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Public ed activists show lawmakers how we should really #ThankATeacher

In the wake of walk-outs and rallies, both massive and modest, across the nation in recent weeks, public education activists are making a point of continuing the conversation about the tragic lack of investment in our public schools during National Teacher Appreciation Week.

It’s nowhere more evident than on social media, where educators and fellow activists are making the case for fair pay, more support staff, classroom resources, and clean safe buildings. Here are a few posts that caught our eye:










Of course, there are a few lawmakers who already get it!

One response to “Public ed activists show lawmakers how we should really #ThankATeacher

  1. I thank yoursupporg for teachers in Ohio and everywhere. I hope that we get our democratic nominee for governor elected. If Mike DeWine gets elected. We will be a right to work State with elimination of public schools along with rising wealthy owned charter schools. This next November will resonate for years to come. Please. Please support your public schools. Show the wealthy that schools aren’t for sale. The middle and lower income families deserve the right to a great education also.
    God Bless America

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