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What the 2020 presidential candidates are saying about education policy

By Danielle Sklarew, Mallory Johnson, and Emily Bricker

As the 2020 election approaches, it is no secret that educators are poised to play a major role in choosing the president of the United States. With more than 3 million members, the NEA is the largest labor union in America and the world’s largest professional association of educators. One in 100 Americans is an NEA member and 1 in 39 voters reside in an NEA household.

Education is certainly going to be a top-tier issue in the upcoming election. In fact, a recent survey shows that education is on Democrats’ list of top-5 priorities for 2020. Candidates are well-aware of this and are passionate about constructing solutions.

While only some candidates have already released explicit education platforms, every single nominee for the Democratic candidacy has made certain education stances clear via Twitter. Their education initiatives have a range of focal points, including improving teachers’ unions, creating better school infrastructure, providing free school lunches, and getting Betsy DeVos out of office. Here is a quick look at the candidates’ perspectives on improving education:


One response to “What the 2020 presidential candidates are saying about education policy

  1. Why is the NEA only posting Democrat agendas and based on their twitter accounts. This doesn’t seem legitimate. I would think an organization of your size and power would give teachers all of the information and in a professional way. Education has rarely EVER been a priority to a president let alone congress. Look at the state of California. It’s system is in shambles-because of its state legislatures. So, besides teachers and school staff, who is taking care of us?

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