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How to keep your activism going all summer long

Those who would attack and dismantle public education never seem to take a vacation. That’s why it’s essential for public education activists like you to stay informed and engaged during the summer months.

Part of our mission at EdVotes is to make it easier for you to keep up with legislation and policies that affect public education and working families—for better and for worse—and help you find ways to speak out and take action on issues that matter for students and educators.

Here is our tip list for keeping your activism going throughout the summer:

  • Sign-up for quick-read newsletters that will help you keep up with timely news of state and national politics and campaigns to invest in public education: The EdVotes weekly newsletter and Education Insider provide coverage tailored to the education activist.
  • Take action online and share pro-public education content with your networks. “There’s no denying the power of digital activism,” says NEA political director Carrie Pugh. “We see every year how educators, parents and students raising their voices online can open important conversations and lead change.” Looking for content to share? Simply follow EdVotes on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Check out our advocacy tips to ensure you’re making the biggest impact you can every time you speak up for your students.
  • BONUS TIP: Find some time to rest and recharge so you can start the next school year strong and ready to fight for public education!

4 responses to “How to keep your activism going all summer long

  1. Media outlets are distorting the alien children topic for sensationalism. The policy went into effect many years ago but some Presidents have chosen to ignore the law. President Trump, a father and grandfather, has as much compassion for children as any of the Presidents who have ignored the law for political benefit. He wants Congress as the representatives of the people to resolve the policy more satisfactorily. But the practice of ignoring the law violates Presidents’ sworn duty to uphold it.

  2. I’d like to see the NEA take an official stance against the current administration’s policy of removing children from their parents when they enter the country. The practice is barbaric and can cause irreparable damage to innocent children. We will teach many of these children some day, and this can only negatively impact their emotional development. The practice goes against what a free and democratic society stands for.

    1. This is not only the current Administration’s policy. It’s been the policy of several recent Administrations but some Presidents have chosen to score political points by ignoring their sworn duty to uphold the law.

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