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Are you an educator ready to run for office? This could be your chance.

By Amanda Menas

“I was so excited about attending the See Educators Run training in Dallas, and even more excited about running for office by the time I left,” said North Carolina member Joseph Sorce, who attended the program in 2017.

NEA’s See Educators Run training is especially designed for educators who are ready to run for office. Attending will establish the first building block to running local, statewide, and even national campaigns.

Retired teacher Joseph Sorce.

Sorce taught for more than 20 years before running for a school board seat in Cumberland, N.C. His goal is to make sure politicians stay focused on students, not individual agendas.

“The organizing piece was what I really enjoyed,” said Sorce of See Educators Run. “The presenters have real expertise. They gave us a heads up about so many things that someone running for the first time might not be aware of—the paperwork, how to get the people you will need on your “kitchen cabinet” as they call it, and how to raise funds.”

The deadline for the next training is July 31—so if you’re even thinking of running for office, now’s the time to apply!

You can have a seat at this three-day training, which will include NEA experts and top political consultants in Detroit, Mich., who are there to help you develop the skills you need for a successful campaign, including:

  • Fundraising basics
  • Communications tactics
  • Volunteer recruitment and field operation strategies
  • Policy talking points for the campaign trail
Teacher Sue Cahill won a city council seat after attending NEA’s See Educators Run program.

Another alumni of the program, Sue Cahill, attended See Educators Run and then ran for a city council seat in Marshalltown, Ia. She said the training helped remind her that you can’t do everything yourself.

“I took the advice of the experts from the See Educators Run training to pull together my group of trusted friends to help me put together my campaign plan and work on fundraising. I believe that made the difference,” said Cahill.

Cahill won by a two-to-one margin.

The best way to promote and protect public education is for its top experts—educators—to run for public office. If you’re determined to make the jump from the classroom to public office, check out See Educators Run today!


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