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5 reasons Janet Mills is the educators’ choice for governor of Maine

Congratulations to Janet Mills on her election to Governor of Maine. Learn more about her plans to stand up for public schools and students below.

As the daughter of a Maine public school teacher, Janet Mills understands the importance of public education.

After graduating from the University of Maine School of Law, Janet served as an assistant in Maine’s Attorney General’s Office and was later elected as the first woman district attorney in New England history.

Mills continued her work as an elected official in the Maine House of Representatives. In the legislature, she fought to institute the most recent statewide minimum teacher salary. After four terms as a state representative, she was elected Maine’s first female Attorney General where she supported the right for public sector unions to collectively bargain before the Supreme Court.

  1. Mills supports fully funding Maine’s public schools

“It’s both a moral imperative, and critical to our future as a state, to ensure every student — no matter what part of Maine they live in — has access to a high-quality education. When the state fails to meet its obligations, the impact is disproportionately damaging to rural and lower-income communities. As Governor, I will work with the Legislature to fully fund the state’s obligations”

  1. Mills has a plan to end childhood hunger

One of Mills’ top-tier issues is ending childhood hunger in Maine. Her proposals to tackle hunger include requesting additional aid from the USDA for the area in Maine most affected by unemployment and removing the asset test that penalizes family for saving. Mills also proposes to grow Maine’s local food economy by investing in programs like Maine Harvest Bucks.

  1. Mills opposes taking Maine taxpayer dollars to pay for private and charter schools

“I firmly oppose taking tax dollars from the public education system to fund new private or charter schools, and I do not support lifting the cap on new charters. The proposal to allow for ten charter schools in Maine was largely based on the premise that these schools would serve as an experiment. So far, the promise of dramatically higher-quality education has yet to materialize, and I believe it would be premature to expand that experiment without positive results.”

  1. As Attorney General, Mills joined a lawsuit against Betsy DeVos

Janet Mills was one of 20 Attorneys General to sue Betsy DeVos over the Education Department’s plans to abandon federal protections for borrowers who were cheated by predatory, for-profit colleges. After winning the suit, Mills said:

“This decision is a significant victory for Maine students and those of us seeking to protect them from being victimized by for-profit schools.  Today, the law stands with students against the predatory practices of these for-profit schools and who falsely and deceptively promise employment and high wages.  Now is the time to give these students and their families the relief they’ve been waiting for and the fair shot they deserve.”

  1. Mills will support retired educators

“My mother taught school for thirty-seven years. I’m keenly aware of the real struggles faced by retired teachers facing high insurance costs, modest-at-best pensions, and little or no access to Social Security due to the WEP. This is not only the right thing to do, it’s also important to attract and retain the talented educators who are critical to the future of our education system and our state.”

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2 responses to “5 reasons Janet Mills is the educators’ choice for governor of Maine

  1. Janet is the obvious choice for Maine for many reasons, and these 5 reasons on education just add to that. I am pleased to say I already voted for her. Maine has suffered under the current Republican administration and there is no evidence that that would change with a new Republican governor. We also need strong legislators in place as Republicans are preparing to toss out important steps that have been taken such as adoption of rigorous learning standards in math, ELA and science.

  2. So glad to see how much Janet supports public education as well as teachers. Teacher pay has to rise, working conditions improve, and the teacher retirement system needs changes to compete with neighboring states. As retirees we shouldn’t have to pay such high insurance fees, have limits on our COLAs, have our pensions taxed, and have the GPO-WEP rip away SS money.

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