5 Things to Know About the Dream and Promise Act of 2019

This week, the U.S. House of Representatives introduced an updated Dream Act that gives hope and dignity to aspiring new Americans while aiming to provide a pathway to citizenship for the millions of individuals known as “Dreamers” who came to the United States as minors.

The introduction of the Dream and Promise Act of 2019 (H.R. 6) reflects the tireless work of legislators, students, activists, and organizations on behalf of immigrants. Together, these advocates are exhibiting their respect and concern for Dreamers and other beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) from ongoing attacks by the Trump administration.

“The American people elected a new Democratic majority that would uphold our values of liberty, justice and opportunity,” said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

1. What Will the Bill Accomplish?

President Trump recklessly terminated the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in 2017 which left thousands of students, teachers, members of the military and working families in limbo and under the threat of deportation. He also revoked TPS, which protects immigrants from  countries deemed  unsafe due to armed conflict, natural disaster, epidemic or other extraordinary conditions.  Both programs  provided work permits and stability families who have strong roots in the U.S. The new proposal offers young immigrants and TPS holders a path to citizenship  while upholding U.S. values of welcoming immigrants and their many social, economic, and cultural contributions to the nation.

2. Why Pass the Bill Now?

The bill would help approximately 3.6 million Dreamers, including the 800,000 who have been shielded from deportation and granted a work permit under DACA. The legislation provides protection and certainty to our neighbors, friends, many who are students and educators in our schools. The bill not only helps families stay together and secure long-term economic stability, but also enables thousands of students to pursue their education and career goals by opening financial aid and college loans.

3. How Does the Bill Affect Students and Educators?

Under current law, without H.R. 6 in place, some educators and students will lose their protected status. Consequently, educators will lose their work permits. These losses will cause the removal of hundreds of thousands of teachers, education support professionals (ESP) and others from schools and classrooms. In addition, educators will lose their ability to support their families, pay their mortgages, and maintain their employer-provided health insurance. Ultimately, they will be at risk for deportation.

By the numbers:

  • The Migration Policy Institute estimates that there are about a quarter-million students who are DACA-eligible since the program went into effect in 2012.
  • According to public data, there are approximately 9,000 educators working in our nation’s public schools who are DACA recipients.
  • Millions of students enrolled in public schools are children of unauthorized immigrants according to the Pew Research Center.
    • In California alone, more than 50,000 children were born in the U.S. but have Salvadoran parents who face deportation due to losing their TPS.
  • According to the Center for Migration Studies, about 1,400 Salvadoran teachers in the United States have humanitarian Temporary Protection Status.
  • The American Immigration Council notes that there are about 1,000 Haitians working as educators in K-12 schools in the United States.

4. How is the 2019 Dreamer bill different from the last version?

California Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, who co-authored the original Dream Act in 2001, said the updated legislation will give Dreamers access to in-state tuition and federal student financial aid. It will also permit eligible Dreamers who were deported by the Trump administration to apply for relief. “Our bill contains a number of provisions that make it more progressive and pragmatic than previous versions of the Dream Act,” said Roybal-Allard, a co-sponsor of the new bill. “I have seen the pain and fear the Trump administration has had on Dreamers and their families.”

5. How can I Make my Voice Heard?

NEA calls on Congress to quickly pass the Dream and Promise Act of 2019 and is committed to continuing to work with friends and allies to stand up to the Trump administration’s attacks on the safety and wellbeing of immigrant families.

Click here to urge your Congressional representative to support H.R. 6.

“Trump’s treatment of them is inhumane, cruel, and contrary to the values that we hold dear as a nation,” says NEA President Lily Eskelsen García.

60 responses to “5 Things to Know About the Dream and Promise Act of 2019

  1. My daughter’s boyfriend is a good kid whose parents were not able to obtain DACA for him so now he’s 17 almost 18 and was brought here at 3 years old and is stuck without the ability to get a regular job or a driver’s license and really wants to be able to afford college! This new bill would benefit a good kid!

  2. How can they start a process when illegals aren’t allowed to work without a social or work permit and in order to obtain either you would have to have a job to make money to pay for the process

    1. Through DACA I was able to receive my necessary permit & ss# for work/study purposes. That’s how you get a job, make money, save up & pay the fees necessary.

  3. I am completely against amnesty and just giving people citizenship. I am in favor of giving Dreamers (and only Dreamers) a pathway to done kind of a resident status that must be requified every 5 years. That status should be granted only long as they have never broken any jaws at all and they were legally protected as a Dreamer before 1/1/2016. No one after 1/1/2016 should ever be able to qualify as a Dreamer / DACA again. I am completely against giving the students federal student loans or in-state tuition. Any of them who left the country or were deported should not be allowed to re-enter under the program. They must apply to come in with no special considerations through the usual immigration system. I am completely against giving any kind of legal status to anyone other than Dreamers who are in our country illegally. I am completely against any manner of hindering the deportation of any person in our country illegally and in particular, anyone with any kind of criminal history.

  4. Do something for those legal folks in Nebraska and Iowa instead please! There are tens of thousands of affected Americans due to a broken climate who need your help RIGHT now! You should start thinking about those folks first.

  5. My husband came here when he was only 2 years old…he went to school, collage and now teaching in High School like a Math teacher…never had a chance to travel outside the Usa cause his status, never had a chance to see his country…always hoping for some law which will give him a chance to be completely part of this country, cause he thinks in English not in another language…if he is loosing this opportunity, very great promise for him, he has to move outside this country, somewhere where never been, somewhere where nobody knows him, somewhere where is gonna be crazy hard to begin a new life style…is not impossible but I’m just asking to think about like a human been and put all of you in his situation or other like him. My husband came here legally but his parents decide to stay and never had a chance to get citizenship cause no law exist from the 1992(the year he came) to give him a chance to get this done…what he can do now?

    1. Illegal folks are illegal, period. Why there is a push for forgiveness for those that violate the law, yet, it would be a disgrace for those who subjected themself to or has honored the law of this country. Illegals are illegals. The border must be protected, and I surely do not want people in this country who violate the law, in their first attempt to settle here. America does not need these people.

      1. Honestly, ignorant. Theres so many americans who violate the law too. Ignorant racist is what you are! Dont speak like everyone is like that. Just like you have the opportunity, everyone deserves one too.

      2. U do realize some like me were brought at the age of one, the U.S is my home. I know nothing but the U.S way of living. My English outweighs my Spanish greatly. I am no less a U.S Citizen than those that were actually born here. The only difference is the year I was in my birth country. All I want is to work and feel safe like everyone around me.

      3. Moses leading his people to the promised land was an illegal act, too. in fact, history is full of such examples-Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela. Ask people what was legal and illegal in Nazi Germany. Don’t give me that “illegal is illegal.” Instead ask what is moral and right, and try to change the law to reflect that.

  6. I am a dreamer and always wonder why NEA has never gotten legislation passed to forgive all students government loans for all Americans who have paid taxes for a few years after graduation from college. I am against student loan money wasted on those who never use the education and often default on debts. But our most promising graduates who have proven themselves should be set free of this bondage. This may be the best thing for voters and investment in our economy Congress could do this session.

  7. As a long retired teacher and current volunteer in Coachella Valley, it is time to help students have full access to legal status. After 3 to 5 years, these students are American in speech, thought, and goals for their lives.

  8. good morning,

    My name is Michelle A I am 21 years old, I am a DREAMER and also a PARENT to a amazing 10 month old baby boy. I am writing today to show and proof my support for this new possible law. I am constantly worried about my life and future with my child, i am constantly afraid of possibly being separate from my son and my family. I’ve been in this country for more than 10 years i dont know anything else but this country i take pride in being apart of this country. WE had no choice when they we were brought here. This has been OUR country for many years. It’s time that WE get recognize as fellow citizens and use our youth, energy and enthusiasm to rebuild the American Dream!

    1. Why not return to your home country which needs you? Also be proud of your country, whose people I am pretty sure fought hard so you could live and grace the people there? Think of this.

      1. You moron will never know why our parents or children move to USA, because you have never been in a place where there is no food, no job, no safety on the streets like here in USA. We came here because we had to fight and survive however possible. And please don’t even think to say we are taking your jobs or your food stamp, because thats just pathetic of you. We work hard every day just like you, we pay bills just like you and we pay taxes just like you we our ITIN numer.

  9. If they are going to be given amnesty it needs to be dated instead of saying if you came here under the age of 18 a been in the country four years. It needs to say if you came to the u.s. under the age 18 prior to January 1st 2016

  10. Dreamers are truly Americans and should be given the chance to live in and continue to contribute to the United States, the country they know and love.

  11. Surely you will vote for the Dream and Promise act for everyone in Tennessee! You know in your heart, soul, and mind that it the right thing to do.

  12. Dreamers are good people who only want to achieve their American Dreams. Our gov’t should focus on the most pressing problems rather than hinder those who can help our country progressed more. America was built by immigrants! and they continue to do so.

  13. The country Dreamers know as home should not turn its back on them; not with so much time and treasure invested for them and by them to be able to meaningfully participate in our society. Providing them the capacity to transition to U.S. citizenship is morally and pragmatically the right thing to do.

  14. All should be welcomed if they follow the rules of becoming a citizen. Those that do not should be deported. We should not be a welfare country!

  15. I am in my 40th year in education. Propaganda like this is why I have stopped my membership to the NEA and the WEA. I will continually stand against both organizations which continually enter into leftist agendas which are not what the unions should be dealing with. I am embarrassed that I took so long drop out.

  16. America IS immigrants and their children. Ask Mr. Drumph’s grandfather.
    We are all immigrants or their children, and we have built America.

  17. I do not know anyone who wants people born in the US to be deported, and neither does Trump or anyone in Congress. I also do not know anyone who wants those here illegally to not be deported if they are not legally eligible to stay. So how does this bill solve this dilemma without separating families with children under eighteen years of age???

  18. These young people had no choice when they were brought here. This has been their country-many have never really known another country. It’s time that we recognize them as fellow citizens and use their youth, energy and enthusiasm to rebuild the American Dream!

    1. There was amnisty granted in the late 1980’s, but nothing was done to correct the illegal immigration problem, so the problem continues. The ONLY way to make DACA kids a path to citizenship is to FIRST correct the issue of illegal immigration, then and only then can DACA be addressed.

    2. Trump was not inhuman, he saw the problem of illegals not paying for American privileges paid for by taxes paid by law abiding citizens. If a person is progressing towards citizenship, contributing, and abiding by the laws, they are welcome. Stop making provisions for those who are not doing the previous, it sapps the systems and burdens those abiding. Keep revising to bring equality to all, not just minors of all races not willing to contribute.

    3. Here is my question. Why haven’t they tried to become a citizen before this? Why should we be the ones who start this process? I would think if it was important to them, they would have started the process long before now.

      1. You are so ignorant at this immigration problem. Do you think an immigrant can just go and grab an application for citizenship and fill it up and walaaa he/she is a citizen?!? No!!
        There is a 99% he/she will be detained and deported! You ignorant!!

    4. Yes, do the humane thing for our them to assimilate. Relieve their fear. I can’t imagine living with such uncertainty. Where is the empathy?

  19. President Trump’s treatment of immigrant families is not cruel and inhumane. He has made amazing efforts to help DACA students, but Democrats insist on their way or the highway. Lily Garcia conspicuously omits the word “illegal” from her reference to immigrants. There is a huge difference between “illegal” and “legal” immigrants, but Garcia’s misleading statement implies that Trump is inhumane and cruel to all immigrants. That is an outright lie. He is not cruel to any immigrants. However, many illegal immigrants, protected in sanctuary cities, have murdered and raped our citizens. Let’s be sure to tell the truth, Lily.

    Now, in the interest of “diversity” of opinion, championed by NEA, post my statement for all to see, preferably in our esteemed publication, NEA Today.

  20. A very, very, very rich spoiled brat: “Prince” Trump was never, NEVER EVER of the common People & then for the majority common People in the United States. NO!

  21. There are many US citizens whose parents did not bring them here illegally that would love to realize such a dream . In fact I would of appreciated someone paying for my children’s education . This is just not fair . We can not help everyone . I wish we could but what about myself and my family . I do not support this bill .

    1. “In fact I would of appreciated someone paying for my children’s education”. Same here. This is not fair to those who came here legally, those who were born here – those who fight for this country.

  22. Where are the humane acts for generations of Americans born here, who fought for religious, economic, educational freedom; died for equity, equality, unbiased justice; whose children are in hundreds of thousands of dollars debt to get educated?

  23. Most of the foreigners here I know would be deported if they applied for welfare. Most of our ancestors were like them years ago running from a country and situation that had no good life for them, and if they made it here they’d have an opportunity to get a life. Many have started their own businesses to become American too, and are good citizens. Then they should be welcome to make a life here as we were able by our ancestors. But the Robinhood government programs do need to stop as well as the support of what is not working out for our people. Work for what is given needs to be put in place instead of return. There is a time that changes needs to be made, and the government should not bail out what is bad for us to support. I have supported many who came to this country looking for a better life. How big the government has gotten, and it’s power base to be able to take from us has grown to what we ran from in other countries. The insurance program at one time was a great answer but now with deductibles that can never be paid, this needs to stop…. these are our robbers… you don’t show for an appointment and they charge you and your insurance Co. anyway… that’s a robber. These people who come here are taking jobs we won’t take, doing what we won’t do. Proper application of them into our mix, of those are here, needs to be accommodated.

  24. As a member in the community in the city of Coachella where many of our residents have an ancestral history of origin from Mexico, and as an educator, athletic coach, and former Mayor who has experienced fellow residents who have integrated and have patriotically served in so many arenas of society, I fully support these efforts to fully include them into our American family.

  25. My parents were immigrants. They became valuable citizens and contributed to this country with three children: one PhD, two Masters. Don’t deny others the opportunity.

  26. Support the Dream and Promise Act of 2019 (H.R. 6) that provides young immigrants and TPS holders a path to citizenship.

  27. It’s time to take steps forward with the nation right now, today for them tomorrow for us.

    This will be a historic progress for the entire nation, a sign of intelligence, a humane action that is well deserved.

    1. I am the son of an immigrant. My father entered this country 70 years ago, fought in WWII, held a job until his death and never committed a felony crime.

      H.R. 6 would give all aliens (illegal immigrants) exemption from any possible deportation by the US, even if they committed a felony.

      Congress certainly needs to correct the current immigration policies. They need to do so without making this a political issue. All sides agree that the policy needs to be updated. The current administration did not “recklessly” terminate DACA. It was temporary by definition. The previous administration failed to follow through with needed immigration reform policy. The current administration followed the rule of law and allowed DACA to end according to the previous administration’s pre-determined date.

      H.R.6 does NOT justly correct this policy. For example, H.R. 6 prohibits the US justice system from deporting any alien (illegal immigrant) on the basis on ANY crime (including felonies) if that alien has come from a country or culture of violence. Since this is also the basis for many aliens wishing to enter the US, it would effectively give illegal immigrants the right to do anything they wished in the US without fear of prosecution.

      Please read H.R. 6 to note this and other flaws and inadequacies in the bill.

    2. We are a Nation built on the principles of expanding opportunities for All. That begins with education, continues, and ends with education. “Empty the coins in your purse into your mind, and your mind will fill your purse with coins.” Benjamin Franklin

    3. For the immigrants that came here illegally they knew their children would be American citizens. The parents should have tried for citizenship at that time. For the ones that didn’t or haven’t even tried should be sent back. If they don’t won’t to be separated from their children let them leave with their parents. They shouldn’t cry about it, they took chances when they came here. We don’t want to separate families they make that choice by coming here illegally. Send them all back together.

      1. Why do people keep saying that a pathway to citizenship for immigrants brought here as children to be AMNESTY?

        Amnesty only applies to people that have commited a crime.
        When a child commits murder it is arguably NOT a crime and therefore Amnesty is not applicable.

        These kids that were brought here had no say in the matter.
        They have no other home but America. They are NOT criminals and therefore the word AMNESTY does not apply.

        Pass the Dream Act Now!

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