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Don’t rob military kids to build ‘the wall’

Funds earmarked for public schools and daycare centers serving military families could be used instead to erect barriers on our southern border. At President Trump’s direction, the Department of Defense is diverting $3.6 billion from projects approved by Congress to construction of his border wall, which Mexico was supposed to pay for.

Those projects include long-overdue renovations and repairs at a middle school at Fort Campbell, Kentucky; an elementary school at Fort Bragg, North Carolina; and a child development center at the Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, among others. Only Congress—after hearing from you!—can halt the effort to rob military kids of the support they deserve.

Tell your representatives to speak out and oppose this travesty.

Take Action: Don’t Fund the Wall with Money from Public Schools at Military Bases

120 responses to “Don’t rob military kids to build ‘the wall’

  1. Where is the oversight in our government? How can they let this clown take money meant for the children of our service people? They already sacrifice so much for our country. This wall is not going to stop anything. It looks horrible and what happened to Mexico is going to pay for it? All this con man does is make promises he has no intention of keeping. Look at his track record. He lies and cheats and scams people out of money. He is a low life who can never admit to making a mistake even when it’s obvious to everyone. He admires the worst dictators in the world. He is a sexual deviant. He is a narcissist.

    1. It has to come from somewhere. Tell the democrats to stop stonewalling the Wall. My ancestors fought and built the nation we have today for us, not for the rest of the world to come and take advantage of. They need to fight for their nations as our ancestors did for us.

      1. Sure he does. Has he paid anything for you this month such as your medical bills with his billions. Has he invited you to play golf with him at his golf course. What about your prescription drugs.

  2. What ever happened to Mexico paying for the wall. Instead American children lose out on education facilities. Make American lose again

  3. I could be all radical with “Are you kidding me” since education is already underfunded. I thought that the DOD schools were better funded, but it appears that the administration cares more about keeping people out than supporting the families that are defending the borders. Child care and proper, fully-funded education is important to all families but if you add that stress factor into an already stressful situation, it is not a good combination. Keep the money where it belongs and lets start looking for positive ways to prevent border crossings other than building a wall that is not being funded as promised.

  4. The children that will use these schools will be of much more value than using it for an ineffective wall that the MAJORITY of Americans don’t want. Use common sense and spend it on helping people.

  5. This country has been treating our military personnel like dirt for years. Veterans are being denied necessary treatments or dying needlessly in VA hospitals, suicide rates are unbelievable, their pay is held hostage during political side-shows, and now we rob their children’s education for Trump’s monument to his ego. When are we going to honor our military people with more than just lip service?

  6. Trump said that Mexico would pay for the wall but now he is using money earmarked for schools on military bases and the poor and middle class foot the bill.

  7. The one track mind of Donald Trump, is taking away funding that is needed for children to erect a border wall that does nothing more, than separate us from our neighbors.

  8. Stop allowing Trump to steal $ from the Military (or anyone else) The POWER of the Purse is in Congress.

    Impeach Trump now.

  9. Border militarization has always been a long term goal of the most destructive factions in our military. And look who’s financing and designing the security? The nazis at Elbit systems Israel.

  10. Yes, don’t take away already laid out funds designated for Military schools or Military period. As a former soldier I can tell you it is not going to deter the obvious. Just a couple of months ago the Coast Guard overtook a submarine may I remind you. It was a dangerous mission but criminals are more intelligent & innovative than to let a wall deter them. There are tunnels between Mexico & US may I remind you once again. A Wall has no value & serves NO purpose. DO THE RIGHT THING by your constituents. Use Your brain or listen to Military Commanders who are well versed & trained in these matters of expertise. My former Unit took down Manuel Noriega in Dec. 1989 in Operation Just Cause in just one week. Let the experts deal with wall issues.

  11. Stop defying the Constitution by declaring false emergencies to bypass the specific right and duty of the House to determine how tax dollars are spent. Our soldiers put their lives on the line. Stop stealing from their children and return the money to build schools, not an unnecessary wall.

  12. When is Congress going to start doing the right thing, instead of the Trump thing. He said Mexico would pay for the wall. They didn’t. Why should we. Let him use his money.
    I would rather support our military families and schools.
    Trump is a pathological liar and racist. I’m tired of him and cohorts, coming up with ways to mess with the majority of Americans.

  13. The wall is turning into fiasco. Let Mexico pay for it as promised! Leave our money that’s
    promised for children where it is.

  14. military families who put their lives and resources on the line for us dererve our support, care, respect. it is a poor decision to take resources from them. furthermore, it is a foolish decision for aour global national security to do anything to drop morale of those serving our national interests. as a mental health professional i know how hig the rates are for suicide already are for our veterans and they may cause more harm. i bleieve in guilding bridges not walls thank you paula cellar

  15. Trump should be impeached for diverting funds from important projects to fund his ridiculous wall. In three years, he has destroyed the America as we knew it. I hope every American knows better than to vote for this insane pathological liar, criminal, racist, White Supremacist who spreads hate and divisiveness every time he opens his mouth. His cruelty with immigrants is horrific. He belongs in prison instead of trying to be king of the U.S. and putting everyone in grave danger with his mental instability, warmongering, lying, cheating, and love affair with the dictator in North Korea!

    1. You are probably the type that believes we would be better off as a socialist/communistic country like Venezuela. This would destroy America as we know it!

  16. Our military families sacrifice every day with the deployments of their parents to the war zone – I know because 4 of my grandchildren are currently making that sacrifice.
    No other citizens make that commitment- this is unconscionable and we should all be appalled.

  17. As a former teacher, with a daughter who is a teacher, I am well aware of the challenge for adequate educational funding.

    Please do not convert military school funds for building walls instead of building bridges for children in need.

  18. The children of military families have enough emotional upsets without dealing with crowded stressful school situations.Let that stupid wall go!!!

  19. Educational Facilities for American service peoples children before exclusionary behavior on the border. Well lock out education includes.

  20. What is wrong with you people that you would even consider doing this? Why can’t you say “no” to Trump? I was a teacher for 35 years. I know how important education is to children.

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