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Education leaders demand Congress pass fix for Dreamers, participate in civil disobedience

3 responses to “Education leaders demand Congress pass fix for Dreamers, participate in civil disobedience

  1. Lily, as the president, you do not represent the majority of educators when you are presenting your opinion on the dreamers situation….I do not agree with you, as I am sure the majority of educators in this country, USA, do not agree with you….. Just because you appear to believe you are at the top, or hold a primary position in an organization, doesn’t give you the authority to shove your views for the dreamers, down the throat of the rest of the current and retired educators.
    Therefore, I, as well as many, many other educators, will not be contacting our congressmen to tell them to vote no on the tax reform…In case you haven’t got the facts, we are still 20 trillion $$$$ in debt in this country… The Congress is making an effort with passing this tax plan to revive our country’s economy…
    As a baby boomer, I have lived through many, many ups and downs in this country and paid many more years of taxes than you or any of the DREAMERS..!!
    Even through President Reagan’s tax reform which gave this country many years of prosperity……..!!!!!!!
    Now, why don’t you try screaming for tax reform instead of screaming for the DREAMERS, who are not accomplishing anything as non- citizens of this country!!
    As I see your opinion, you are not doing anything for the US CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY or THE VOICES OF THE TEACHERS OF THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Guess what! Dreamers and their friends (like me) DON’T vote Republican. Now you know why they are being left behind and deported. Just how in the hell does this make America great again? In my 55 years of political activism in this country, i have never seen it as bad as now.

  3. Why is it every time I turn around They (Trump ,Pence Congress) keep cutting programs that harm
    children and, average families?…However, never touching their own wealth…..With so many small minded people like them I find it totally harmful…Somehow the PORK in these bills still benifit the rich.I have this to say……. Do not6 fool yourselves that money will keep you elected………..I for one can’t wait to vote….CVorporations, and, the extreme rich are making money from stock market…..No average American’s can afford the luxury

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