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Don’t rob military kids to build ‘the wall’

Funds earmarked for public schools and daycare centers serving military families could be used instead to erect barriers on our southern border. At President Trump’s direction, the Department of Defense is diverting $3.6 billion from projects approved by Congress to construction of his border wall, which Mexico was supposed to pay for.

Those projects include long-overdue renovations and repairs at a middle school at Fort Campbell, Kentucky; an elementary school at Fort Bragg, North Carolina; and a child development center at the Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, among others. Only Congress—after hearing from you!—can halt the effort to rob military kids of the support they deserve.

Tell your representatives to speak out and oppose this travesty.

Take Action: Don’t Fund the Wall with Money from Public Schools at Military Bases

120 responses to “Don’t rob military kids to build ‘the wall’

  1. Congress has earmarked funds for the education of our military’s children. Military families devote their lives to the protection of our country. The least we can do is assure their children receive a good education. How dare the President take money earmarked for the education of our Military’s children to build a border wall that he PROMISED Mexico would pay for. Just more lies from our emotionally disturbed leader!

  2. As a former Air Force brat and the daughter of a WWII/Korea/Vietnam veteran (deceased), I am particularly incensed that Trump would DARE to rob our troops’ families for ANYTHING, let alone that useless wall!

    I might point out that military brats often grow up to be military members. (I was never active duty, but I was an Army medical librarian for over 20 years.) Do you really want poorly educated future troops?

    1. Don’t allow funds for required, legitimate needs to be diverted to a phony, “Trumped-up” emergency and for something far worse than useless!

    2. I taught at a military post in Germany in the ‘60s. Facilities were not adequate then. These kids’ parents give up a great deal to serve their country. We owe it to provide great facilities to educate their children.

    3. Funds must not be diverted from schools & daycare facilities, nor maintenance of military family housing, to fund Trump’s ego wall.

    4. Who is more important in this discussion- our American children of military serving across the owrld or Trump.s vanity project. A comprehansive immigration policy will not STEAL onies to educate our future generation but strenthen our national security.
      DO the right thing by our children!!

    5. Trump campaigned on having Mexico pay for his border wall, which wasn’t going to happen. Trump is wrong to direct the Department of Defense to divert$3.6 billion from military projects approved by Congress for construction of his border wall. There is no emergency at the Mexican border only a politically manufactured one by Trump.

    6. Taking money from the military for these programs is robbing Americans! Please ensure that this does not happen. The congressional body told him no once, please keep telling the occupant in the white house no! I am behind you all 100%!

    7. I think that it is a disgrace that a multi millionaire feels the need to once again take from schools and in this case from the children whose parents are serving as our protectors to build a needless and unwanted wall.

  3. I am sick and tired of politicains using the military to get elected. Going ona nd on about how they support the men and women in uniform-until of course they are called to back up that promise!!!

  4. I am damn sick and tired of politicians using the military to get elected. Going on and on about how they support the men and women in uniform–until of course they are called to back up that promise!!

  5. It is wrong to take this money from the military budget to make improvements to the education and repairs to military bases.

  6. Congress IS the Only Arm of Our Federal Government that Can Appropriate Money and there is Absolutely Nothing going on, along Our Southern Border with Mexico that Comes Close to being a National Emergency, so It’s Against the LAW and the Constitution of The United States of America for POTUS Trump to Even Try to do this!

  7. This sounds like yet another unconstitutional power grab by the President. He has no authority to spend money in contradiction to how Congress votes to authorize it.

  8. As a retired educator from a public school which was near a US Navy base and as a member of a family with retired military families, I know that supporting the local PUBLIC SCHOOLS is a critical responsibility. Such use of our tax dollars is much better spent for education than for any unnecessary expansion of our USA southern border.

  9. Talk about infrastructure needing refurbishment and maintenance! If military families (as well as ALL our kids) can’t be supported by their Commander in Chief, what does that tell us about our so-called patriotic values? This “good President” is falling short of understanding how a leader supports his people, not for the first time. This wall is a boondoggle sucking funds from US!

  10. Saddened and angry that both IN senators support Trump’s taking money from our military families children’s education to fund the wall. There are many smarter, humane, and economical ways to deal with the immigration problems than building a “tribute wall” for tump. Got both seem like intelligent people but sadly are supporting this this rogue president who is destroying America. Please stand on your own 2 feet for America and our human values! Barbara Hanauer

  11. Well Kathy, are you selling out our military members so you can show you support for Putin’s B , the tRump man? How about doing your job and actually showing up to vote. Dare ya. O Kathy how do you feel about the 19.5 billion dollar loss That Washington farmers have to endure? All because you won’t do you your job and vote ,representing Washington state. We all are noticing that you don’t show up. Most voters want Term Limits, eliminating pension programs will save our government billions . 2nd we want a flat rate tax . You earn it, you pay the tax. Corporations pay the same rate as tax payer. And 3rd eliminate the electoral college.

  12. Hi! I know you agree with me on this, but am hoping it helps to tally the number of folks who speak out.
    Thank you for your service,

  13. As a retired teacher of military dependents abroad, I can verify the importance of funds for an excellent education. Our children usually had the materials they needed – unfortunately, the system was top-heavy – too many “heads” and “experts” at the HQ level – many who hadn’t been in a classroom, and who tagged on to the most recent fad, no thought to how it would be administered. I wish many – MANY – of those jobs would be abolished in favor of putting the money into facilities, children and teachers.

    Military children move every year or two. Research shows that this is vicious on mental and emotional growth. They are often scared out of their wits in worry for their parents. So the schools need MORE money to hire more professionals to see to the emotional welfare of these children.

    SO: steal from the top; give more to the bottom, where the mission lies: military personnel and their dependents.

  14. No wall can defend us by taking money from the military. What is this moron going to do? Send a wall to fight terrorism etc.

  15. This was totally illegal according to
    How money should be kept and spent- please stop this rogue In charge. I can’t comprehend why republicans are letting his evil deeds go unanswered! Help

  16. This administration dishonors our military for it’s own cruel , senseless ends. It is a disgrace to the values of 3 years ago.

  17. Another flagrant disregard for everything America stands for! There is NO end in sight for the harm this administration will do! No regard for the constitution, the rule of law or human rights.

  18. Dont take this assistance from our kids. These kids are our future. Military families should have 100% benefits along wit all of our support. They put thier life on the line to defend our beautiful country.

  19. Build good relationships, not walls. Support the growing youth to be open minded and nonprejudicial. We need positive, progressive, problems solvers for our future.

  20. Please don’t let the Supreme Leader use funds dedicated to good and safe schools for our military’s children go to build His wall. Being a child of a soldier requires enough sacrifice as parents are deployed and families are uprooted. They deserve the best schools! Please prevent the Banker in Chief from diverting funds meant for these kids’ education to building a barrier that will just be circumvented.

  21. As a children’s writer, I visited many schools across this nation. By far the worst I saw was the one in wealthy Las Vegas that served children of the military. Structurally and supply-wise, it was a sad thank you to those who serve in our military. And now, to rob the military more to use the money for an ill-conceived and stupid wall to symbolize the hate this administrate holds for our neighbors of color is disgraceful. Be a hero. Speak up and vote against this irresponsible misappropriation.

    Otherwise, you may as well disband the Senate as yet another misappropriation with no gain.
    As your constituent, I urge you to oppose President Trump’s to steal half a billion dollars intended for schools and daycares at military bases to fund his wall.

    Taking funds from schools that serve the children of military families is wrong. It disrespects the service and sacrifices these families make to keep our nation safe.

    The children in schools and daycares at military bases deserve the support and resources that will set them off toward great futures. Please speak out against President Trump’s plan to steal funds from their schools to build his wall.

  22. Be sure to add the word “plan” or another noun after “Trump’s” when sending this important message to those who represent us and the people who keep us safe.

  23. Donald Trump is a criminal and he can’t be stealing money to build a wall that is not right for the environment because it’ll destroy the national parks that would border it like the Grand Canyon and the Sonoran Desert. Military kids need this money to learn how to support military adults. Please take Trump to court and convict him as a criminal for trying to rob military money and he needs to be sent to jail as soon as he’s out of office because he’s guilty of so many crimes.

  24. Trump has no right to take monies from funds designated for disaster relief wher people have lost property and lives due to floods, fire, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, where schools are needed, the military funds are needed, etc. no one want his vanity wal that he promised Mexico would pay for that is not a resolution to anything but his ego. He has no right to steal money that does not belong to him that is desperately needed for what it is assigned for just because he has appointed himself dictator and this is a democracy and the people have spoken. Trump must be stopped and yet we wake up each day to a new trump crisis everyday and no one stops him. We are being held hostage as constituents we want action now. We want trump out. I am declaring a red flag warning on Trump and insisting on the 25rh amendment

  25. Thank God for President Donald Trump, I support him in every decision he has made so far. I am disgusted with the fake news organizations like the NEA who perpetuate lies in an attempt to put Trump in a bad light. Please do something to crack down on the scumbag organizations like the NEA who are attempting to deceive the American people and who are attempting to destroy the legacy of the greatest President of our time.
    Thank God for Donald Trump!
    Trump 2020!

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