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Scott Wagner, running for governor in Pa., says teachers are overpaid

By Amanda Litvinov

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Pennsylvania state Sen. Scott Wagner, an early favorite among the Republican candidates for governor, said that teachers are overpaid during a radio interviewthis week.

Wagner said, “People would be appalled if they knew what their teachers made, in certain areas.”

He then stated that teachers in his home district make an average salary of $88,000, which is incorrect. The most recent data shows the average teacher salary in his district is closer to $70,000.

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It’s not the first time Wagner has complained that teachers are compensated too generously. He made the same complaint last year using the same inflated statistic.

Wagner has also said he wants to eliminate benefits that educators earn, including sick days. He plans to end pensions for working educators, and wants retired educators to give back 10% of the retirement they earned.

An outspoken critic of public schools, Wagner has made it clear he would be no friend to public education if he is elected in November.

Find out more about Scott Wagner, and his promise to support Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s agenda with a statewide voucher plan.






One response to “Scott Wagner, running for governor in Pa., says teachers are overpaid

  1. In this economy, despite what Trump said, $70,000 does not go a long way when you have a family. It galls me that that Wagner inflates the average teacher salary in Pennsylvania. The Democratic Party and educators have a long road ahead to defeat this gentlemen in his race for the governorship of Pennsylvania.

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