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5 things to watch with GOP tax reform

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  1. Teachers in Alabama had low salaries. In fact, in my 33 years of teaching, for half of these years I had to hold a second job in order to make ends meet. Now, as a senior citizen, I see how the tax plan is will hurt not only medicare and social security, both of which we paid into for many years (They are not handouts) but also senior citizens will pay more taxes. Seniors pay more for medical problems; they will not be able to deduct these medical expenses. The old tax forms gave seniors an extra deduction which will be gone. For lower and middle class seniors, most of the social security income was not taxed. What about this? It seems the lower taxes will go to businesses and taken from programs that teachers and seniors have, hurting the people who will find it hardest to get by.

  2. I am a retired public school teacher (Special Ed, who taught in NJ for 35 yrs. I am a life member of NEA, NJEA, and WMEA. Most years, I had to spend a lot of my own money and time making teaching aids for my students, I also worked 3 nights a week to supplement my income, since my husband was on disability. Living in NJ is a challenge with the highest Property Taxes, Auto insurance, gas tax, and state taxes, etc. Plus a governor who was no support and was trying to destroy the state public workers’ unions. Trump and cronies are on a mission to destroy the unions, and other areas, e.g. The environment, public Schools, Teachers, Health Care, Transportation and infrastructure, among others. He is a narcissistic demagogue who is trying turn our country into a plutocracy. He metes out punishment to those who oppose in any way. In NJ, Gov. Christie (R) is of a similar mindset. Mr. Ryan, Speaker of the house believes that Medicare and Social Security, and similar programs are unearned “Entitlements” which we don’t deserve. Mr. Trump seems to fancy being a dictator as he demonstrates on a daily basis. He is an habitual liar more often than not.
    He and his Republican lackeys will sit and gloat about their tax reform. The reforms are targeting the middle class and the poor…they are a mockery!! If they remove deductions for state and local taxes, property taxes, coupled with healthcare and other cuts, many taxpayers will not be able to afford necessities. It seems many congressmen so filled with greed, they pay no attention to the people who will be hurt by their avarice. They are now being referred to as Kleptocrats, rich stealing even more from the poor. I hope at least some of these lawmakers have a conscience.

  3. GOSAR’S GOT TO GO. My “Representative” , Paul Gosar voted in favor of the tax bill. Arizona, the state he represents is at the bottom of the heap when it comes to paying for Public Education and teacher’s salaries. Teachers were able to deduct $250 from their income tax to buy much needed school supplies for their students. Gosar voted against that. GOSAR’S GOT TO GO.

  4. Gosar’s got to Go. My representative, Paul Gosar, was one of the Republican representatives to vote in favor of the tax reform bill. Arizona is at the bottom of the pile when it comes to paying for Public Education and the teacher’s salaries are there also. Yet, he votes to take away the $250.00 tax deduction they were able to get to buy much needed school supplies for their students. GOSAR’S GOT TO GO.

  5. I’m a retired WA teacher, low retirement income & $45,000 house now valued $1million. Don’t want to move but do want IRS prop tax deduction,

    DO allow educators $250 supplies deducti

    DO promote public education – not charters

    DO allow IRS sales tax deduction-WA doesn’t have State Income tax

    Medicare paid Hospice expense for husband – do NOT cut Medicare!

    Do allow IRS deduction for student loan interest payments,

    do FIX ACA Act- don’t repeal it!

    Do FIX CHIP medical coverage

    DO support DACA & retain helpful immigrants- half WA farm workers are immigrants

    DO protect National monument lands- NO on Arctic drilling permits


  6. Gosh, that’s strange. Candidate Trump promised that Medicare and Medicaid would remain untouched. Somehow, it appears that promise, too, is headed for the trashcan.

    The procedures used by the Republicans, to draft this bill behind closed doors, ram it through with no input and no debate from the Democrats, keep it quiet from the public until the last possible moment and subject us to a blizzard of half-truth television commercials are hallmarks of what’s broken in Washington. On the other hand, they will be solely responsible for the huge human cost these secret dealings have produced.

  7. Do not try to sale your tax reform as helping the middle class. You fat cats and your buddies are not happy with most of the wealth in the country,you want to take all of it. Shame on you. And you claim to be patriotics

  8. No Vouchers! They rob money from Public Schools. If you have them, they should be for low income students only. No cuts to medicare or medicaid, but a sliding scale from the middle class on up for benefits. Both of these are needed. We have to start balancing the budget somewhere.

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