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Join with activists across the country and #Vote4Ed!

Whether it’s an outgrowth of the #RedForEd movement that began this spring with a nine-day, statewide school walkout in West Virginia that spread to Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arizona and Colorado. Or the collective frustration of educators and parents fed up with cut after cut in education funding and educator salaries since the Great Recession (more than half of states provide less total school funding per student than they did in 2008 during the Great Recession, estimated the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities). Or the record number of educators running for political office for the first time, from school boards to Congress. Or, most plausibly, a combination of all those factors. Whatever the reason(s), public education has been propelled to the top on the political trail.

Activists are across the country are using #Vote4Ed to show their support for public education and students at the polls. Join them by using the hashtag #Vote4Ed on Twitter or Instagram to see your post added to the public education advocates below!

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