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Educators cheer victories in Massachusetts and Delaware primaries

With politicians holding the reins on issues from education funding to immigration and beyond, showing up at the ballot box is the best way to ensure students, educators, and public schools get the resources and support they need. Voters in Massachusetts and Delaware took that lesson to heart this week, and education champions in both states are advancing to the general election in November.


Massachusetts Teachers Association endorsed Senator Elizabeth Warren, as well as Representatives Jim McGovern (MA-2), Joseph Kennedy (MA-4), Katherine Clark (MA-5) and Bill Keating (MA-9) are all advancing to the general election.

A janitor’s daughter turned public school teacher turned U.S. Senator, Warren’s roots are firmly in the working class. She understands that accessible and affordable early education, strong public schools, fair wages, unions, and debt forgiveness are tickets to achieving the American Dream.

An outspoken critic of Betsy DeVos, Warren has authored legislation on many of the issues that matter most to public schools and educators, including student loan reform, for-profit colleges, school privatization, fraudulent student lenders, and more.


Endorsed by the Delaware State Education Association, Senator Tom Carper defeated his challenger, while Kathy Jennings will be advancing in the race for Attorney General. Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester, a Democrat who did not face a primary, learned that her GOP challenger will be businessman Scott Walker.

As the former Governor of Delaware, Tom Carper led efforts to fully fund Head Start and other early intervention programs for every 4-year old living in poverty. In the Senate, Carper helped pass legislation empowering school districts and educators to develop localized plans to improve student outcomes.

A fierce union advocate, Senator Carper also pushed to stop the aggressive recruitment of veterans by for-profit colleges and joined other Democrats to support a bill guaranteeing the right of public employees to organize. Carper joined Warren in opposing the DeVos nomination, citing her support for bad actors in the for-profit college sector and lack of basic policy knowledge.

Next week will see primaries in New Hampshire on Tuesday, Rhode Island on Wednesday, and New York on Thursday.

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