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Democratic House takes action on gun violence; Republican Senate resists

The House is a hotbed of activity on gun-related issues while the Senate literally does nothing despite broad public support for comprehensive background checks, “red flag” laws, according to a Monmouth University Poll released this month. More than 200 days ago, the House voted 240-190 to expand background checks and 228-198 to close the “Charleston loophole” that allowed a white supremacist to buy a gun and kill nine African Americans in a church. This month, House committees passed five more bills. They would ban high-capacity magazines, take guns away from potentially dangerous people before tragedy strikes, and enhance data on school shootings—deaths, injuries, and demographics. Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) refuses to bring the Background Check Expansion Act (S. 42) to the Senate floor—or any other legislation to help prevent gun violence. “Well, we’re in discussions about what to do on the gun issue in the wake of these horrendous shootings,” he said after a shooting on Labor Day weekend in Odessa, Tex., killed seven and injured 25 more—the fourth massacre in less than two months.

Take Action: Support S. 42 to expand background checks for gun purchases


129 responses to “Democratic House takes action on gun violence; Republican Senate resists

  1. Every time a person is shot and dies or is injured… That NRA money you recieve gets dirtier and your karma gets darker, But more importantly. It is 100%… You’re fault.
    Noone is saying responsible gun owners are the problem. THe point is… Lets make sure they are the only ones who can get to them legally. If it is illegal. Sold on the black market. The crime should be doubled and the time served as well. Why are you people protecting psychotic killers rights? Why are you not protecting the innocent? That is some service to your country. Shame on every dollar you spend.

    1. Our childrens” lives means something. When you become old, who will take care of you? The young people who you allow to be killed?

  2. Am I nuts or didn’t the Brady bill outlaw these things? Only to have dubya allow it to expire? Am I right? Then what the hell are we doing? Pissing in the wind?

  3. The nation needs, wants, and supports increased background checks to end the many, many innocent lives that have been taken for nothing. What would you do if your child, teenager, partner were killed instantly by someone 1ho should not have a weapon?

    1. Can you name one person that should not have had a gun, based on expanded background checks? What do you propose a check should be expanded to? Are you aware any federal conviction automatically PRECLUDES gun ownership?? Or conviction of abuse?? Or are you parroting what you are being told without giving critical thought or research? Just asking to see if you know what you are talking about or parroting.

  4. The capitalist system has failed our children and the majority of Americans.
    When gun profits supersede human life , we live in a society of death.
    When the unabashed lust for profit is more important than human health,
    wellness ,the happiness of life , national pride and equal opportunity , we have lost our way.

  5. My representatives are duds, collecting salaries for enabling a greedy, cruel, coarse,crude , corrupt and democracy destructive administration. We have 1 chance next year to remove one of these weak rabbits. Working hard to take that one down and supporting those in other states who will work for us,not big donors, corporations, NRA and foreign governments. The Republican party must go the way of the Whigs.

  6. How much blood must Congressional Republicans be drenched in before they enact common sense gun legislation to combat the senseless and profane slaughter of innocents? None of the deplorable, sycophantic hypocrites should ever reap the benefits of or be voted into office ever again. Their callous indifference to the living is depraved, confounding and indefensible.

  7. McConnell’s excuse for not acting on gun bills, is that he doesn’t want to move bills that Trump won’t support. That’s a gutless reason. Trump might support increased background checks, if McConnell and his ilk, asked him to. McConnell and the GOP like that NRA money.

    1. There can be no excuse for not taking serious steps to curtail the number of his speed guns in circulation. Please change your mind & heart.

    2. Sen. McConnell,

      You have the ability to give this important issue a debate and a Vote on the Senate floor.

      Just Do It! What have you got to lose?

    3. mc cONNELL IS A gutless , OLD POWER MONGER WHO WILL DESTROY anything THAT SEEMS TO LESSEN HIS HOLD ON THE sENATE. mCcONNELL IS A traitor TO THIS COUNTRY BY his continued resistance to certain bills that would enhance the lives of the millions of regular citizens=those who can’t pay him off !!!!! hE NEEDS TO BE REMOVED AND BARRED FROM ever HOLDING any OFFICE WITH POWER ATTACHED.

    4. The United States is no longer able to protect it’s children. WHY? One action will not solve the problem. We need to start trying to change the gun laws to protect our citizens and especially our children. There is no excuse for not giving this top priority.

    5. The American mentality… to be in a perpetual war with anyone, if there are no conflicts around the world, Americans create them for you, they create the problem and the solution to Kill, Drill, Spill and loot your resources’.

    6. I think it is a tragic event that is happening more and more each day. Get on with this and keep every one safe . Lives Matter Not what or who will sign or not sign.

    7. What happen to doing the right thing? Senator McConnell has not shown any leadership. Where is your backbone, Senator McConnell? Why are you so scared of someone who has severe mental issues as President Trump.

    8. Senators, please act in accordance with the views of the majority of voters you represent. If necessary, legislation can be passed after a presidential veto.
      Thank you!

    9. Holding bills because McConnell believes Trump won’t sign is undemocratic and manipulative. Bills that pass the House must be presented to the Senate. McConnell has no right not to do so.

      1. Martha wrote: “McConnell has no right not to do so.”

        Sadly and unfortunately, he DOES have the “right” to do so, and there-in lies the problem. Congressional rules need to be changed if our Democracy is to survive.

    10. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Trump & his Republicans are beholden to the corrupt Wayne Pierre & his notorious NRA. How can you be pro-life & pro-gun at the same time? Anybody with common sense can see through this ruse!

    11. Mitchey,

      Do you call him when you have to wee too?! Get a clue and grip! Like Greta said, “WE ARE WATCHING YOU,” Do your job for a change!

    12. McConnel is a foreign agent proved by allowing Russia to build on US soil giving them front door access to America’s business and his refusal to sign security bill gun protection bills and any other bills to protect Americans is proof that his name Moscow Mitch is fitting. He needs to be impeached , incarrcerated and is a traitor

    13. Mr. McConnell,
      How catastrophic does the situation vis-a-vis guns have to become before you do what you have been elected to, that being keeping our nation safe.

      It is long past time for you do the morally right thing. Look to your conscience. Stop equivocating!! Stand up, put on your big boy pants and show some initiative. Look the NRA in the eye and say ” no more”. Even if President Trump vetos your actions it is better to try to do the right thing and fail than to stand around sucking your thumb. Make an honest attempt to do your best to end the gun violence in this country. Do what you were elected to do–LEAD!!!

    14. Sad that we will continue to have deaths due to no action whatsoever by the Senate. Our democracy is at stake. Fight for what you believe…YOU GUYS…the youth of today.

    15. If this happened to someone close to you, your actions would be quite different. The NRA should not control congress and Washington, DC.

  8. If the Senate led by Sen. Mitch McConnell does not do their job, why are we paying their salaries with our taxes? We should stop paying their salary, their Cadillac Health Care coverage for them and their families and all the other perks they get. Let’s see how many Senators wake up and start doing their job after the first time they go to their dentist and have to pay for treatment as the rest of us. We have created an oligarchy that functions not to serve the people but the corporations that bribe them. They have large investments in those corporations. We need to stop this oligarchic power and bring back the control of the Senate to the people. We need a Senate that solves our problems. There are people in both parties that have problems that need to be solved but our Senate only works for corporations that want their products containing poisons to be approved for sale. We have lost almost three sessions in which they could
    have debated and solved many problems. Can you imagine if you stopped working with positive output for three years how fast your employer would have kicked you out of your job?

    1. wE THE PEOPLE SHOULD START A PROJECT TO CANCEL THE benefits of all senators that refuse to address and vote on bills that are of a benefit and protection of ALL OF THE PEOPLE.

    2. I agree. All those legislators who will not promote discussion of bills that their constituents want should be replaces ASAP.

  9. Bravo to House of Representatives for their standing up to NRA and President Trump!!! The Senate needs to do the same in the name of “WE THE PEOPLE.”

  10. There are certain people who should not have any guns. There are certain guns which are not suitable for any person outside of the military. These two facts have been ignored for too long and innocent people have paid too high a price for the inaction of our representatives. You were elected to pass laws; do your job.

  11. I doubt they would do anything about gun control even if it was one of there own children hurt in a school shooting, all republicans are about is power and money, and the NRA is filling there pockets, so if we want anything to be done about gun control, then the republicans have to be voted out, because they stop the democrats from passing the bill every time they try to do something about it, so if we want anything done the republicans have to be voted out, especially (DUMP).

  12. It is tragic that the senate votes in favor of gun lobbyists and adults in the NRA when children are terrified and are being killed at an unprecedented rate. Cold, cruel and unprincipled as they are in their responses, ultimately it is irresponsible governing.

  13. Apparently republicans consider their oath of office as public servants to be a ridiculous waste of breath. As they no longer wish to be public servants and pay heed to the wishes of the vast majority of their constituents, I suggest they resign and allow more thoughtful and honest people to take their places. They are a disgrace to the state and the country.

  14. As a former Marine and combat veteran it is my thinking that AK47, AR15 and all other military designed weapons must be banned from ownership in out country. There is no legitimate reason for anyone to have one unless they intend to kill another person.

    This does not deny a citizen from owning firearms. Shotguns, bolt action rifles and hand guns with limited 10 round magazine or revolvers are fine. Even having them registered is fine. The sale of military type ammo is not fine such as the 223 or 556 you rounds.

    We do not allow machine guns like to Tommy gun or grease guns which use the 45 caliber round to be legal. Nor do we allow the uzi style or machine pistol style weapon to be owned. The AR15 and the AK47 was never designed nor intended to be a hunting file.

  15. My representatives vote for gun control, but the Senate controlled by the Republicans refuses to listen to the people!! Vote them out if they don’t represent us.

  16. The leniency of the courts and judges who let convicted criminals out on bond, to do more damage, is far more devastating than lack of background checks (which, admittedly, might do some good). Criminals have no respect for the law, especially when it is bent to their favor.

  17. Re-introduce the assault rifle ban NOW!
    Vote on the House bill for universal background checks NOW!
    It is unsafe to be an American with the NRA running things!

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