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What’s your plan for Nov. 6?

As educators, we love a plan. And a worksheet to make the plan. So here’s a worksheet for the upcoming election. Your reward for filling it out? Participation in democracy!

14 responses to “What’s your plan for Nov. 6?

  1. I early voted by mail to make sure I wouldn’t have any excuses with work, after school clubs, or family obligations to keep me from the polls. Too many people have sacrificed too much for me to exercise this right, and this election is too important for us to to NOT vote. Get out there and do your civic duty!!!!

  2. Ready to be a part of the blue tsunami taking back control before it’s too late.
    Wait and see. The blue wave is coming folks. America will correct this path we have fallen into. Time to reclaim.

  3. Important issues are at stake this Tuesday… securing the border, fighting for lower health care costs, keeping tax cuts permanent, and standing up against the incivility of the left…and we all must do our part. I am counting on you to do a little extra and encourage your friends and family to join in getting out the vote!

    Thank you for going the extra mile this election day and let’s win!

  4. Vote Red all the way. Say NO to open borders, sanctuary cities, abolition of ICE, killing of babies by “planned parenthood,” race baiting, destruction of historical monuments and re-writing of history, and extreme indoctrination of students in public schools and universities with far left, Socialist ideology. Vote to preserve America.

  5. I voted early! I was worried I would slip, fall, and end up in a coma and would miss my chance to vote (like in a movie or something) so I voted the first day of early voting!

  6. I am a high school history teacher. I help to register students to vote and throughout the year discuss the importance of civic responsibility and voting. As a mom, I always took both of my daughters to vote with me. I instilled in them that voting is a responsibility. It is not an option. My daughters are now 18 and 24 and are both active voters with an acute awareness of what it means to be a responsible citizen. We will all be voting in this election.
    It truly is never to early to start developing good citizens.

  7. I voted by leaving Oklahoma and moving to Washington. I will vote next time after I learn more about my new chosen state.

  8. Yes I’m going to vote! My children will be voting also. I’ve instilled in them the importance of voting.We have a right to voice our opinions and choosing our elected officials by casting our ballots is the best manner in which to do this.

  9. I am an education candidate, and I am on the ballot! I am bringing my husband and our young son with me to the polls. My daughter voted early because she will be in college in another location across the state. I am coming armed with information from the last few years’ legislative sessions in my state, my congressional district and information concerning Marsy’s Law, which will be on the ballot. Yes, I will need a government issued ID with picture and signature or a credit card. Yes, I know my polling location. I will be there bright and early, because it is also GOTV.

    1. If you applied for an absentee ballot but did not use it bring it with you to the polls. You are required to hand it over before you can vote.

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