Betsy DeVos and her No Good, Very Bad Record on Public Education

As President Donald Trump’s secretary of education, Betsy DeVos has worked to subvert public education. She has promoted the privatization of public schools through vouchers, called for deep cuts to federal funding, rolled back protections for vulnerable children, and shilled for the for-profit college industry that has defrauded countless students.

Scroll down through this timeline to see what Betsy DeVos has done as education secretary. Each moment shows how she’s been a disastrous choice, just as public school supporters knew she would be.

Educators Continue to Speak Out

We can do better than Betsy

One of the first decisions the next president will make is the selection of a new education secretary.With presidential candidates forming their platforms, we are asking them the tough questions – and we want to make sure your questions are answered.

Ask the Next President

Whether it’s the qualities they’re looking for in an education secretary or another issue that affects schools, the candidates running for president should address educators’ most pressing questions.

We’re asking all major candidates for president to go on the record with their thoughts and positions on the issues and policies that impact students, educators, public schools, and communities across the nation.