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4 reasons Kate Brown is the educators’ choice for governor of Oregon

Kate Brown attended public schools growing up. There, she learned the importance of public service. Beginning in 1991, Kate began a decades-long career in public service, serving as a state representative, then state senator, then Oregon’s Secretary of State, until eventually assuming the office of governor in 2015.

Throughout her career, Kate has pushed for high-quality public education at every level—from increasing the number of preschool students to improving high school graduation rates to expanding access to technical education for adults. Then, once those students enter the workforce, Kate has ensured that they will be protected. She’s passed legislation ensuring fair workplace scheduling practices, a raise in the state minimum wage, and paid sick leave, among other policies.

Kate will continue to fight for an Oregon that provides the education people need to succeed in just working environments.

1. Kate wants to reduce class sizes

Understanding that reasonable class-sized lead to increased student success, Kate has proposed using additional funding to drop kindergarten class sized from an average of 22 to 20, and grades 2-3 down to 23 students per class.

2. A strong supporter of early childhood education

As governor, Kate secured funding to provide free preschool to an additional 1,300 low-income Oregonians. She has also pledged to add 10,000 more slots in the next budget.

3. Kate supports educators

Kate’s opponent, Knute Buehler, believes that the state’s education funding woes are the fault of educators, saying the cause is, “runaway pension and health insurance costs.” Kate, on the other hand, understands that attracting the best educators leads to student achievement, saying:

“These are hard-working people. They give the best years of their lives to our kids. We want the most dedicated and determined people entering the profession, not people who can’t find any other job.”

4. Her economic vision includes ALL Oregonians through enhanced job training

“My vision is of an Oregon where we increase economic prosperity, and do it in a way that ensures prosperity is inclusive—an Oregon where everyone is given the same fair shot at building a better life for themselves and for their children.”

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2 responses to “4 reasons Kate Brown is the educators’ choice for governor of Oregon

  1. The Oregon Education Association has been killing teachers for years. Kate Brown is dis-investing in Education (Beaverton now at 35 million shortfall) and we have all ready laid off more then 200 teachers. It is hard to teach when you have kids in the classroom and desks in the hallway with students. You have to go back and fourth. So she probably thinks that the AHCA is actually lowering heath care costs. Nope, we just are getting rid of infrastructure and education to pay MORE into the bottomless pit called heath care.

  2. I’m a teacher in Oregon and her plan is great. We are laying of teachers and have a 24 million shortfall in Beaverton. She is the worst for teachers. So glad I don’t pay dues anymore!

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