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DeVos ally would be a disaster as appellate judge

Updated October 11, 2019

Steven Menashi, an architect of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ disastrous policies, could do even more harm if the Senate confirms his nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Menashi failed to protect students from predatory online institutions, failed to ensure student loans are forgiven for public service, weakened protections against sexual assault and harassment, and more. He is openly hostile to education and civil rights—to give just two examples, he lamented that our education system promotes “egalitarianism” and opposed student financial aid because it “punishes” affluent families. Moreover, Menashi worked with presidential adviser Stephen Miller on immigration policies that have terrified and traumatized our students, their families, and entire communities.

Tell your senators to VOTE NO on Menashi.

Take Action: Tell senators to VOTE NO on Steven Menashi’s nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals

142 responses to “DeVos ally would be a disaster as appellate judge

  1. From the Des Moines Register Opinion page:
    2nd Circuit nominee is one of Trump’s most radical picks

    Trump nominee Steven Menashi for the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York should be rejected for his extensive record of racist, sexist and homophobic writings and for his extreme positions on numerous issues as well as his terrible record on human rights.

  2. Betsy DeVos has been a disaster as Secretary of Education. I’m afraid it would be very difficult to believe she could successfully suggest one of her allies to be a competent appellate judge.

    1. Betsy DeVos champions private schools at the expense of public schools educationally and economically thus affecting the majority of students. As a retired teacher, both in public and private schools, i see the advantage of both types of education. However, taking money from public schools to give to private school attendees will soon bury the public schools and already has promoted substandard education, buildings, and teacher pay causing serious harm to a vast majority of our youth by decreasing the moral of teachers and their students.

  3. Under the Trump administration and secretary DeVos, public education has failed. I suspect failure has been by design.

    Any education policies proposed by Trump and DeVos should never be supported! We can never make America great again without public education!

    Again, vote no to Steven Menashi’s nomination.

  4. Devos is a human disaster her self. Her buddy, would be a disaster as a Wal Mart Greeter, let alone appellate court judge. Does it concern anyone who follows this Captain Ahab of a president, gets put in prison or is compelled to resign or is thrown under the bus for the President’s crimes?

    Why would we want to appoint another to an important position? Are we crazy?

    1. Steven Menashi would be a terrible choice for federal Appellate court judge. He has been the architect of the DeVos Education Department initiatives and worked with Steven Miller on Trump’s racist immigration policies. Senators must vote no on this judicial appointment.

  5. DeVos is the polar opposite of what would be an ideal educator. Fits, doesn’t it. We now have a Kakistocracy (look it up) in America, and she is a poster girl for such.
    Yet, let’s use our condemnatory language from knowledge; knowledge about how our nation actually developed – the actions and attitudes that never made the textbooks I, for one, was subjected to in K – 12. Let’s trace the history of the Congresses and individuals therein against the Constitution and the Oath of Office. Let’s look at the progress made and that which thwarted, reneged upon, upended and refused change.’ Here are some words to keep in mind: accountability. laissez-faire. motivations. to start with the polite words……….

  6. Having DeVos as the Head of Education in the U.S. is an abhorrent and appalling assault on institution of public education. In her short tenure as Sec’y of Ed, she has undone decades of legal and social changes in addressing Civil Rights of disenfranchised students and families as well as the efforts aimed at filling the academic and equity gaps. To add Menashi as her accomplice would cause an abscess in an already vulnerable wound!

  7. Steven Menashi has proven himself unworthy of any appointment to the bench let alone a lifetime appointment. refusing to answer simple yes or no questions, skirting questions etc.

    His past writings on student, woman’s, LGBT rights, affirmative action and consumer rights paint a frightening picture of a person who has no regard for the citizens rights as put forth in the Constitution and subsequent Bill of Rights.

    A lower court judge’s job is to stick to the letter and spirit of the law. If you allow judges to be appointed who take it upon themselves to insert their own interpretation sooner or later that interpretation will be used against you.

    Be careful what you wish for. It might come to pass, just not when you wished.

    1. Menashi is just another useless disaster of the traitor all of his appointments are destroying this country !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Putting her on the Court of appeals would be putting the fox in charge of the hen house.
    NO NO NO!!! As a former teacher/professor, I cannot protest too much!

  9. The primary tool of both politics and religion is ignorance. Without ignorance, neither deceit nor fear have any effect. A populace marked by both diminished capacity and intellectual shiftlessness is equally complicit by enabling the charlatans.

    Further, to promote and ensure ignorance, TV is purposely saturated with reality shows, textbooks are revised to replace facts with prejudices. The arts are removed from schools because creativity is not useful in the “real” world and it promotes independent thought. As a result, “Honey Boo Boo” became an American icon, “Real Housewives” and “Marriage Bootcamp” are TV programming staples. (Come on folks, get a life of your own!)

    And the topper is that Donald Trump is the chief clown in the fools’ parade.

    Willful ignorance is easy. Knowledge is hard.

  10. DeVos is a christian zealot. Her ridiculous interpretation of Jesus makes her a right-wing nut job. Taking money from Public Education to shift to the charter school scam should be patently illegal. Then again, with this administration, there are no illegalities. She clearly fits in with the traitorous activities associated with this mob of malcontents.

  11. This is another example of the government being hijacked for the benefit for lining the pockets of special interests at the expense of the people.

  12. “A political order may insist that certain human differences are irrelevant while people themselves regard those differences as meaningful and are consequently reluctant to recognize others as their equals….” A direct quote from Menashi’s writings. …”reluctant to recognize others as their equals” sounds pretty racist to me, especially when combined with the first half of the statement.
    But, this is just a sample of the regressive (“constitutional textualist”), reactionary, activist judges and justices who are being rushed through by McConnell and the ‘Publicans after stonewalling literally dozens of Obama appointees for years. McConnell even changed the rules of the Senate to cut out much of the debate so they could get faster lifetime appointments to the Bench. Those judges and justices will keep trying to push this country socially and economically back to the Gilded Age for decades after these septuagenarians are dead.

  13. We should be increasing funding to public education, not taking it away. Like the foundation of a building, education is the foundation of our country. School isn’t just about book learning, but teaches our children social skills and readies them for their journey through life. DeVos is only interested in two things. Making money off our children’s education and increasing the divide between the rich and the poor.

  14. Everyone should have access to education. The country would be much stronger with educated citizens. DeVos is trying to ruin our public education in America. She seems to believe that only the wealthy are entitled to a proper education. She is WRONG!

  15. The appointment to the US Court of Appeals is for life, unless raised up to the Supreme Court. Menashi is already a disastrous, myopic, extremely biased judge. I wouldn’t want Menashi anywhere near the appeals court let alone a tennis court.

    1. Please chose a judge who is willing to work for the law and the people. Not a party. I no longer see government working for the people but for the party and corporation. I am losing faith in our system because no one works together for the good of the people.

    2. DeVosis is not competent in her job, this man would be a disaster! He like her is not right for the job!! We have enough conservatives on the Supreme Court!! Not fair practice! The Supreme Court should be filled with both sides of government Repubs and Dems!! Equel !

      Thank you!

      1. Betsy De Vos has not the least understanding of teaching or even of children and their needs.
        Steven Menashi and Betsy De Vos both failed to protect students from predatory loan companies.
        Judges should be honest, open minded, and somewhat empathetic.
        These 2 people are just the opposite of the requirements needed to be good judges.

    3. More disaterous actions from the President. It is almost as if he hates us as a country and wants to destroy the USA. DeVos is not capable of such a position. She is not capable of the job she has now. We do not need people who are cookie cutters of D.T. They need to have above average intelligence and common sense.

    4. This man would do more harm to public schools and every important issue to the public than DeVoss has already done. He does NOT represent the views of the public and would further destroy our American promises.
      Please Do Not Vote for him.
      Thank you!

    5. Please vote no on Menashi. DeVos should be removed from her role because she is doing nothing to help students only things that will hurt them. She is a danger to education and should have been removed long ago. The education of our children, our future is too important to be left in the hands of someone so ignorant to the needs of those who need the best service possible

      1. We do not need any more biased judges. It was my opinion that a judge should put his biased own opinions in his back pocket and rule fairly. Didn’t Hitler pack the German Courts with biased Judges? Are we we seeing the fall of our democracy due to one biased president?

  16. Trump has kept only one of his campaign promises – he has indeed “DRAINED THE SWAMP”…problem being he has run the drainage pipe directly into the WHITE HOUSE!!

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