4 things you should know about ALEC politicians

Private companies fund ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) to hold secretive meetings that bring corporate lobbyists together with your state lawmakers. One of those meetings is taking place in Grand Rapids, Michigan this weekend. During ALEC meetings, lobbyists and politicians vote as equals on “model bills,” drafted by ALEC. These bills often sacrifice your rights to benefit the bottom lines of the group’s wealthy corporate donors. Here are four things to remember about ALEC politicians.

6 responses to “4 things you should know about ALEC politicians

  1. Do you have any information on Florida representatives or any of their involvement in Alec. Or where I can check?
    Thanks, Sherry

  2. This piece was enlightening. I had never heard of this group. It does not surprise me that such an organization exists. Thank you.

  3. Privatizeing all aspect government is their goal. Rolling all funds and power into the hands of the wealthy and corporate demagogues, leaving no power or funding for society as a whole. Akin to totalitarian governments around the globe.
    The slippery slope of Fascism is quickly coming to a head after years of slow and steady push further to the right. Along with the loss of Democracy, America as we know it, and the world perceives us to be, we have finally succumbed to the 4th estate, the monied interests lurking throughout our government, by those wrapped in flags and the power of God.
    We are too powerful a nation to be taken by military assault, so it was always inevitable that this mighty nation be taken from within by the “Manchurian Candidates” put in place to do this work in the name of God and Country.
    Groups like ALEC and others like it, being the open secret of recruitment and the push to the end of the Democratic experiment.

  4. ALEC, ISDS, Mandatory Binding Arbitration – corporate power is taking over our democracy and must be stopped!

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