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Why the office of Land Commissioner is important for New Mexico students and NEA-NM members

Decided by less than 600 votes in 2014, the Land Commissioner race has a real impact on school funding.

Congratulations to NEA-New Mexico member and teacher Stephanie Garcia Richards on her Land Commisioner win! Read on to learn more about how important the office is for education funding in New Mexico.

The Land Commissioner race in New Mexico has a real impact on school funding. In fact, the office of Land Commissioner accounts for one-third of all funding for New Mexico’s public schools.

Decided by less than 600 votes in 2014, this is the one statewide seat that has throughout NM’s history most consistently been a toss up, and this year’s polls show it is very close.

And in this year’s race, New Mexico has a teacher and NEA-NM member, Stephanie Garcia Richard, running for the office. With the out-sized impact this office will have on education funding, it’s time to have an educator in place.

Stephanie’s experience is vast, and her record in office has shown how strongly she supports public education.

  • A teacher and NEA-NM member herself, Stephanie will be an additional strong voice always placing students’ best interest at the center of all she will do as our next Land Commissioner.
  • As a lifelong educator, Chair of the House Education Committee, and former member of the Appropriations Committee, Stephanie has repeatedly voted to increase school funding and teacher pay while staving off actions by the Public Education Department that would be devastating for our children.
  • Stephanie has sponsored legislation to limit high-stakes testing and classroom sizes and has never relented on early childhood education. She even cosponsored HJM 1 this past session; a constitutional amendment to fully fund early childhood education for every child in New Mexico.
  • A strong supporter of worker’s rights, Stephane stood up for unions to fight back against every effort in our legislature to attack union rights.

Stephanie’s opponent, Patrick Lyons, on the other hand, has shown that he cares little for the students of New Mexico. Corporations and large businesses with a vested interest in maximizing their profit, rather than maximizing profit for NM students from the state’s land holdings are contributing heavily to his campaign. In fact, Lyons’ fundraising tactics have led to his campaign being embroiled in a series of legal and ethical scandals.

Every vote for Stephanie Garcia Richard is an important vote to put New Mexico students first!

View the complete list of NEA-NM recommended candidates here.

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  1. You seem to have overlooked Jeff Swanson, House District 51 (Dem), courageously running in deep red, Right-to-Work-for-less Alamogordo, Otero County. Jeff’s wife Donna is a retired teacher..
    Please contact him on *****.
    Education is one of his top issues.

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