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BREAKING NEWS: Final vote on disastrous tax plan set for early next week. Massive pushback needed.

by Félix Pérez

Senate and House Republican tax writers signed off on a bill this afternoon, setting up a final vote early next week on rammed-through legislation that analysts agree provides massive tax cuts to the wealthiest and corporations while putting extra burdens on students, educators and working families.

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“The potential $250 billion in cuts to classrooms and 250,000 educator jobs in jeopardy? They’re still at risk.,” said Marc Egan, director of government relations for the National Education Association. “The foundation of this dangerous plan harms students and working families to pay for a massive giveaway to corporations and the wealthy.”

Egan emphasized the need for every single person to call their members of Congress: 

Call your Members of Congress right away, and demand they vote no on the tax plan. If you’ve already called, call again . . . and then ask your friends to call too. We must focus all of our energy right now on making sure our elected officials know how bad this bill will be. Any tax plan that gets through cannot be passed on the backs of our students, families and communities.

In addition to making nominal tax cuts for middle class individuals effective until 2025 but making corporate tax cuts permanent, the tax plan is full of provisions that tilt overwhelmingly toward corporations and the wealthy. The $1.5 trillion plan:

  • Threatens cuts of up to $250 billion to state and local funding for public schools
  • Puts 250,000 educator jobs at risk, and
  • Causes 13 million people to lose their health insurance and premiums to spike because it partially repeals the Affordable Care Act.

An analysis of the Joint Committee on Taxation report shows that the bill is overwhelmingly skewed to the wealthy. Under the Senate GOP plan, 82 million middle-class households will see a tax increase by 2027 and Americans in the lowest income brackets will be worse off next year.

Call your members of Congress now. Tell them to vote no on the disastrous tax bill.

Lily Eskelsen García, a Utah elementary school teacher and president of the National Education Association, said:

It is outrageous to hand massive tax giveaways for the wealthy and corporate special interests paid for by students and working families. This is a terrible bill for the American people and we need more courage from members of Congress to stop this runaway train.

29 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Final vote on disastrous tax plan set for early next week. Massive pushback needed.

  1. I think Hans got it right when he referred to a sugar high.

    I’ve often used the metaphor or asking if a tax cut is chocolate or vegetables. Chocolate gives you a high, but then you crash. Vegetables gradually build strength.

    So, the question is whether this tax cut is chocolate or vegetables.

    Politically neutral economists have said that a tax cut of this nature (skewed toward the upper income and corporate) will give the stock market a sugar high, but could cause a recession. And of course, since the middle-class cuts are not permanent, if they expire during a recession it is possible that the best Congress money can buy would say that we can’t afford to renew them.

    A modest tax cut focused on the middle class, however, could be vegetables. Middle-class people like me would spend their money on goods and services which will create jobs that will make more people taxpayers.

    Additionally, this bill was rushed through and not even some of the Senators who voted for it knew what was in it. You generally get a good product when you follow a good process. This bill was not subject to regular order.

    It looks like this bill is more chocolate than vegetables. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think so.

  2. No to the current tax proposal.
    No family left to sink deeper into poverty. No senior citizens eating poorly and avoiding doctors. No teachers having to buy basic supplies for their students.

  3. Marine Bob – A booming stock market is not a true reflection of our country’s economic health or a measure of higher paying job creation. Even Trump himself argued this point to discredit the seven years of market gains under the Obama administration. Of course now he’s changed his tune. Nevertheless, more than half of Americans, 52 percent, are currently not investing in the stock market—either by buying individual stocks or mutual funds, or through a retirement account such as a 401(k) or IRA. Let’s call this tax bill for what it really is – a gift to the rich investor class and a pox on the average working class Joe.

    1. Anyone who has a defined benefit pension, like most public sector workers have a vested interest in the market. A huge amount of pension dollars are tied to financial markets. Those who do not find a way to save and invest in market based financial instruments will never get to a comfortable life style.

      What is the issue with people who have money getting a tax break? Everyone including the 2/3 of tax payers (who are not a whole lot of the population) who file, use the standard deduction which is essentially getting doubled. 12 to 24K. That is worth a couple of grand to most filers. How is that not a benefit to middle class people?

      1. MarineBob – Only a little over 10% of our workforce enjoy a defined benefit pension. My issue isn’t people with money getting a tax break, it’s Trump and the GOP framing this tax bill as predominantly a middle class benefit. Over 80% of the benefits go to the top 1% who are already flush with cash. So quit misrepresenting it as something it’s not.

  4. It seems this tax plan benefits everyone. As always, some more than others. As always there are parts that are not ideal or even reflect the extreme power of the entrenched swamp. For example, the ‘death tax’ has not been eliminated. The reason is the insurance lobby, representing billions of dollars of profit were able to influence the legislature to make sure the death tax stayed in place. For those not aware, those with higher levels of wealth purchase big dollar life insurance policies to protect assets to be passed onto their heirs. Life insurance benefits are not taxed so even though premiums for these ‘premium’ policies are very expensive, it is better than paying the government taxes upon death. So the so called death tax is a joke, those with big $$ wealth don’t pay it anyway. Without the death tax the insurance companies stood to lose billions in sales of death-life insurance. No one seems to be upset with that. I guess American is in love with insurance companies.

    It is also odd that people are complaining about individuals losing health insurance. The real issue is that the government will no longer pay billions to support those who will not pay anything for their mandatory insurance. In many liberal states, the only difference is the burden will now be levied onto the state as they continue to pay for those who won’t or can’t pay. At some point tax payers will say enough, get the lazy -could-be -workers into the work force and have them stop leeching off the government and tax payers

    Maybe we could coax Hillary or Bernie off the sidelines and turn America into a socialist state.

    1. Marine Bob – Why is it that every conservative seems to operate on the premise that the reason that people are poor is b/c they’re either lazy or trying game the system? Maybe they should stop and consider for a moment that maybe not every person in need is a leech.

      1. How is it that people with money got their money, I mean except for people like the Kennedys or Clintons?

        There are genuine cases of welfare need, but there are far too many leeches who get some sort of benefit and drink Dunkin Donut coffee, have tattoos, smoke cigarettes, have I phones, buy lottery tickets. and could be working at some sort of job.

        1. MarineBob – I’m sure you have access to the thoroughly fact-based scientific studies that back your statement that jobless tattooed smokers who drink Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, carry phones, buy lottery tickets, or engage in some combination thereof, are all busy sucking the govt. nipple. Please send those to me. 😉

          1. Come along next time I go grocery shopping or drive by my town’s food pantry giveaway on Saturday mornings. I believe what I see and observe, not just listen to a bunch of liberal gibberish. My favorite episode was a woman asking a customer service clerk if her EBT card was good in the store we were in….. she said she got it in a different state, 3 towns away, in the state. Maybe she was just stupid, or maybe all the tattoos had compromised her ability to understand English.

            You pretend to be smart enough to spout sarcasm but if there were a government study on such matters, (and we all know such an investigation would create such an uproar it would never be done) the results would be so doctored and rationalized we’d have to start believing that depriving welfare recipients of tattoos, dunkin donuts, cigarettes, lottery is an un-American thing to do. Why should these people be deprived would be the answer. Massachusetts has welfare recipients spending money in Disney World. Probably many teachers can’t afford to go but a welfare recipient apparently has the where-with-all.

            The real issue that few want to discuss is there is not really an issue with collecting too little tax dollars, but an over bloated government administration – bureaucracy with a spending problem. If costs were cut, taxes would not be an issue.

            1. Marine Bob – You keep waving that cost cutting flag Bob. I’m sure you’ll be holding it high for your conservative buddies when it comes time to cut YOUR Social Security…b/c that’s next.

            2. Social security needs a major revamp, as do a lot of other government programs. Programs like social security are not entitlements and as such do not merit the same scrutiny as give aways like much of the government welfare and illegal alien support.

              It seems a bit unrealistic that those within a certain age group would fall under ‘old rules’. while newer participants would operate under ‘new’ rules. Most private businesses realize that changing environments need to cause changes to financial programs. The government lethargically never seems to get that idea.

    2. i called collins and king and urged them to vote for the tax relief bill. it will help me by doubling the standard deduction and will help my daughters by increasing the child tax credit

      1. Marine Bob – GOP words like “revamp” and “reform” are simply code for “reduce” and “eliminate.” Thanks to a bill estimated to balloon the deficit by at least 1.5 trillion or more, there are going to be plenty of “reforms” on the horizon. These are likely to erase any short term tax benefit for middle income working people.

        This bill is a tremendous opportunity wasted. Rather than ask important questions like what world are we in and how can we fashion tax policy to best help our middle class citizens in a fast-changing technological and automated work environment, we have a bill driven by the need to reward big donors and to put “points on the board” for Trump before the midterms.

  5. Do the right thing for our kids and stop thinking of your own selfish agenda…vote no on this disastrous tax plan…you are only hurting kids and their futures…where are your hearts at people????

  6. The GOP Congress is hoping to sell this bill on the perceived “sugar high” it will give most Americans during the first year of its implementation and through the midterm elections. After that, most of the benefits to the middle class disappear while all the benefits to the wealthy remain. In the longer term it becomes the non-gift that keeps on taking as taxes on the middle and upper middle class will rise along with your healthcare premiums now that the individual mandate is repealed. Yes folks, it’s all part of the GOP mission to keep afflicting the afflicted and comforting the already comfortable.

    1. Raymond, please explain which parts of the tax plan will hurt middle class people? What part do you fear will hurt you? How much tax increase do you expect? Do you believe Chuck Schumer has any common sense? Do you believe that Nancy Pelosi has the best interests of the so-called middle class people at the center of her agenda? Do you believe there are classes in American or distinctions created by those who have money due to their hard work and those who would rather live off working taxpayers with government subsidies for food, phones, houses, medicine?

      By your account, there are an awful lot of clowns in our legislature.

  7. So the Congress is planning to impose a tax bill that has an approval rating of less than 30% in most polls. The administration has repealed net neutrality–an action that has an approval rating of less than 20% in most polls.

    What ever happened to government’s mandate to serve the people in a republic?

  8. Where is the leadership? Where is the responsibility to do the right thing for the American’s who are footing the bill for these greedy, overpaid, over-egoed pissants who are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. The goose is the middle and lower middle class of hard working American’s. These bill writers are worse that the crap that I scrape off my shoes after walking through a barn.

    Shame on you!

    1. When were classes established in this country? I thought the nation was rid of classes when independence was declared from England 250 years ago. Could you please detail exactly what part of the tax bill is going to cost middle and lower income earners?

  9. The Republicans have shown again how heartless and mean spirited they are! They are in the pockets of the wealthy and corporations. The middle class and working poor pay the price for Republicans receiving donations from their wealthy donors. The Republicans ignore the terrible fact that we have 45 million citizens living on or below the poverty line, homeless and children food deprived!
    Come after my Social Security or Medicare and make sure that you have a back up job because you will definitely need one!

  10. Senators~ we emplore you to VOTE NO on this disastrous tax scam bill…it’s bad for the middle class who actually vote for you!!!!

  11. Trump and, Congress are so desparate to pass this horrible tax bill that willNOT help American’s.. This is a bill to help major corporations, qand, the wealthy only…Touting the the stock market being so high is another joke on the American people…Commom sense knows it is a slqap to the intelligence of American’s… Passing this disterous bill will imflame voyers to figh back. It also, shows American’s Congresss has no empathy just like
    Trump……..Personally I can’t wait to vote.

    1. Can you explain why a sky rocketing stock market is a bad thing? How is it a joke? Virtually all retirement programs and investment wealth which drives the economy (which supplies tax money) are based on stock market investment and performance.

      1. You might want to talk to people who don’t benefit from retirement programs and investment wealth. They could offer you a different perspective. You might be surprised at how many hard working citizens depend on minimum wage salaries to make ends meet, are very frugal, and avoiding going to the doctor whenever possible. I like to think that if you did talk to people from a different economic strata, your understanding would be broader.

        1. I’d like to think that if the government stopped giving things to people who have the capability to work, to improve their situation by furthering their education, by perhaps joining the military, we wouldn’t need so many tax dollars collected. There is no such thing as ‘free’: free housing, free food, free health care, free phones: where do people think ‘free’ comes from when the government hands stuff out ? No such thing as a free lunch. If you like governments giving away tax money, Europe would be a good choice. Say, Greece for example, that works really well

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