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Put rural schools on a firm financial footing

NEA board member Karen Schuett, a teacher in Bakersfield, California, flew to Washington last week to join NEA partners and allies in urging Congress to renew the Secure Rural Schools (SRS) and Community Self-Determination Act.

First enacted in 2000, the law supports public education and community services in over 4,400 schools in 770 rural counties located near national forests. But funding has been inconsistent for the last three years—the law expired at the end of 2018. As a result, rural areas across the country are facing budgetary shortfalls that could force big cuts in public education and other essential community services.

Tell your representatives to put the SRS program on a firm financial footing.

Take Action: Tell Congress to Support Rural Schools (S. 430/H.R. 3048)

20 responses to “Put rural schools on a firm financial footing

  1. Help these poor teachers fund education for the children they teach. Teachers have to give a lot of money from their own pockets. Please don’t disrespect our children in public schools, not all of us can afford private schools.

  2. My grandchildren deserve a chance to be the best they can be. They are already sacrificing enough with two parents in the military.

  3. There is no reason to schort change small rural schools. The students deserve the same high quality public education their peers receive. Due to location and other factors, these citizens have few if any options if Congress does not see to it that their funding is reasonable, equitable and secure,we canand must do better than this.

  4. It’s a crime that Trump is stealing military kids’ money for their schools to build a 175′ wall to keep the immigrants we need in our country just to make him happy to keep immigrants out of the US. Congress, please support Rural Schools, S. 430/H.R. 3048. In Michgan we’ve had to fight Republicans for years to get money for our children. Finally, we now have a governor, who cares about education!

  5. I am an educator born into a family of educators. I came from a family of modest means who made educating their children their top priority. I also grew up attending schools in rural communities where the income of the members of those communities was modest but in many instances “below modest”. Education, then and now, is critical and must be supported with our tax dollars even when the well-off must give more of their dollars to support that cause. It is my belief that they, too, will benefit.

  6. With all the rhetoric about standing up for the rural families the GOP sure loves to take away their future. It’s almost as if they are using them.

  7. Education is CRITICAL! It has become even more obvious in the last two plus years with the ignorance of this President being so obvious. Please do what is right for our country and invest in the education of ALL of our children. Educating All of our children is critical.

  8. A huge part of the nation’s many problems could be mitigated if people had critical thinking skills – if they had the skill to be skeptical. This takes an excellent education, and not INDOCTRINATION.

    Students in rural areas are especially at risk. They have often enrichment in nature urban children don’t have, but are at risk of being isolated from stimulating ideas to challenge bias (this is true education) and other kinds of enrichment needed for an excellent education. The rural areas need to draw excellent teachers to do this.

  9. We cannot lose our humanity. We need to fight the evil that is being forced upon us with good. I urge everyone to vote Trump out of the White House.

  10. These schools need even more help than inner city schools do because many of them are little more than glorified one room schools where one teacher teaches many grades.

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