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Education takes center stage at third Democratic debate. Here’s what the candidates said.

The candidates on the debate stage clarified their positions on charter schools, teacher pay, and other important education issues.

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Education was in the spotlight at the third Democratic debate Thursday evening in Houston. As the candidates outlined their top priorities for strengthening public education, the conversation revealed some differences in their ideas on how to support public schools and the teaching profession.

Vice President Joe Biden

“I propose that … we take very poor schools, the Title I schools, and triple the amount of money we spend from $15 to $45 billion a year.”


Mayor Pete Buttigieg

“If we want to get the results that we expect for our children, we have to support and compensate the teaching profession; respect teachers the way we do soldiers, and pay them more like we do doctors.”


Senator Elizabeth Warren

“I’m the only person on this stage who has been a public school teacher.”


Senator Cory Booker

“If I’m president of the United States, it is a holistic solution to education, from raising teacher salaries to fully funded special education, but also combating the issues of poverty…”


Senator Kamala Harris

“ I think most of us would say we are not where we are without the teachers who believed in us.”


Andrew Yang

“We need to lighten up the emphasis on standardized tests, which do not measure anything fundamental about our character or human worth.”


Senator Bernie Sanders

“We have teachers in this country who are leaving education because they can’t work two or three jobs to support themselves. Under my legislation, we will move to see that every teacher makes at least $60,000 a year.”


 Julián Castro

“We need … to invest in community schools that offer resources like parents able to get their GEDs, and health care opportunities, and those things that truly ensure that the entire family can prosper.”

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  1. As a retired Special Education teacher, I can honestly say that teachers in this country will never be paid what they’re worth until salaries are federalized and based on the equivalent of private industry salaries for the same level of education and experience. When THAT happens, education will attract more people with the requisite talent and skills.

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