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Key elements of CO gubernatorial candidate Cary Kennedy’s education plan

“Ultimately, Cary’s long and impressive record of supporting public education made her the only real choice for educators. Cary shares our belief that it’s not acceptable for Colorado’s economy to rank at the top while our investment in public education ranks at the bottom. She is the only candidate for Governor who will make education Colorado’s top priority.”

Cary Kennedy is a true champion for public education with a strong record of support for educators and students. Colorado’s primary is June 26.


4 responses to “Key elements of CO gubernatorial candidate Cary Kennedy’s education plan

  1. “REPEAL: WEP AND GOVERNMENT PENSION OFFSET ! AMERICAN WIDOWED WOMEN WHO TEACH…NEED THEIR SOC SEC …..SURVIVOR BENEFITS….TO AVOID POVERTY !!!” Support: HR 1205, S 915, John Larson’s HR 1902 and Linda Sanchez’s POWR HR 1583. NANCY ALTMAN…needs to be in CHARGE of Soc Security !!! She knows and shares…the TRUTH !!!

  2. Where does Cary stand on climate change and other environmental issues? What about medicare for all? What about the other support staff in the school districts. If Cary is just a one is just a one trick pony why vote for her?

  3. I support Cary but how does she stand on the following issues. State paid for all day kindergarten and teachers expected to carry guns.

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