How could we possibly trust her to be impartial, just, or fair? All qualities needed in the appellate court and all our judges.

  16. Sure would be nice to have someone other than an incompetent fool in the oval office who could appoint people who actually have an understanding of the positions to which they are appointed rather than this growing cesspool of frauds.

  17. Ms.devos is another of trump ‘s. cronies who have been appointed to a position where they have neither the intellect or the heart to be suitable for
    said position.Her legacy will damage generations of students t to come.

  18. It is time to stop “rubber stamping” these disastrous judicial appointments. Please pay attention to these nominees, question them about their past records and, more importantly, look at their writings and actions. Packing the court is not democracy and lifetime appointments should be given much more scrutiny than is currently being given.

  19. Education for all, not just the rich has always been a priority in this country. Encouraging young people to enter public education and public service jobs is a better idea than adding millions to the private colleges and prisons persons like Devose and Menasi promote.

  20. Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, please VOTE NO on Steven Menashi’s nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals.

    Betsy DeVoss can’t be given essentially a ‘blank check’ to further defund public education and increase the socioeconomic gap among our most vulnerable young Americans.

    Please vote no!

  21. I demand you not appoint Steven Menashi because he helped Betsy Devos’s policies. This includes pushing for vouchers for education, even though that would mean only certain people will be able to do so. Dare I say this includes her decision to not visit the poorest schools, even though they need the most help?

  22. Anybody that is openly hostile to education and civil rights is NOT the right person to be an appellate judge. Especially not somebody that has worked on immigration policies with anybody associated with this administration. The problem here also stems from the fact that Betsy DeVos is being allowed to exert too much influence in matters that affect so many people inside and outside of the education industry.

  23. Betsy DeVos has been a disaster as Secretary of Education; she is DeVoid of any experience with Public Education (not as a student, not as a parent of a public school student, not as an employee) She is charged with upholding the constitutional right to a free, public education; but doesn’t believe in public schools & has repeatedly tried to circumvent public school funds to Private pay providers.
    Steven Menashi was behind All of these Anti-Public Education attacks and would absolutely abuse his power as a Appellate Judge.
    We CANNOT allow this to happen!

  24. A lifetime appointment to make sure that future young Americans are shackled in debt in perpetuity? What do the future grads get? Debt more debt and a JOB! For the rest of their lives. Where they are paying into another’s bottomline and dreams but not their own.

    1. Look what has happened to our schools with Menashi’s education policies. Clearly Menashi is in favor of dismantling public education in favor of supporting schools that make money instead of helping kids move up and out of our slums.




    3. DEVos can’t do the job she has now! Just another trump pick for his own insurance. He wants to fill the Supreme Court with all his flunkies so he can rig what ever he wants! This is a dangerous man he will bankrupt our country if we give him another term he may be doing that right now!!
      He and all his cronies must go!!! Our Country depends on us, the people, by the people for the people!! This is our Country!!

    4. She’s a disaster as Secretary of Education. She would be disastrous as anything else, pretty much, that would affect other people’s lives.

  25. The corruption in Congress needs to end. Stop this man. He is not vested into the best interests of students. Keep him out.

  26. It is about time to remove DeVos and end her corrupt policies of sabotaging Public Service Loan Forgiveness. I am a retired Public School teacher, 38 years HS English service, and it disgusts me that DeVos is demolishing the Loan Forgiveness program.
    My daughter is a Second year Resident in NYC Montefiore Hospital System, and her debt is staggering. She attended Stony Brook School of Medicine and is over $200,000 in debt. Her applications for the Loan Forgiveness program have been ignored, and she has been waiting for emails for over a year. Her Hospital affiliation qualifies her for the Loan Forgiveness program, but she has been stonewalled by DEVOS’ cruelty and destructive tactics. Please do something to bring more attention to this appalling situation.

  27. It appears the Senate and the Congress as well as the president are backing the NRA for their political support and 💰.
    Gun violence and the purchasing of guns appears to be rising nation wide; gun’s ownership without back ground checks are overwhelming out of proportion within our nation. America has become our 3rd world war zone.
    May our youth be a positive example for gun control, climate change, and worldwide health/peacekeepers.🌍 keep marching and protesting. Most of all Vote for Changes world 🌍 Challenges. We are One!
    Our melting pot of cultures / religions are beautiful 🤗

  28. Let’s face it, anyone that Donald Trump nominates for any position has proven to be a disaster just as Trump. Frankly, I think President Trump’s intention is to hurt our democracy at the direction of his good buddy, Putin. It is imperative that President Trump is either impeached and convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors. If the House and Senate does not do their job, then it is up to voters to vote this disgrace out of office in 2020.

  29. I do not think that anyone who can tolerate the DeVos woman can possibly serve our national interests. Betsy DeVos has acquired all of her money by choosing the right uterus in which to gestate and the right mattress on which to procreate. She has never done an honest minute’s work in her life, and she is as superstitious as an illiterate medieval peasant.

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