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5 key facts everyone should know about vouchers

13 responses to “5 key facts everyone should know about vouchers

  1. How can we be sure private schools, funded by vouchers, don’t have their own agendas, perhaps contrary to the principles of democracy?

  2. Public schools are supposed to provide services to Special Needs students, but sadly, too many do not. Our kiddos with high funding diagnosis sources are not given the proper supports they need to be successful in the classroom or to access other areas on the school campus. In many cases, public school teams drag their feet delaying testing, meetings, and granting those Special Needs kiddos. A vast majority of Spec Ed teachers make the paperwork look good in order to stay compliant with the law. Goals are written for students, but never met. The time they waste in the classroom is unbelievable! Students days are wasted, but the money keeps on flowing! There is so much money in education. People are upset because school vouchers are taking away from the money districts were used to receiving for this and that. The “extras” to pay for this and that sat in and M&O fund, we’re coming from those Special Needs dollars. Now, there is less money to pay for curriculum and football uniforms because some states have allowed the parents to take their diagnosis dollars with them to choose the best education and placement for their child. Typical kids who might opt to use a school voucher will yield maybe 2K/ per school year, hardly enough to pay for annual private school tuition. We pay taxes. Our local schools were not willing to grant our child the rightful supports he needed, but were more than happy to take the thousands of dollars he brought on something or someone else. The majority of Spec Ed. funding is spent on transportation just to get the kids to and fro. The other funds are spent on the most medically fragile, the aides, bowling, and other various weekly outings in the community. If that’s the formula, it’s no wonder kids like mine wouldn’t ever get a piece of their funding pie. Let the parents who work and pay taxes decide where and how to fund their child’s education. By the way, both parents here are teachers . . . By the way, with a school voucher, our kiddo is learning, verbal, and doing extremely well in his learning environment. Isn’t that what we want for ALL kids?

    1. You are obviously a troll! This is not the truth in any District I have ever worked in. Why would you be complaining about the cost spent on Special Education (that you say your child needs) and then in the next breath complain that it means less money for football uniforms? As long as we have IDEA we are obligated to meet the needs of our SPED Students. How can you as a teacher say that time in the classroom is wasted?

  3. People are catching on. Its all about giving money away to their friend and taking away from public schools. It’s time for the rich and greedy to pay. It’s time to get rid of the candidate who support them, especially republicans.

  4. There are many correct statement in the previous cmments. The public schools have no choice in the students they have to accept. They cannot refuse to allow studentss to continue in their schools when they are low perfromng students, Public schools cannot change their graduation requirements to accomidate selected students. A big reason to refuse extra accomidatons for charter school is that the tax money they receive does not have to be accounted for. As a membe of a Board Of Education we were required to account for every cent of tax payers money re received. A good examole of this is the ECOT (Ecectronic Classroom Of Tomorrow) in Ohio currently owes the state of Ohio 60 million dollars they claim they were are owed for students that never signed on for calsses.

  5. This is egregiously unfair. If uou’re spending public money you need to take all types of students. You don’t get to cherry pick just the students you want and reject others!

  6. This is not right!! With this Voucher Program in place, public schools will lose money which will prevent all public school children from getting the public education they rightfully deserve! Furthermore, this program will deny children from low income families the same opportunities as children from middle upper class families. The time has come to establish a children’s bill of rights to ensure that all chldren have the right to a quality education. Betsy, you should be working to Strengthen our public education system, not cripple it!! Not everyone can afford a non public education! Do your job and learn about our public education system first hand. Find out how it can be improved. Listen to the will of the people, not just a select group!!

  7. Every child MUST have a chance at a good education in order to be able to compete in the workplace. To shut out a child’s chance at success is criminal!

  8. Even though the people of Florida voted for smaller class sizes in public schools, our classes in core academics are overcrowded, with school districts ‘paying the fines’ rather than follow the law, (at least this is happening in Duval County public schools.) This has caused a lot of parents to look for private schools for their children and get vouchers for brand new schools like the Duval Charter School in Jacksonville.

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