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4 reasons Stacey Abrams is the educators’ choice for governor of Georgia

Stacey Abrams credits public education with saving her and her five siblings from poverty. She grew up in both Mississippi and Georgia and built a career as a legislator, attorney, author, and business leader.

As Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) President Charlotte Booker said while announcing their recommendation of Abrams for governor:

“Maybe you haven’t yet heard about how she feels public education saved her family’s life because of having access to a quality public education. There are many more families counting on their local public schools to help provide them the means with which to make a quality life for themselves. Living in both our rural, urban and suburban areas, they trust and need our public schools to help them rise from a life of poverty.”

1. As House Minority Leader, Stacey opposed efforts to divert public dollars to fund vouchers and expand charter schools.

“I am the only candidate who opposes diverting hundreds of millions of dollars into private interests. I don’t intend to be the Education Governor of Georgia. I intend to be the Public Education Governor of Georgia.”

2. Stacey insists on fully funding Georgia’s public schools

“[Full funding of public education] is something we have been doing for about 200 years: educating our children. I think there’s nothing at all about that that should be seen as outside the mainstream.”

3. Stacey is a fierce advocate for workers’ rights

Stacey has earned the Friend of Labor award from the Georgia AFL-CIO for her work protecting labor rights across the state. She has advocated for worker friendly programs and policies such as:

  • Pay equity
  • Anti-workplace discrimination
  • Expansion of paid sick leave programs
  • A state requirement for a living wage in each county
  • Tax breaks for working families, not corporations and the wealthy

4. Stacey has a real plan to improve Georgia’s public schools

Educators know that schools aren’t simply places of learning for students, and Stacey understand this too. She has called for a variety of improvements to the lives of students. This starts with wrap-around services, such as dental care, counseling, and ESL support for students.

Other enhancements Stacey has called for are smaller class sizes, less high stakes testing, and ensuring educator salaries are competitive to help Georgia attract and retain the teachers students deserve.

View GAE’s complete list of recommended candidates here.

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